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Dental Care with herbal products

Updated on August 5, 2014

Dental Hygiene

Indulge like a child & care like an adult is a perfect adage in the case of dental hygiene

Majority of Adults have dental problems and they need special dental care at some time of their life. If It Is not looked upon at the right time It may Lead to Multiple Health Problems.
Researchers say that more than 90% of our adults suffers from dental problems. The most recognized adult dental problem is of bleeding gums, Though the severity of this condition may vary from person to person. Gum disease or periodontitis may give rise to other problems in our body. Periodontitis is caused by plaque or popularly known tartar, a sticky film of bacteria over your teeth, which creates toxins and also give off acid that may causes damage to the gums and bone that keeps your tooth in place. Periodontitis advances silently and is generally painless, unlike other dental diseases that gives us other early warnings. more than 75 to 80 % of people are affected to periodontal or gum disease.

It is a known fact that ,at the time of stress, people tend to put up their unhealthy habits, such as eating snacks and also feed on high-sugar food, they tend to smoke and also increase their intake of alcohol. Stress often makes us less attentive towards our oral hygiene generally we amiss taking time out to floss or even miss our dental check-ups. All these contribute to the aggravation of gum problem.It has been detected that when we are under stress and duress, there is an increase in the level of the cortisol hormone, which is related to increase in destruction of our gums and jaw bone due to periodontal diseases.
Other related dental problems are bad breath, dental caries, tartar, sensitive teeth and ulceration of the epithelium. Bad breath or halitosis,is affecting 95% of grown ups , It is an embarrassing condition. Most adults do not want to talk or mention about their bad breath problems .

Oral health is a reflection of overall health in us.Those who have poor oral health are at a higher risk of developing coronary heart disease. According to the Research ,heart problems sometimes may just be due the state of your teeth. Bacteria that cause gum inflammation impact heart health of a person. Good oral health is also important during pregnancy as it causes hormonal changes in women that up surge the risk of developing gum disease or pregnancy gingivitis, which often affects 75% of the expectant mothers. Often during pregnancy women crave for food and generally on sugary foods, which cause a build-up of dental plaque. Researchers link between maternal gum disease and premature and under weight babies' birth. Studies also indicate that gum disease at the time of pregnancy could also lead to gestational diabetes.
Adults often neglect oral hygiene. they do not even differentiate between dental problems in grown-ups and dental problems in children.Children generally suffer from cavities,where as adults suffer from more serious dental problems and therefore require a better oral care regimen.
Dental care regimen starts with brushing our teeth. This is where we need to be careful and choose a toothpaste that is specially formulated to address dental problems like bleeding gums, bad breath and many others. Brushing teeth with right kind of toothpaste, can take you a long way in keeping your teeth and gums intact and healthy


Mixed combination of several natural ingredients like Neem,Meswak,Babool,Tumburu Pomegranate, Triphala and Natural Flouride, makes the unique combination for curing dental problems Dental Cream that contains Flourospar, a combination of lime with fluorine in it . It is a natural source of fluoride which easily protects dental caries and prevents tooth decay. It repairs our damaged teeth which might have happened by acid . Tumburu (Toothache tree), found in the valley of the Himalaya’s, is "the best" for our bleeding gums. This lemony scented tree has been made to be used in home remedies to cure toothaches and certain herbal Dental Creams may contains the bark of this medicinal tree. Pomegranate, Babool and Meswak heal damaged gums which may be bleeding too,It helps tightening the gums in the process. Triphala comprises of Emblica officinalis, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellirica. which is an astringent, and help arresting bleeding gums. It also aids to heal ulcers. Neem carries antiseptic and antifungal activity and is mostly used in fighting bacteria.

Certain very common brands which do have all these ingredients in their dental creams or powder are:-Meswak toothpaste Dabur lal toothpaste or powder Neem tooth paste Babool , himalays dental care are some of the known thooth paste that may bring great relief to your aling tooth problems

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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 6 years ago

      lits ,it really helps and see if you can get Dabur red manjan from Indian store ,it would nearly cure you.

    • Lita C. Malicdem profile image

      Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago from Philippines

      I often feel mild toothache, probably because of ageing of my gums? I want to try your herbal treatment tips. I'm familiar with the Neem and the pomegranate so there's nothing wrong if I try. Thank you. I vote this up. It's useful.