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Daily Food Journal - Will I Lose Weight Faster?

Updated on May 9, 2014

Those who embark on a weight loss journey are always looking for those little secrets and tips that will help them achieve their goal faster. One technique that is hugely underrated and a lot of the time overlooked is the daily food journal.

Will you lose weight faster by using one? I would say 100% yes, but more importantly it will help you to keep the weight off so you can become a lifelong maintainer and not a re-gainer.

Studies have shown time and time again that when you use a food journal both correctly and honestly it can help up to doubling your fat loss success.

Yes, it takes some time and effort to both write things down and also analyse your results but it will be more than worth it. Psychologically it can make you accountable for your actions and make the difference between sticking to your eating plan or totally sabotaging it.

You will be able to easily identify where those extra calories are “sneaking” in that you were "not aware" of. It will also educate you on the importance of knowing your calorie,carb,fat and protein values to make sure you are consuming enough daily.Protein is especially important to hold onto your muscle mass for a fast metabolism.

Ask yourself these questions right now. Do you know how many grams of protein you have eaten today? Do you know how many calories you have consumed in the last 7 days? This is a big one. Do you know how many calories you should be eating daily to lose 1 – 2 pounds consistently every week before you even begin to exercise?

All the above questions are vitally important if you wish to burn fat and keep it off for life.

The great thing about this whole process is that it is not something you need to do forever. The education you get then eventually enables you to work out the nutritional value of a meal without having to even think about it, it will become over time second nature to you. That’s what happens and it is a great skill to have to keep you in shape for life.

Here is another daily food journal tip. Use it to write down your success results of how many inches and pounds you have lost each week. This will motivate you when you see that you are moving towards your goal. Write motivational affirmations and stick pictures of the dress/suit you want to buy at the top of each page. These are great for programming your subconscious mind and keeping it positive.

Daily Food Journal Conclusion

The journal you keep will be a record of your achievements and success. It will not take very long for your old habits to subside and your new healthy ones become new habits for the better. As you achieve your ideal weight and keep it off you will look back and thank your daily food journal as one of the major factors in helping you get there. Start today and make those changes now!

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