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Damage "Pokemon Goo" addiction and injuries

Updated on July 16, 2016

Psychiatrist Turki warned of the negative effects on mental and physical health of the game "Pokemon goo", which was quite popular in the past few days influences and made six serious damage to it, what are they?

Dr. Ali Bozkurt has confirmed that the damage to that game on the mental health of children and adolescents in particular.

He pointed out that several studies have concluded that the need not to spend belonging to these two categories more than two hours a day in front of computer screens and tablet computer, mobile phone and similar devices, while games such as "Pokemon Go" them exceeded this limit.

And six feet Bozkurt damage to the game "Pokemon Go":

1- Addiction, which is caused by the removal of a person from social life, he said, adding that the game could have a similar effect to the effect of the drug as it may lead to addiction.

2- It is true that the game "Pokemon Goo" users pay to get out of the street, but keep them in the context of the isolation that paid to technology, unlike traditional games that the street will be the scene of her and that pay participants for social interaction.

3- "Pokemon goo" like the games that include the concepts of war or the chase and reach goals, it may result in frequent exposure to increased tension, and become the cause of the emergence of anxiety disorders.

4- Problems relating to the difficulty of differentiating between reality and fantasy, especially in children who have not reached the stage yet of abstract thinking, and adults who suffer from problems in the distinction between the real world and fairyland.

5- Long-term use of the game may lead to problems in the spine.

6- Injury to a person as a result of lack of attention to the surrounding environment through play.

It is noteworthy that the game "Pokemon goo" using augmented reality technology, developed by "Niantic" and "The Pokémon Company" for mobile phones that operate by Regular "Android" and "IOS", put the application in a number of countries for free in the July 6 ongoing.

The principle of the game on pursuing and catching the so-called "virtual Albuquemonat" in locations determined by the application via real maps and places using the "GPS" technology.


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