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DID and the "why questions Part 2"

Updated on February 18, 2012

DID and the "why questions part 2"

Why? Simple, because they do not understand and patience is something that is hard to have with someone like myself. I have met and have worked with others like myself so patience and concern and being open is essential to dealing with those like me, being a multiple. Instead of asking why, I learned to give the “why” word a new definition a new meaning called “will.”

My will is to pursue happiness in whatever situation that arises in my life even when people disagree with who I am or what I do that makes absolutely no sense. I need to learn to accept my illness for what it is, something that was caused by many misfortunes and types of torturous abuse that I endured as a little girl they were not my fault so know they are not your fault either. Why, God? Why am I such a freak! But is it really something I can’t blame God for or anyone else for what was done to me, no… “I can blame no one but the abuser who made a sick choice to destroy the innocence of a child, sexually, mentally, and physically: what a sick gift that unfortunately can be a sick gift that keeps on giving.” Until next time…Love, protect, and care for your family with all that you are because believe it or not there are more victims of abuse than those who have not been abused. Believe me you don’t ever want to be a person who has to deal with life and a history of abuse and everyday life it is and can be overwhelming and detrimental.


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    Website Examiner 5 years ago

    You have shown a mature, realistic approach to a difficult topic.

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