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Dangers of Giving TMI on the Internet

Updated on January 18, 2012

Dangers of Giving TMI (Too Much Information) on the Internet

The internet can be a fun time, but it can turn into a nightmare, if you mistakenly give out too much information. I myself am currently being stalked, in twitter, by a group of crazed Real Housewives fanatics. They are desperately trying to obtain my personal information. They obtained my address, but since I moved out of the city,   they no longer have it.  My stalkers will accuse me of doing the things they have done, but those that know me, know I am not that type of person.  The point of this article is to educate others, so people know how to protect their privacy from internet predators and stalkers.

I am writing this article to share the mistakes, that my friends and myself have made, that has made us vulnerable to stalkers. My hopes are that people will read this and learn what not to do and keep your personal information private, because trust me, there are evil people in cyberspace who will go to any lengths to get it. They will google you, watch your blogs, steal your pictures from myspace and facebook, and go so far as buy your information. (Yes there are places that do sell that information to people willing to pay for it).

One of the Real Housewives fanatics does the research. She doesn't do it all herself though, She pays for what she can't find. After the information is obtained, she passes it along to her gang of haters who post it on blogs and share the links in Twitter, knowing Twitter will not do anything about it.

I know of instances where an unwanted call was made to a work place, threats made to release personal information they've uncovered, stalkers posted pictures of minor sons on several WordPress blogs and threats were made in Twitter to me (leaving out the time/day/place so police would not get involved).

I was driven to write this blog because of what these stalkers have done to my friends and myself. My goal is to make sure no more people are stalked and harassed as we were and still are, when they choose to make new accounts to harass. I've included links to some really helpful articles. Be sure to check them out. If you have any other suggestions, please share here so others can benefit from it.  Feel free to ask questions.  I will answer all questions asked of me. 

Things Not To Do - To Protect Your Privacy

1) When you sign up for Social Networks like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc., use your nickname and not your legal name. If you discuss your husband or wife, do as I do, and make up a name, or just say husband or wife. Don't even mention your children's names because they will stalk them too.  Stalkers will google your name, your spouses name, even your children's names. If something comes up, they can buy the information they need to find you. Example: My friends husband was googled and his work address and phone showed up. Stalkers called him to say lies about my friend, as a means to harass her. Before her husband could call home to tell her, the stalker was already bragging about it in twitter.

2) If you use Facebook, MySpace or other Social Networks, only display personal pictures to family members or close friends (ones you've met face to face) Be aware that anytime you post pictures on Twitpic, Yfrog, Lockerz, and other picture posting sites, your pictures are available to everyone. There are stalkers that will copy your pictures to their computer. One day you could find your face on a cow's body, as they did to one of my friends. Even worse, you could find your children or grandchildren's pictures posted on a hate blog, which was created to tell lies about you - In hopes that your friends will read it, believe it and have nothing to do with you. (This has happened to two of my friends)  They have tried to turn my friends against me with their lies, but my friends know what has been going on.  Ones that don't know, will know now, after reading this article.

3) Be careful what you post to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, etc. If you have an occasion where the fire department comes to your residence or neighborhood, do not post it on Twitter as it happens. I tweeted about how the fire department just arrived to rescue two tenants in an elevator. I didn't know that the fire department posts their emergency calls online where it lists block numbers and exact addresses. My stalkers knew this and that's how they got my home address. Their tweets disclosing my city name, ended up costing me $210 for examination after having chest pains over it. The only reason they didn't tweet my street address was that twitter would suspend them for that behavior. Thankfully our boss transferred us to another apartment building,  where I no longer have to worry about uninvited guests or hate mail being sent to me.  I was smart and didn't tweet when the moving truck came to move our things.

4) If you tweet on Twitter, remember anything you say is permanent record. Even if you delete it, it is still there. All someone has to do is go to and they will see everything you say. The only way you can keep your timeline out of topsy is to lock your twitter page.  Be careful what you tweet to strangers. You don't know who or what they really are. 


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    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

      Someone named Anon attempted to post here. I am not approving your post because you are trying to post someone's REAL NAME. You will NOT be bullying anyone on my blog.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Greg for bringing up that important point! I can't understand why people would announce where go all all through the day. They're inviting robbers or muggers to do them harm.

      Anything you put on the internet is permanent. Even if you delete it, there's still copies of it somewhere. I have heard of people who have been fired for making degrading comments about their bosses on Facebook and also talked about stealing from their company. They didn't think their boss would ever look up their Facebook.

