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Disease Vs Dis-Ease....

Updated on March 2, 2018
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Queen is a freelance writer, effective researcher analysis of marketing concepts and scientific principles related to business developments.

What is conventional medicine?

Another way of using this term is ”Allopathic Medicine”... Allopathic is an expression commonly used by homeopaths, and proponents of other forms of alternative medicine to refer to mainstream medical use of pharmaclogically active agents or physical interventions to treat or suppress symptoms. (According to Merriam Webster Medical Dictionary).

(Invasive) meaning - the introduction of instruments or other objects into the body or body cavities.....

Allopathic doctors believe that the contrary cures the opposite. They believe in their practice, in order to make a healthy body you have to make the body they give the body something such as (drugs or surgery), producing poisonious effects...which they call...”side effects”...different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated.


If you are or know someone who suffers from (Diabetes Mellitus). This is one of many diseases or dis-eases, in which the body’s ability to produce or respond to the hormone insulin, is impaired, resulting in abnormal metabolism or carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood and urine...

This is caused by synthetic carbohydrates or carbohydrates that has been processed.

You can find this associated with bleached white foods like, rice, sugar, white bread, potatoes just to name a few.... The pancreas begins to naturally break down or filter out all of these synthetic chemicals and this is associated with insulin which is a hormone in the body that brings sugar rate down and we have another hormone called glucosamine that brings the sugar rate up...

We are constantly causing the pancreas to become stressed by eating too much of this processed sugar or bleach, which is chemicals, taking a look into how sugar is made...It has to be extracted of all its water, fiber, vitamins and minerals that comes with the sugar cane...

When we eat this now processed bleached chemical, the body wants to put back the elements that was extracted by stripping the body of all its on moisture which causes the moisture to come out of the nerves hitting the kidneys and eventually, the nervous system falls apart damaging itself causing symptoms called nerve damaging dis-eases....“ie”

High Blood Pressure.....


High Cholesterol.....


Heart Attack...


Diseases of a weak pancreas.......

Diabetes is nothing more than a dis- ease to your body... Allopathic medicine refers you to pharmaceuticals treatment as to then they recommend you to Man made Insulin which is salt... which gets stored in the muscles and tissues making your illness more detrimental to your health...Naturally , the body utlize Insulin when the body isn’t alkaline.(In PH measurements), so Insulin increases when your alkalined and decreases when your acidic....

Most importantly, our bodies have a cycle and can’t intake the same amount of Insulin in the changing of the body temperatures.....

What is Non-Conventional Medicine?...

“Naturopathic Medicine” a distinct primary health care profession, emphasizing prevention, treatment and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances which encourage the persons inherent self - healing process....according to (Merriam Webster Dictionary).....

(Non- Invasive) - meaning, not requiring the introduction instruments into the body...

This is applied by the usage of supplements such as, plants which are herbs,vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Nuturing the body so that the body could make its own determination on how it wants to get back to wellness....

Pharmaceutical Insulin does not stop diabetes, it simply suppresses the symptoms while new occurring issues arises and now your being treated for the symptoms of the disease then the actual disease itself...

We eat for nutrition and energy....So that we can be able to stay in good health and wellness..Objectively...get away from all unnatural foods..our bodies have a natural way of dealing with any unwanted dis-easeses....

The body in defense of itself.....when we consume processed food it shoots off its natural insulin that helps bring the blood level sugar down. The body will eventually deplete out all it sources or just simply can’t recogize when sugar is actually in the then shuts down or fails, giving these groups diseases names like diabetes or arthritis etc....

Understandably.. it took a lot of practice for us to develop these eating respectfully, it’s going to take the same one day at a time process to condition ourselves back to eating to live mentality. Mainly starting with being re-educated on how food is actually comsumed again...

Eat for health and not comfort, which defeats the purpose for eating In the first place. When we eat food that are process the body cannot recognize man-made unnatural elements...Just like the computer having its own operating systems it cannot identifiy with other Operating more sooner then later will you damage or destroy your computer system....good news is!...You can reverse these conditions with simply changing your diet.....

In current times, all ages is at risk and can be affected if not monitored!

Holistic Mathematics

How to read the Left Eye to find Disease in the Body!


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