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How to reduce Extreme Dandruff and Effective Dandruff Treatments

Updated on April 13, 2011

Dandruff is one of the major problem especially among the youth and many of you may be searching for dandruff solution. For your knowledge Dandruff treatment is not as easy as you think. To understand this you have to know about the causes of Dandruff and then about dandruff remedies. Before selecting your dandruff shampoo there are many things you have to lknow. This passage will give you an overview about the causes of Dandruff and steps to be taken to prevent it.

Dandruff Causes

Dandruff is a condition known as seborrhoeic dermatitis, which produces an itchy, scaly rash on the scalp.The causes are

  1. Hormonal imbalance
  2. Very much heat
  3. Excessive Perspiring
  4. Allergy
  5. dry environment and Cold weather
  6. Insufficient nutrition and inadequate health conditions
  7. Being poor hygiene
  8. Stress, anxiety and tension
  9. Lack of sleep
  10. Genetical
  11. Prolific use of hair-coloring products or use of electric hair curlers, gel, mousse
  12. Shampooing infrequently and scarce rinsing of hair
  13. Firm fitting hats and scarves
  14. Wrong food intake


Dandruff Symptoms

  1. Falling scales from the scalps while combed or scratched
  2. Itching on the scalp
  3. Some times scalp becomes red

Dandruff Treatments

  1. Shampooing with a mild shampoo may help some time but give extreme care in selecting shampoo. If you are using an antidandruff shampoo use a conditioning shampoo after that.
  2. Avoid fried foods and reduce the intake of diary products chocolate and fatty food items. Include green leafy vegetables and raw food.
  3. Having Biotin(A vitamin B complex) 3000 mcg 2 times/day will reduce dandruff. The food items which contain Biotin are brewer's yeast, nutritional yeast, whole grains, nuts, egg yolks, sardines, liver, cauliflower, bananas, and mushrooms.
  4. Vitamin B1 and B2 Vitamin A Omega fatty acid and Zinc also helps to reduce dandruff so try to include food items containing this complexes in your diet.

  5. Selenium-based shampoo – Selenium acts as an anti-fungal agent.

  6. Consult a Dermatologist!.

Natural Treatments And Home Remedies For Dandruff

  1. Add a few drops of grapefruit seed extract to shampoo.
  2. Massage the scalp with a mixture containing equal amount of lime juice and vinegar. Wash the hair with egg shampoo.
  3. Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind it into a fine paste the following morning. Leave this paste applied on the scalp for 30 to 45 minutes and then wash it with a mild shampoo.
  4. Boil neem leaves in water and rinse hair with this water to scalp.
  5. Use a tea tree oil shampoo or add a few drops of tea tree oil to shampoo.
  6. Massage scalp with warm coconut oil for 30 minutes at least twice a week.
  7. Make a paste by tulsi leaves and amla powder mixed with water. Massage this paste on the scalp and let it remain for half to one hour. Wash the hair with water.
  8. Beat 2 or 3 eggs with alittle water in it. Egg shampoo is ready. Apply this to wet hair and rinde the scalp let this remain there for sometime. Then wash it with clean water. Will be very effective.
  9. Mix some camphor in coconut oil. Apply this oil daily on your scalp properly and rinse well.
  10. Pour apple cider vinegar onto your hair and scalp and wrap your head in a towel. Remove after one hour and wash hair.
  11. Apply lemon juice + sugar on the scalp. Then expose the hair to the sun's heat for five to six hours and let the juice dry. Wash the hair with a mild shampoo. Although this may sound difficult but this can solve the dandruff problem to a great extent.
  12. Apply Flaxseed oil or vitamin E oil to the scalp nightly and wash off in the morning.
  13. Make a mixture of lemon juice in coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the hair and massage it deep into the scalp. Continue this regularly for a few days.
  14. Citrus fruits bannana dried stewed or tinnend fruits should not be taken.
  15. Massage the hair with curd for half an hour that have been open for 2 or three days.
  16. The juice of snake gourd is useful in dandruff prevention.
  17. Boil both tops and roots of beets(white beet is good) in water and massage the scalp with this water.
  18. Wash the hair twice a week with two tablespoon of green gram powder mixed with half cup of curd.


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      farzan 3 years ago

      Vry gud n informative tnx a lot for homly remedies of dandruff

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      veera ganesh 3 years ago

      hi sir i am suffering with danfduff as well as hair fall heavyly from 8 years many shmpoors used but no result and i used NIZURAL shampoo jonson&jonson company it will work while we using time only when we stop that shampoo again dranfduff and hair fall will start so pls i need give me perminet solution .And why will the dandruff will come for reasan ?

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      Very informative, and like the home remedies...will pass this on.

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      Judy Kingston-Smith 7 years ago

      As this is something I started to struggle with recently I am so glad I came across this site. Very useful information. Thanks for sharing.

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      Hi there

      I think your site is informative,

      Sometimes you could use H2O2 in a cap mixed in shampoo. The H202 kills bacteria in the skin caused from scratching.