    • Greg Sage profile image

      Greg Sage 6 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      I'm amazed at the number of people who update their status everywhere they go. I know of at least one person whose house was robbed in the middle of the day shortly after their status was updated across town.

      Slightly OT but related, a local burglary ring was busted that had struck many times by researching who would be attending local funerals.

      I've also personally seen 3 people get passed up for hire specifically because of what could be found online that they had posted (and in one case, thought they had eliminated traces of) They other 2 thought it was private and no one could see it.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Ida =)

    • ida2509 profile image

      ida2509 6 years ago from Indonesia

      It's a good article thank's to the your information

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Tiffany =)

    • Tiffany Regan profile image

      Tiffany Regan 6 years ago from Colorado

      Very informative. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Thank you for warning the rest of us.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada


      I'm not sure if it shows facebook or not. It shows all tweets from twitter, unless you have a locked twitter page.

    • Avory Shell profile image

      Avory Shell 6 years ago

      Wow! I had no idea how easy it was for someone to obtain my information!! Do you know if facebook appears on

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada


      Let me be the first to tell you, just from what you've said, I don't think you are guilty of anything. It's awful how people made up lies about you and even worse that your friends believed it.

      I too never joined the group that attacked my friends. They tried to turn me against my friends, but I wouldn't fall for their lies and twisting of stories to suit their needs. They saw me as a threat because I have over 8,000 followers and they didn't like me Retweeting the hate they said to my friends on a daily basis. People tend to block folks who do nothing but hate on people each day. When I saw my retweeting wasn't helping I stopped doing it, but that didn't stop their continuous attacks towards me. They even chose to attack one of my friends, who didn't even know them, as a way to upset me.

      I blocked them all so I don't see what they tweet to me, but twitter doesn't block them when I search my friends twitter names, as a quick way to get to their timeline. Just the other day, the whole page of my friends search, was filled with attacks from one woman, and she addressed me in one tweet (knowing fully well that I have her blocked). I asked her once again to stop the hate. I haven't figured out if she's fallen for their lies, or if she is enjoying making people miserable as they do.

      It's hard to answer your last question since I don't know the specifics of the groups you keep getting kicked out of. What website is this happening on? The only way I know someone can track you is by having access to your ip address. Have you posted on a blog or signed into a site that where it is its own domain? For example, when you go to a blog on word press it has the bloggers name added after the ".com" Those sites you can enter and not be tracked UNLESS you post on the blog, and then only the owner of the blog can see your ip address. If you go to a site that ends with ".com", the site owner can have a log that shows everyone who enters, even if you don't post a comment.

      It could be that people are recognizing you from the things you say. From what you said they spent endless hours studying you so they could post like they were you from a fake account.

      If someone is working for a tracking company or even law enforcement, it would be illegal for them to use their position to track you. It could be cause for them to be dismissed from their job.

      From what you've told me, you have certainly suffered emotional distress. You should contact a lawyer. If it turns out someone is tracking you illegally, maybe that can be prosecuted in criminal court. Emotional pain and suffering would be tried in a civil court. With a lawyers help, you can obtain names and addresses of those who have put you through this pain and make them answer for it.

    • profile image

      Ticktock 6 years ago

      Angel, thank u for your reply! The stuff I told u about happened almost a year ago. I'm still in pain in some ways because I'm basically alone! They did that to my friend & her family early that morning. They couldn't tell who sent it to her daughter in law. They opened a temp account at a site(I can't remember name?) and copied her posts to it over a 10 month period then sent the link to her family along with site info. Why? And about 3 hrs as they saw us grandmothers comforting her is when they started posting what they had combined of my true pics and stuff with that of the fake account person. I had (I know I sound silly & stupid) befriended these women and shared family stories. I truly liked and cared about them! I thought they felt the same :-(

      Anyhow I sorta understand. They believed the bad person and didn't give me q chance to ask what happened? This person made it all look so true! And I know the other ladies were scared and shaken after what happened to my friend and needed a person to blame. But I am just a grandma like them and dont have the 1st clue how they did this or why? I swear I can't think of one darn time I was rude to anyone?

      But it's gone now (the friends I mean) I don't understand to this day why this group for daughter in laws chose me to hurt? They had issues and arguments with the other lady but I hadn't ever went in their group? They ruined me to the point that any group I go into the know it and get me kicked out saying I did this horrible thing! How does one defend herself? I'm not guilty of any thing but caring about other grandparents. How can they tell it's me wherever I go? I've wondered if one maybe works in computer field for a tracking co? It's all that makes sense! I don't try anymore but the questions still nag me

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada


      I accept your apology. As for who you are, please don't tell me. It really doesn't matter to me.

