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Why To Take a Daily Multivitamin

Updated on March 24, 2013

More and more people today are trying to prevent disease and deficiency rather than cure it. Health has become very important in an age where it is vital to stay fit if you have to work and earn your living. Time was when man got his daily nutrition from the food he ate because he ate sensibly and the good food and drink was accompanied by exercise, fresh air and enough sleep. Today’s lifestyle and eating habits leave a lot to be desired so we need something more to make sure that our bodies get the optimum nutrition. We need our daily multivitamin.

daily vitamins
daily vitamins

So many diseases come about because our bodies are deficient in certain vitamins. A multivitamin provides the body with all the essential vitamins and supplements needed to give the body enough nutrition over and above the food it gets so that it does not suffer from deficiencies. Of course, in certain cases a lot more than just a multivitamin will be required but for the normal person, this is more than enough to fulfill his daily requirement.

Multivitamins are especially useful in certain phases of ones life – growing children when the right nutrition is so important, pregnancy when you need nutrition for two, old age when you need nutrition to make sure you have the energy you need. Multivitamins are formulated to give the body the right amount of vitamins and nutrients that it needs so a deficiency does not occur.

Other people who must take daily multivitamins are people who smoke and who drink alcohol. Tobacco and alcohol leech the nutrients from the body so you need to put them back. Of course, the ideal way would be to stop smoking or drinking but if you cannot do that, at least make sure you take your daily vitamins. Also at risk when it comes to deficiencies are people who live in very polluted areas. They need vitamins to counteract the effects of pollution.

The human body needs 13 vitamins to help it to perform all its tasks properly. Most of us rely in getting these vitamins from our food. In today’s world, however, with so much processing, with so many pesticides and fertilizers that are used, how can we be sure that our foods contain all of these? If they don’t, it’s because we do not eat everything it its fresh, organic form today. Then shouldn’t we be choosing our multivitamins from some other source? What better than a daily dose of vitamins to make sure the functions in the body run to oil-wheeled perfection? All it does is to prevent the body from succumbing to diseases that are caused by deficiencies. When it comes to health, prevention of disease is way better than cure – so why not invest in your health with your daily vitamins?


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