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Dance, to Become Healthy, Not Only Physically, But Also Mentally!

Updated on October 26, 2014

“Shall we dance?” If someone asks this question to you henceforth at any social gathering, don’t shy back; say “Yes!” at once! Why? The reason is it will bring about your overall improvement besides bringing you lots of fun!

Yes! From numerous scientific studies it has been proved that freestyle social dance brings about not only physical but also mental improvement! This is because while dancing, you have to remember a lot of steps and coordinate with your partner and this keeps mental disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s disease miles away!

Waltz, Slow But Graceful
Waltz, Slow But Graceful

Dance Scores Over Other Physical Exercises

As such, any physical exercise is good for your overall health. But it is certainly encouraging and amusing that a fun-filled activity like dance brings brain improvement. Studies have shown that dance scores over other physical activities like cycling, swimming, and mental activity like solving crossword puzzles in bringing about cognitive improvement.

You will be amazed to know that in reducing the risk of dementia, dance proudly tops with 76% risk-reduction as compared to 35% risk-reduction by reading and 47% by solving crossword puzzles (four days a week) and with no risk-reduction with activities like riding a bicycle, playing golf and swimming.

It has been found that physical activity improves neurological pathways as well as synapses. But observations of researchers are pointing towards greater benefits particularly of social dancing which make you take fast decisions of movements and thus bringing about better connectivity in the neural network and altogether intelligence.

Bolero, Learn Difficult Steps!
Bolero, Learn Difficult Steps!

Don’t Stay Away Because of Complicated Steps

It is generally seen that many people are reluctant to learn dance. And this is not because of any physical reason. It is just because of the intricacy of the mental processes that are presented while dancing which create remarkable challenges and hurdles.

If you are one of such people, you should look at it positively. It is possible that you are reluctant to do exercises too. In that case, dance is a beautiful option for you to keep you healthy physically as well as mentally. It will not only keep your weight in check, and bring about other physical benefits, but also will keep you away from mental disorders, like depression, loneliness, nervous breakdown, sleeplessness and dementia.

Salsa, No Time To Stop!
Salsa, No Time To Stop!

Why Dance is So Beneficial!

The reason why social freestyle dance is so beneficial is you have to make smooth and graceful movements in accordance with the music and the music doesn’t wait for you to recall further movement. This creates the wonderful ability in you to take fast decisions about the movements. You don’t get time even of a second about taking decisions about making movements and so your brain naturally is trained in an amazing and the most fun-filled way.

One more study finds out that to exercise with music forces out more brainpower compared to work out without music. It was observed that verbal fluency was doubled after exercising with music than that without music. Scientists agree that the combination of workout and music increases cognitive stimulation which helps organizing cognitive productivity.

Cha Cha, Thorough Enjoyment!
Cha Cha, Thorough Enjoyment!

Dance Brings Increasing Enjoyment

Another benefit of learning dance or exercising with music is you realize newer dimensions of music. This means that before leaning dancing, you may be interested in some classical genre of music. But after leaning dancing, you start enjoying any type of good music. Your body and mind starts responding to music of any kind because of which you enjoy thoroughly. This is a great benefit because it makes you happier and stress-free than before.

Disco, Dance For Health!
Disco, Dance For Health!

Slow or Fast, Dance to Your Health!

Some dances like Waltz, Bolero, Tango and Rumba are slow but are very graceful too, while some others like Salsa, Samba, Mambo, Disco, Cha-Cha and Jive are fast and energetic. Whatever may be the pace of the dance, it has its own benefits. Your every body part moves, bounces, spins, bends and twists. You sweat amply and drink ample water. Many Latin dances have Cuban motion in them which bring about a lot of swings of hips. You have to wave your arms vigorously, snap your hands a lot and twist your neck too. Can then extra fat dare to build itself in your body? But dance brings a lot more than this! You have to remember every movement and next movement and next movement. Can then dementia build itself in your brains? What’s more, there is continuously nice music going on, upon which your body is shaking, your blood is pumping and reaching every part of your body which you are enjoying the most! Can then depression build itself in you? Answer to all these questions is a big positive “No!”

If you are keeping back from learning dance because of lame excuses like it is filled with several complicated forgettable steps, go out in the market and you will see a lot of CDs to practice them at home; get them, practice and start dancing! Remember, a sure and enjoyable way to bouncing health is through dancing!

Freestyle Dance Battle on the Streets of Paris

Dance in Indian Culture


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