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Dandruff Supplements - Natural remedies for Dandruff

Updated on November 25, 2009

natural remedies for dandruff

Dandruff is a tricky condition to tackle and sometimes it seems no matter what home remedy you use nothing seems to solve the problem. There are many different methods for fighting dandruff including homeopathic , aromatherapy and of course supplements for dandruff and general skin conditions.

This hub will cover some of the natural dandruff remedy supplements that can help combat annoying dandruff.

Some of the main lifestyle changes you can do to ease your dandruff are

- Change your Diet, Eat more fruits/vegetables put your body in a more alkaline state

- Exercise regularly to increase circulation, sweating also helps to spread natural oils and clear clogged pores

- Wash your hair regularly but remember to give your scalp and hair a rest otherwise you will just be washing away natural beneficial oils on your scalp.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A
Vitamin B
Vitamin B

Natural Dandruff Supplements

I know some people are very anti supplements and I'm all for getting your vitamins and minerals from natural foods and sources but sometimes its just not possible or financially practical.

Vitamin A

Dosage : 20,000 IU Daily

Vitamin A has many benefits including

- Aids in healing skin tissue

- Eye Health benefits, helps eyes adjust to different light

- Keeps eyes, skin and mucous membranes moist

- anti-oxidant to eliminate free radicals caused by pollution , stress, diet

Natural Sources

- Beef Liver, organ meats

- Eggs

- Cheese and Milk

- Carrots

Vitamin A deficiency is rare and this is one supplement if you choose to supplement with aim for a low dose , overdosing on any vitamin is not healthy.

Vitamin B Complex

Dosage : 100mg twice daily

Vitamin B is one of the great natural dandruff remedies with benefits including

- Healthy Skin , Hair and Nails

-Healthy Nervous System

- Energy Production

- Digestion Balance

Natural Sources

- wholegrain

- eggs and milk

- meat and poultry

Get your selenium the natural way :)
Get your selenium the natural way :)

Dandruff Supplements continued


Dosage: Follow the instructions on Bottle

Selenium is a great natural dandruff remedy and is a powerful anti-oxidant that helps prevent tissue damage and aids in healing.

Get your 100% RDA (Recommended Daily Intake) With a few Brazil Nuts, Very simple

Vitamin E

Dosage: 400 IU Daily

Vitamin E benefits include

- promotes circulation

- promotes faster healing

- healthy heart and anti-oxidant

Vitamin E is very popular for fighting dandruff and not just by taking vitamin e oil capsules but also massaging vitamin E oil into affected area's to ease itching and remove dead skin.

The many benefits of Oysters, Wonderful Zinc :)
The many benefits of Oysters, Wonderful Zinc :)
natural dandruff remedy kelp
natural dandruff remedy kelp

Zinc and Kelp


Dosage: 10 - 50 mg, or Zinc Lozenges try 4-5 a day for one week

Benefits of Zinc

- Helps to breakdown and absorb proteins

-supports normal growth and development

- sexual function, libido

- wound healing

Zinc is a vitamin that almost everyone is deficient in, that being said there is no real classification of what a zinc deficiency looks like and they are no real tests. The best way to tell if you need to increase your zinc intake is to take a simple zinc test. Mix 100ml with 1 drop of zinc solution if you can barely taste the zinc it means your deficient.

There are many forms of Zinc , the best ones are Zinc Amino Acid Chelate and Zinc Picollate. We loose a lot of zinc through sweating, stress and a number of other things so its important to maintain healthy zinc levels.


Dosage: 1000 - 1500mg daily

Benefits of Kelp

- Natural source of essential minerals

- Great way to supplement a healthy diet adding amino acids and natural vitamins

- improves body's PH levels

Other Supplements - Fish Oil, Basic Multivitamin, Spirulina

If your worried about your vitamin and mineral intake , get your doctor to do a full blood test and help you determine what your body needs in supplement form, everyone is different :).


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    • expectus profile image

      expectus 8 years ago from Land Downunder

      thanks again for the comments Don:) I'm very glad your dandruff free I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy

    • dusanotes profile image

      dusanotes 8 years ago from Windermere, FL

      Wow! What a complete article. I had no idea diet played such a big part in dandruff elimination and control. I like all the food and vitamins you put on my plate in the Hub. I eat fish, cheese, eggs, a lot of veggies and fruit - and I don't have dandruff. Neat article, thanks. Don White