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DR.Indul K.C. A Man of Action

Updated on October 11, 2018
Gyanendra Mocktan profile image

He never wanted to be a teacher. But he wanted to be a writer. After forty years people him call him a teacher. He's striving to write.


Getting to know

One chilly morning, Dr Indul K.C. with a handbag arrived in Boudhanath Stupa. Ram Gopal Silpakar, the woodcarver of Stupa brought him.

He introduced himself as a retired second secretary of the Nepal Government. After exchanging our greetings with each other, he invited me to join them for a cup of tea and to discuss reconstructing the buildings Bhaktapur. He then took out the designs and photos of the building he had to reconstruct after the massive earthquake. I gave a quick scan through the pages. By the time the tea was finished.

Then he shifted the topic. He asked me if he could pay a quick visit to my home to meet my dad who had been bedridden for months and months.

I agreed.

Dr. Indul KC
Dr. Indul KC

A Helping Hand

So, we left the tea shop. Ram Gopal headed towards his job of wood work on the Stupa. And I led Dr. Indul to my home making a round of Stupa. Within few minutes we arrived at the main gate and then to the road. We walked to the east along the road and then cross it. We then trotted through the narrow winding lane to further south to my home.

Along the way, he was sharing about future possibilities. If we could work out some sustainable plans in the long run. I listened to him while walking beside him. His talk got so inspiring that I felt reaching home within no time.

I opened the gate and requested him to pass through first. Then I followed him.

Before entering the door, he took off his shoes and I in turn. We got into the room where my dad was lying on his bed. He greeted my dad.

‘Namaskar’ my dad replied faintly.

The Modern Healer

He then asked my dad to raise shirt to show his belly. He put his fingers and pressed gently on the stomach. Then Hhe asked my dad to open his mouth and show his tongue out. He then observed it . Then he put his hands on my dad’s knees and pressed them pressed the knees and the legs with soft fingers. He might have checked for sensation throughout the body.

After observing my dads’s over all condition, he asked my dad if he could sit beside him. My dad nodded his head agreeing him. He then sat beside my dad.

Then he turned towards me and asked me for some grains of rice with vermillion including and incense.

So, I headed to the kitchen to fetch them. And then I went to the alcove to pick up a few sticks of incense. I handed him a plate with grains of rice, vermillion and incense. He then told me to add a coin also on the plate.

Then he told me to light the incense. I struck the match stick and lit incense into golden flame. Then I blew the flame off leaving the ember on the tips. The smoke spread the sweet fragrance in the room.

He held the plate on his left hand and smoky incense on his right. He asked y dad which god he remembered most, ‘Brahama,’ ‘ Visnu’ or ‘Mahesh.’

‘Narayana. ‘ My dad replied,

Then he asked my dad to close his eyes and visualize Narayana. He began chanting Narayana. And invoked Narayana to heal my dad at the earliest and at the same time picking up grains of rice from the plate and circling his right fist around my dad’s head. Then he gave the grains to me to hold. After completing his healing session he told me to sprinkle those grains to the four direction in the open space. So, that the birds could eat them.

I walked the stair case up to the open terrace. Then I sprinkled the grains of rice and left the incense to burn on the plate itself.

Then I returned to the room. He was sitting on the sofa and encouraging my dad that he would get well soon.

He advised me to change the direction of the bed asking me if I knew about Vastusastra. I told him I did. It should have been facing east-west. Always head towards the east. I agreed to change the position.

He also suggested me to wipe dad’s body with rinsed clothes in mild warm water adding little salt in it.

After a while again he got up and went towards my dad. And held dad’s both the ears with his palms. And he asked dad if he could hear any sound from outside world.

‘No’ dad replied,

Then he told my dad that either cold or warm feeling would enter his ears from his palms. He kept on holding dad’s ears and for letting that energy flow through his hands into my dad. That abundant energy falling from the sky and everywhere. And he kept repeating that he was just a mediator of that energy.

After sometime my dad told him that he got warm sensation gassing through his ears slowly.

Dr. Indul KC
Dr. Indul KC

Our Action

While he was performing his healing, I was sitting on a chair. And got drifted to some thoughts:




These three Sanskrit words and their meanings repeatedly banged my head.

Akarma: useless activity or action. This fetters the mind and makes meditation difficult or impossible.

Vikarma: Actions that are harmful to others and incur retributive consequence.

Karma: Doing only fixed duties benefitting the self and others. My mind could not figure out which the healer of the moment belonged to. I simply guessed he belonged to was a Karma Yogi.

By then his is healing session was over. He wanted to take heave from us at once. He had no time even to sip a cup of tea. Though this was his first visit.

He asked me for soap and water. I led him to the kitchen. Then he washed his hand and wiped.

So Long, See you Soon

But before leaving, he wished to get introduced to my wife who was busy washing clothes outside on the tap. I showed him, my wife. She looked at us with a smile. He, in turn, greeted her. and greeted.

My wife responded too with a mild smile. Then he invited us to visit his home in Bhaktapur soon.

‘Yes,’ she said.

Then we put on our shoes. I led him through the same lane we had come from. He turned around his head for capturing the locations in his mind. We arrived at the main gate of the Stupa again.

Before getting to the bus, he asked me for a photocopy shop. I was lucky to show him the nearest one. We went there and he took out the papers to hand them over to the lady sitting inside the shop. Within a minute he got the copies back. And he gave those copies to me.

Then we strolled to the bus stop nearby. I think the bus was waiting for him. So, He got onto the bus for the next appointment downtown at 11 am.


People Talking about People

I don’t know how many people he might have healed so far in his life. I don’t know how successful he was in his worldly affairs.

My connection with him is just over a month or so. That too only via cell phone. afterwards, I have had the opportunity to attend a workshop on diabetes and Pressure in Sri Barahipeeth Temple, in Bhaktapur on 7 and 6 of August 2016. His team was the organizer.

He shares his knowledge and skill in alternative medicine. He is a Reiki master and Yoga Guru. And importantly he shares his knowledge without any expectation.

I wish he could reach on time to the places he wants to care and share. Not a bad idea for a man who is about 75 who spends his talents and time for a worthy cause.

But one thing surely I know of him. He has a childlike behaviour carrying a charming face. And his attitude towards society reminds me of

Samuel Ullman’s ‘Youth’.

I think surely he is a man of action in his own ways. And a Samaritan indeed

We still have hope in humanity

If you think we still have hope to move forward in life. Then have your say.


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  • Robert Sacchi profile image

    Robert Sacchi 

    19 months ago

    Thank you for a look at alternate medicine.

  • Gyanendra Mocktan profile imageAUTHOR

    gyanendra mocktan 

    20 months ago

    Ebin Mathew phill. I have not words to say you thank you. It is just feeling inside me. Thank you again.

  • profile image

    Ebin Mathew phili 

    20 months ago

    So inspirational. Eagerly Waiting to read more from you


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