      I hope for your sake they never find out who you are.

      My info was obtained, when I tweeted about the fire department coming to our apartment building to rescue 2 tenants. As the superintendent, I had to meet them downstairs to turn the power off. My mistake was tweeting about it, as it happened in real time. I didn't realize fire departments posted their emergency calls and it appears in google. All one needs is the day and time, and with a little searching, you can find it. That's what someone did to me.

      The people were quick to brag about it in twitter, and talk about giving my info to their stalker friends. (As a means to harass and scare me). If you go to you will see screen pictures that I posted there. They don't scare me anymore because I have moved.

      Take the steps you need, to make sure your info is not obtained. Besides stalkers, everyone needs to be aware that there also are identity thieves in cyberspace. The best thing you can do is keep your private info to yourself.

    • profile image

      Anonymous 6 years ago

      Thanks for this educational & useful article. It helped to open my eyes to what my ex-friends really are. They brainwashed me into thinking Angel was a bad person. I believed them until their own hyprocisy did them in. What police dept wouldn't catch someone parked outside their house? When does caller id show a "blocked" call as "Canada"? I asked around and was told it would show "unknown caller". I was just a pawn in their game of hate. Every single day presents us with so many different opportunities to offer simple gestures of kindness toward other people, but Grace and all the others don't know what that is. They only know lies and ways to destroy decent people. I offer my heartfelt apology for helping to feed their hate. I wasn't an active participant but that doesn't make me a better person. I plan to create a new twitter account and once you follow I will dm you and reveal who I am. I don't want them going after me for wising up.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada


      I have a few friends who have also closed their twitter because of harassment. One of them is now being blamed for driving by one of my stalkers homes. They also blame me for sending him. I wish there was a police report made, because then both my friend and I could pursue it thru the legal system. Last I heard, making a false police report can make someone wind up in jail and I would be quick to file charges for including me in the false accusation.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada


      I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to you and your friend. =( I don't understand what makes people do such hurtful things. I've had some people, try to convince my friends I was a man. LOL Earlier this morning, someone in twitter got tired of seeing my stalkers attack me and told them so. They accused her of being me in disguise. They reported her to twitter. Well after twitter doesn't suspend her, they won't be able to accuse her again.

      Tell your friend to pursue a civil complaint against whoever gave that info to her daughter in law. I can only imagine the pain and grief she suffered from losing another chance, of a relationship with her, and not seeing her grandchildren. If taken to court, a judge will surely award damages for it.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada


      Yes good advice. They are not the only ones to beware of. You never know who is sitting on the other side of a monitor. Look at the Craig list killer. Perfect example.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

      Ada: Predators is the word I use for them too. I block and they still continue to tweet me. Why? They think they will convince everyone that I'm a bad person. Did standing up for my friends make me a bad person? Their constantly tweeting me only confirms how disturbed they are and has started to upset people that follow me. Not enough to unfollow me, like they're trying to achieve. Instead my followers are defending me or just outright blocking them. I prefer they block and don't get on the stalking list.

    • angelfrmcanada profile image

      angelfrmcanada 6 years ago from Canada

      These fanatics went as far as copying and pasting one of my hub page articles, Word for Word, in the comments on one of their hate blogs. I made report to word press, last night and at 10:30 am this morning, I was notified by word press, that it was taken down. Should this happen again, the loco blogger will lose her blog. Copyright infringement can be prosecuted too but these crazy women have no regard for the law.

    • profile image

      Granny 6 years ago

      I've closed twitter accounts twice because of people like that.

    • profile image

      Ticktock 6 years ago

      This happened to me! Talked months to wonderful grandparents like myself and a younger group of women stole photos off my FB and convinced all I had spoke with for months that I was 2 different people. It was really hurtful and awful! And another lady too in our group the very same day! They copied every complaining or asking for advice post she made (and I believe changed some parts) and sent it to her daughter in law who she had been working on trying to build a close and loving relationship with. They actually had a blast hurting her family forever! I don't know if she even gets to see her grandchildren any longer? I don't understand how they can feel good hurting others in such a way? Never will!

    • profile image

      Stephen  6 years ago

      I think I know these Real Housewives Fans!


    • profile image

      Ada 6 years ago

      Great post! I hope it reaches everyone on twitter and beyond, people like these women are predators and feast on the others pain & suffering. They are the lowest kind of human predators. Thank you for all the information


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