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Do You Hear Voices, Singing, or Music Sometimes?

Updated on March 1, 2017

Do you hear mysterious voices conversing, choirs singing, or symphonic music playing from out of nowhere? If you answered yes to this inquiry; certainly, such an encounter may cause reason for alarm and begs the question whether one is losing a grip on reality. However, welcome to the club; fortunately, you’re not alone.

Guess what? You may be a psychic hearer and in good company. Some of the most celebrated thinkers, inventors, visual artists, and classical composers in the world have experienced the same phenomena. The following information provides an understanding of the subject.

What Is Psychic Hearing

Psychic hearing or clairaudience is the ability to hear voices, singing, or music from other realms. It is frequently confused with auditory hallucination, a mental state resulting from drug abuse, psychiatric instability such as bipolar disorder, psychotic depression, and schizophrenia. In addition to medical conditions like brain tumors, epilepsy, and strokes.

In past decades, psychic hearers were diagnosed as delusional and regularly institutionalized. But times have changed. The medical community is beginning to recognize a larger segment of the population hear voices than previously assumed and is researching whether it is a common occurrence.


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Psychic Hearers

Some individuals as young as six and seven years old report hearing someone calling their names. Their claims are often mocked and the children tend to keep secret any further incidences. Whereas Christine Duminiak, a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist and facilitator of spiritual bereavement recovery, believes the voices are those of deceased relatives.

In most cases, scores of people encounter hearing voices from out of the blue, while driving, before falling asleep, or meditating. Sometimes it may only occur once in a lifetime.

Generally speaking, psychic hearers are representative of a cross-section of society. They encompass diverse demographic, religious, political, and educational backgrounds. These individuals are typically engaging, function at peak capacity, and are employed in a variety of professions.


The Voices

Psychic hearers declare hearing angelic, highly educated, childlike, folksy to mean-spirited voices in temperament. By and large, the voices warn of imminent danger, offer guidance, make calls to action, and lecture about the meaning of life. While some of them utter poetry and cite biblical scripture.

What’s more, a majority of hearers welcome the oracles as companions and eagerly anticipate the communications. Still others consider the aural experiences as a spiritual awakening or advancement to their next level of spiritual development and unfoldment. On the other hand, some hearers are troubled by the ongoing encounters and seek medical relief.


Fiction Writers

Quite a few fiction writers profess hearing their characters speak from authored novels and short stories. A case in point, Alice Walker, the author of The Color Purple.

As a matter of fact, some writers even express a need to hear their characters chat to acquire enhanced insight on a new writing project.

Angelic Singing and Symphonic Music

Numerous psychic hearers’ state hearing a gateway open and hundreds of angelic voices rush forth singing and enveloping them. Similarly, others report hearing a tremendous wave of captivating symphonic music sweeping over them, a piano playing, and harp music. Still others state hearing a sweet voice of a male or female singing. | Source

Moreover, countless lyricists maintain hearing the words of compositions from an unworldly source while playing the piano, writing, walking, or upon waking.

Likewise, innumerable musicians affirm hearing the melody of musical scores spinning around in their minds for days on end.

Well Known Voice Hearers

One of France’s esteemed warriors and Roman Catholic saints, Saint Joan of Arc commenced hearing voices at thirteen years old; and claimed to perceive the sound of St Michael, St. Catherine, and St. Margaret’s voices.


The British actor Anthony Hopkins acknowledged hearing a nasty voice that attempted to undermine his self-confidence while growing-up. And it also attacked his acting ability in adulthood. He made this disclosure via an interview published in the News of the World circa 1993.


The founder of Agape, Dr. Michael Beckwith, affirms hearing spiritual guides.

Attitudes Are Changing

If you wish further information on this subject, contact The International Community for Hearing Voice (Intervoice). It is a worldwide advocacy organization for people who hear voices based in the United Kingdom. Their website is The group provides a forum, resources, wholistic perspectives, and assistance to enable psychic hearers to manage their lives.

Perhaps everyone has experienced an episode of psychic hearing, but is reluctant to disclose it. However, as more organizations like Intervoice educate the public regarding this dynamic, secret psychic hearers may feel more comfortable about sharing their experiences with family and friends.

© 2013 Irma Cowthern


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