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Dandruff - My Organic Coconut Oil Review

Updated on October 29, 2014
My Organic Coconut Oil Review
My Organic Coconut Oil Review

I wanted to share my Personal review on Organic Coconut Oil used on my scalp to cure a scalp infection, and Dandruff.

I will tell you what i did and also share some Links with you on Coconut Oil.

I am not a physician, and can not cure or diagnose anything! Please be aware that some are allergic to coconut oil, so please contact your physician before trying what I have. Also test a spot on the skin or area that you are applying it to, to make sure you do not have an allergic reaction.


The Condition I Suffered with.

I had Seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp, a scalp infection, which is not fun to have. I have tried many many products. All kinds of dandruff Shampoos, from the cheapest to the most expensive shampoos to find little or no relief or it will get rid of it, then it will come right back.

I also even went to see a doctor to see if I had a fungas infection on my scalp, which I was diagnosed with no fungus at all. Hence why probably all the shampoos I tried did not work.

What i suffered with was Seborrheic dermatitis

Seborrheic dermatitis is a common, inflammatory skin condition that can cause flaky, white to yellowish scales that is on oily places such as the scalp or anywhere on your body.

Cradle cap is very common and simalar condition that occurs on infants.

A scalp infection can smell bad, in my opinion. Its not fun to have one, and is indeed of need of healing and very quickly.

So to my surprise after trying numerous products and seeing a doctor without a cure. I tried putting Organic Coconut oil On my scalp.

I will share my Review on what I did and how I used it and my results.

My Review on Dandruff and using Organic Coconut Oil

Well to make a Long story Short and being extremely desperate. I decided Im gonna try this Organic Coconut Oil on my Scalp. I bought the Brand Spectrum. I was at the worst with my scalp, and giving up hope!!

  • So I took about a Half cup of Organic Coconut Oil and put this on my scalp.
  • I did not heat the oil, I believe if you put heated oil in your hair it can cause damage to the hair if its not specifically made to be heated for the hair.
  • I put this all on the areas that were the worst, and let it set in my hair for about an hour and half.
  • I could instantly feel relief, and the scales coming off my head. I was in Shock Like Wow its working!!!!
  • but I was still not convinced, so I then shampooed my hair and conditioned it as normal and noticed most of the scales were gone and that i felt great relief.
  • so I treated it once again, I would say that was the end of that.

I would say I am mostly cured and if i even get the smallest flair up.. I just grab my Organic Coconut oil and Fix that problem really Quick!!!


I really hope you enjoyed my Organic Coconut Oil Review, and please follow up on other reviews I have written about Organic Coconut Oil .. It is the Miracle Oil for me!! and I will continue to use it and share it with my friends and family.


© 2011 butterflystar


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    • isaiahkimgoodwin profile image

      Kimberly Goodwin 4 years ago from Concord, NH

      Coconut oil is something that has so many uses. It is great for you to cook with, and consume anyway you can. I use it instead of skin cream, and it is even a good sunscreen. It is really amazing stuff.

    • butterflystar profile image

      butterflystar 5 years ago from A Place of Success :)

      Yes i love coconut oil, can use for so many things ;)

    • morningglory24 profile image

      morningglory24 5 years ago

      My mother gave me a jar of what might be the same coconut oil. I absolutely love it. I don't have any type of skin condition, but some flake in the winter and it really helped. I'm so glad you found some relief! Its amazing what natural products can do.