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DNA's Oxygenated Tightrope

Updated on March 1, 2014

Atom Soup

Atom Soup
Atom Soup | Source

The Tightrope

The Oxygenated Tightrope-DNA

The DNA in our bodies are made of forty-six chromosomes and they are paired into twenty-three sets of X and Y chromosomes (Kratz, R., Molecular & Cell Biology, (2009). The Chromosomes are cellular pre-selected cells that make-up our carbon footprint. The DNA strand is an intricately formed tightrope of cells or genes woven into one another that form a tight knitted strand of cells. The DNA is a generational blueprint of what our parents are made up of in genealogy and further beyond generations of parental generations of people who started our unique lineage.

The ingredients that formed our DNA are in the elements of Oxygen, lipids, amino acids, proteins, and carbohydrates that we spoke of earlier. The DNA or cells are affected by what we eat, breathe, and drink. So it is possible to infect or be born with a defective cell structure because of the elements. However, muscles and tissues can be repaired, and this is extremely important to us as human beings. We have the ability to repair, heal, and reproduce the bad effects of our cellular structures because our bodies are so amazing they can do it.

So we are what we eat, drink, and breathe as human beings. We could be the healthy vibrant bodies that we are meant to be and actually what we were promised if you believe and are a devout religious follower in a higher power that is bigger than ourselves and everything else. It is a promise of the omnipotent higher power that we seek as a religious devout that we are reminded of in our healing processes of our mind and psyche. We as individuals seek out Quantum Healing or Ayurveda when we seek more knowledge about ourselves while we educate ourselves in a higher learning environment.

This is why we rely upon our Atomic Soup. The oxidation process is glucose (C


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