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Updated on June 20, 2016

Drug addiction is an imprecation to the addicts at any age and any time. Drug addiction is not a new thing. It has increased alarmingly during the last 50 years.All drugs, directly or indirectly, target the brain's reward structure by flooding the circuit with dopamine.

Every action has some causes behind. For this, there are some important reasons for drug addiction. Frustration, association, availability of intoxicant, tobacco unemployment, beastly mind etc are the causative factors of drug addiction. Many a time, the unemployed people become restless. To them life becomes a burden. Then they take to drugs as they think it will remove their tension, burden etc. The young generation becomes drug addicted for frustration, unemployment, poverty, lack of love, sympathy and disappointment, negligence of youngsters, increasing gross materialism and selfishness among parents are another important reasons for becoming drug addicted.

The fate of the addict is serious. Many a time he is to depend on others. Drug-addiction leads many other evils and abuses, such as telling lies, cheating, involving to theft, robbing passers-by of their goods, pick-pocketing and other anti-social activities. He can, under no circumstances, refrain (himself) from taking drugs. He by any means tries to have it in due time at any cost. A drug addict also does something in the family that ruins the peace and order. He falls out with other family members for money. Even he steals ornaments, jewelries, money, utensils, clothes and what not to manage money with a view to buying drugs. The other members of the family remain in tension for his harmful activities. It helps him see strange things that have no existence at all to him. Every thing under the sun seems to look yellow like the thing in the jaundiced eye. He dies a painful death losing character— the crown and glory, money, health, family reputation, aristocracy and good-will. A drug addict can commit suicide at any moment. He becomes a burden of society, a big blot and a curse to parents, family, society and the nation.

There are some drugs. They are chorus, ganja, heroine, brown sugar, phencidil, uphium morphin, pethidrine, cocaine etc.

Marijuana and heroin, which have a similar structure to chemical messengers, named neurotransmitters, which are naturally made by the brain. Because of this match, these drugs are capable to "fool" the brain's receptors and start nerve cells to send unusual messages.

The drug addicts becomes inactive soon. So its necessary remedy is urgently needed. To remove young generation from drug addiction the govt. the educated and considerate people should come forward with necessary steps. The victims should be made conscious of it by creating awareness among them. Strict watch should be kept on the borders where from drugs are smuggled in the country. A great awareness should be created among people of all classes through mass media like radios, television, newspaper etc. Public meetings, corner lectures, audio and video shows should frequently be held to warn the addicted people against the drug-abuses / legal drug selling, Drug importing should be banned with an iron hand. The drug vendors and drug sellers should be given the exemplary punishment for its open sale. The addicted people need to be rehabilitated, guided, controlled and looked after. Besides, more and more anti-addiction centers can be opened in cities, towns and villages, Strong preventive and curative measures should immediately be taken. Both penalty and fine should be imposed upon the addicts.

Drug addiction-is an acute problem in worldwide. Our young generation has involved themselves in taking drugs. They are habituated of or accustomed to drug-taking and do anti-social works sitting or standing at the corner of the streets or in the slum or in any secret place or room. The police and the vigilant teams should be deputed on the drug-taking places for its prevention.

Drug addiction is a curse that causes fatal diseases. So more and more people, govt. and non-govt. agencies, social groups, conscious youth organization and other corporate bodies should come forward to fight against it.

A drag addicted person need help from family, doctor, support groups, friends or an organized treatment platform to overcome drug addiction and stay drug-free.


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