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DEPRESSED ! Probably the most incorrect word in modern life.

Updated on October 15, 2014

Depressed. I certainly am by the misuse of the term.

My wife is a twin ! Her sister lives close by and so effectively they are joined at the lip! Daily they ring each other many, many times but when asked why the other had rung, they cannot ever recall why !

My sister in law is addicted to the word "Depressed" She gets "depressed" by the weather, her husband, her 4 hour a day job, her children, her customers, her kitchen etc. etc. etc. I trust you get my drift. She has no idea what true depression is and what a terrible affliction it is. However, like so many ,many people, the word that comes trippingly off her tongue is always "DEPRESSED".

Unlike many of us she is never "fed up" with the weather, "peed off" with her husband and kids, plain bored at work and unhappy with her kitchen. Oh no ! She is always "depressed" by everyone and everything ! In all truth she would not recognise depression if it hit her.

Of course, she is quite a jolly person at heart who loves a meal out, a glass of wine and as much gossip as you can shake a stick at. Depressed she most certainly is not !

All the above is just by way of getting something off my chest about modern parlance. These days "depressed" seems the" go to" word for most people to describe how they feel if not actually everything is going as they wish. It would be really funny were it not for the fact that REAL depression exists as an afflication and causes real blight on the lives of those who suffer from it. In fact 1 in 5 people are calculated as suffering to some greater or lesser extent thesedays, from depression.

Given that fact it is not suprising that many different types of aids are available ,some more successful than others. Medical diagnosis in the first instance usually sees recourse to anti-depressent drugs whilst others suggest mangetic helmets, eating vegetables and oily fish with Omega 3 aplenty, can be of real benefit.

Recently, I have read of other treatments that apparently, and if so thankfully, provide sufferers from different types of depression with help to overcome their affliction.

Checking Out New Treatments For The Real Thing.

Starting from the premis that many currently prescribed drugs have little or no effect on depression sufferers, new methods of treatment that now offer hope to millions of sufferers have been identified and analysed. The key seems to be that deprssion has many forms and that what is effective for one is not for another. Here are some forms of depression and new treatments for them.


The treatment is repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation { TMS}.

THIS TREATMENT USES MAGNETIC PULSES LIKE THOSE IN MRI SCANS. The stimulation is given to the left pre-frontal cortex brain area. This part of the brain deals with moods, emotion, memory and motivational matters and the depressed are less actively brain stimulated and can become severely and chronically depressed and have a record of other failed treatments to boot..

The metal coil in a helmet delivers pulses in 25 minute sessions weekly for 5 weeks or so but more severe cases can receive up to 20 such sessions. 30% of those who have failed to respond to other treatments recover via this treatment.The cost however is steep at £1,000 per session. and is not available on the NHS.


The treatment is via talk therapy sessions.

It is now well known that lck of sleep and insomnia preceed and cause depression.Canadian research has shown that curing insomnia lifted depression. To do this a system of 4 talk-therapy sessions is given to sufferers fortnightly and is proving to be twice as effective as medicinal or placebo courses.

Patients are advised effectively on a life- regime designed to make a structure to each day and avoiding dattime naps especially. Researchers claim that "dream sleep" is vital to regenerating brain corrections. As older people get less "dream sleep" than younger people they are more prone to this form of depression and the codition is exacerbated as depressed people also get less "dream sleep" than those without depression so that , if not checked the condition spirals downwards with acceleration.


The treatment here is based simply on lifestyle changes.

Overactive immune systems, infections and other illnesses can all link to the rise of low-grade inflammation in the body and this causes a heightened risk of later life depression. Connection with alterations in the gut microbes which communicate with the brain can be distorted and cause and unbalance in what is known as the "microbiome". Simple things like eating too much processed food, becoming obese, too sedentary or even becoming obsessively clean can generate imbalance.

Thus the cure is to change the lifestyle of the sufferer by ecouraging them to spend more time in green outdoor spaces, change their diet to low sugar and less processed food and, as noted earlier eat vegetables, oily fish, olive oil along with sensible excercise and taking positive control of their stress levels.


The treatment is Oestrogen Therapy.

Depression in women can often follow their monthly cycle.. This can make them sensitive to the surge of progesterone following ovulation and preceding menstruation. Manifestations of this arerages, tearfulness and in extreme cases suicidal feelings.

Recent research shows that positive steps obtain when agents that suppress ovulation are prescribed. Key items here are Oestrogen gel, patches or pills..

It may seem strange but patients report good results in tackling this form of depression by simply rubbing an arm or leg daily with Oestrogen gel.


Real depression in whatever form it manfests itself is a condition not to be dismissed lightly. Thus, people like my well meaning sister in law need to be disuaded from terming every little setback to their wishes as be a form of depression. The best authority to determine initially whether the depression discussed is true depression or a mere minor annoyance has to be the GP.


In consultation with the GP it may be of real value to discusss some of the forms of real depression and the alternative treatments catalouged here.


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