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DNA's Oxygenated Tightrope Continued

Updated on February 7, 2013

Atom Soup Continued

Chemical reaction & responses
Chemical reaction & responses | Source

The Tightrope-DNA

This is why we rely on the oxidation process and the Atomic Soup. The oxidation process is the splitting of atoms of glucose (sugars) into Oxygen and Oxygen into water, this is when the splitting of atoms engages a nuclear process and the atomic bod goes into overdrive. The functions of respiration and oxidation go hand in hand and are essential to the body staying alive. It is the center of the melting pot (atomic soup) where everything is churns from the ingredients ingested and the elements are split away in an atom soup where it rids our bodies of waste and water. This is also the time when the instructions to molecule workers in our bodies receive there instructions to re-energize, reproduce cells, and heal the body.

The sub-atomic reactions and responses are the conversions of foods into the elemental properties from this melting pot which we call the atom soup. These elements form all living things. The human body is a living animal of proteins (cells) in a electromagnetic world within a world.

The cellular make-up is carbohydrates, lipids, amino acids, proteins, and nuleic acids. While this process engages and releases these elements it swirls, spins, flows, churns, and is essentially electrically charged by neurons that produce an end result of respiration and oxidation. The elemental processes demand energies and crave vitamins, minerals and nutrients to fuel and drive the processes to maintain and sustain the body. Some of those vitamins, minerals and supplements like oils lubricate and improve the absorbion of the nutrients with functional veins and bloodflows at an optimal level, they are:

Omega 3's

Fish Oil

Brewer's Yeast for Chromium





These vitamins , minerals, and suplements produce a more productive and functional flow of Oxygen in the bloodstream and it increases the carbohydrates, metabolism, lipids, amino acids, and the nutrients that highly benefit the body.


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