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Daily Vitamins: Choose Liquid Vitamins

Updated on March 24, 2013

Does it really matter, one would think. After all, it goes down to the stomach and passes through to the intestine where it gets absorbed and why should it matter what form it is in? However, it has been found that liquid vitamins are much more readily absorbed than vitamins in the tablet or capsule form.

liquid vitamins
liquid vitamins

This is because the body can absorb nutrients in the liquid form five times more than in the tablet or capsule form. So if you want to get the full benefit of vitamins, you might want to take a look at vitamins in the liquid form. It gets absorbed much more easily and it gets to where it’s needed much faster.

Why do we need our daily dose of vitamins? Basically, it’s to keep our body functioning smoothly. It’s the oil needed to make things function better in the body. When we are deficient in vitamins and nutrients, we hear our body complaining as our system moves slower and does not move as smoothly. This lack results in disease – disease has no place in a body that is functioning to its optimum capacity.

Does this mean that if we were to take our vitamins daily we would never fall ill? No, it doesn’t as there are other factors that contribute to disease too. However, when the body has no deficiencies, there are far fewer chances of you succumbing to most of the diseases that you come in contact with than if you were lacking in these vitamins and nutrients. 

Stress, pollution, smoking, alcohol, growth, age and conditions like puberty and pregnancy all need extra nutrition and you can suffer from a lack of nutrients during these times if you don’t take care. This is why it is recommended to have your daily dose of vitamins, especially during these times to combat deficiencies and because of that, diseases. And of course, when it comes to choosing a multivitamin, liquid vitamins make a lot more sense. This is not to say tablets and capsules do not work – just that the liquid vitamins works better.

When you take your daily vitamins, you also minimize conditions like cancer and asthma as well arthritis and acidity. With enough nutrients in your body, there is no protest in your system with extra acids and free radicals not to mention toxins. The best way would be to eat a sensible diet and top it up with your daily vitamins. Add a bit of exercise and you’ll find that it adds up to not just a healthier you but a better looking you. Enough vitamin intake means optimum weight. Better skin, more energy, less water retention, better circulation, healthier cells, better nerves, more oxygen, less toxins and the ability to fight off infection.

The body needs 13 vitamins in the right quantities to perform at its best. They are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, B12 and B-complex which number 7. Yes, we can get these through our food – but you’re never sure whether they are enough. To be sure, you need your daily dose of vitamins – and preferably in the liquid form. 


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