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Dangers of quick fix diet pills/what we should be doing...

Updated on April 22, 2015

Ban Fake Diet Pills!


Dangers of Diet Pills!

We've all seen the advertisements for diet pills; miraculous skinny supplement. But how many of us actually know what it entails? Do you know what you are committing to? What is it actually doing to your body?

If you've thought to yourself, asked some of those questioned and answered no to even one of them; then stop what you're doing! Yes, the idea of a quick fix into the body we think we 'should' have must have come across most peoples' minds; but how many people have committed to buying them? how many people have suffered?

I say suffered because, I came across an article today about a beautiful young lady named Eloise Aimee Parry. She was 21, looked healthy, but was suffering from bulimia and started taking diet pills without her family knowing. She unfortunately died a little over a week ago, the pills she had been taking had 'burned her from within'.

The tablets she took contained DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol), a compound commonly used in herbicides and between 1933 and 1938 diet pills after the discovery of it's ability to increase metabolism. An overdose was noted to cause fatal hyperthermia; rising the body temperature to 44° (111°F) shortly before death.

The Food Standards Agency (UK) identifies DNP as "an industrial chemical known to have serious short-term and long-term effects, which can be extremely dangerous to human health." and advises "consumers not to take any product containing DNP at any level. This chemical is not suitable for human consumption."

There are ways to determine whether a pharmaceutical product has been deemed safe.The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is responsible for medicines regulation. Some online pharmacies bear the green cross logo of the General Pharmaceutical Council. This means that the pharmacy is registered and is associated with a pharmacy and the product should be safe to use. However, with the technology available these days; forgery is a possibility, so please check with your doctors and local Healthcare Product Agencys to make sure if the pills are counterfeit and safe for human consumption!

Do research! Check their history, scientists etc Ask yourself, why is this deal so good, and if this diet pill is so amazing why can't I buy it over the counter at my local pharmacy?


Why do you need to diet?

Society! Social Peer Pressure! Low self-esteem!

What really gets to me is how the media create this fictitious attitude to the way people should look. It used to be about the girls in magazines, and although we know they get photo-shopped; but why do we still obsess and compare ourselves to their 'perfect' bodies? It leaves impressionable people feel as if they have to change the way they look, potentially putting themselves in danger and creating an illusion about their flaws!

It's not just women these days, it's men too! No longer is it, having the perfect nails; hair; boobs; bums; abs; arms; lips; and so on. Men have to get tanned up, muscles gleaming, eyebrows shaped and botoxed. Just thinking about it, is depressing! Why do you think you have to have J-Lo's brows, with Iggy Azealia's bum, boobs like Kelly Homes etc It's exhausting!

Let's face it, you are one person; an individual. As an individual it means your genetics are different, you cannot think because these women look good means even after cosmetic surgery or miracle pills you'll look like them. Why can you look your own best? Do you honestly think these celebs woke up one day and thought you know what I have the perfect body...No I doubt it, they probably work their asses off in the gym, eat foods that they might not like the taste of and ok granted some may be done cosmetically but they at least are doing them for themselves. They may enhance assets, or straighten up some lines; either way they are doing it to look the best possible way they can present themselves.

Who actually said you need to go on a diet? I said diet, not fasting or cheating using pills. Do you have a health condition that means you have to shed a few pounds? Or is it you saying that because you think you need to lose 10lb before you can look good in a bikini?



First things first, most people associate diets with food. I'm not going to sit here and tell you a miraculous diet that will take you 2 weeks to lose x amount of pounds. Why? It's simple I don't believe in it, unless you have nutritional and health reasons to do so. For example I know nuts are fattening but is good as part of a balanced diet. Unfortunately I'm allergic and can't have any of that kind of goodness!

Change your attitude and relationship with food! Don't rely on the one source, mix it up, have smaller portions and don't be afraid to ask a nutritionist to help you come up with a few meal ideas to suit YOU! Where in your special miracle diets do you find a section for you to fill out your details and have it specified to help you? Nowhere? Exactly!

Don't cut things out completely and go cold turkey! You'll give up after a few days and consume even more than you did before. Let's say your guilty pleasure is chocolate and fizzy drinks (we all know they are bad for us, so I won't bore you with details). Try instead of having it all in one go, why not give yourself a little piece throughout the day with a sip or two of the drink; to ease your body into not needing it as much and eventually you'll be able to treat yourself to it say only at the weekends.

Have a balanced 'diet' - your plate should be colourful (mixed veg, meat), and spread evenly across and not piled up like a miniature mountain! For example, if you are having say a curry, it's not very colourful, try having some celery sticks with it instead of the naan bread.

Cut back on the carbs, unless you're planning on burning them all off! Substitute bread, pasta, rice etc with healthier options that will keep you fuller for longer.

Be aware of salt intake, so cut back on cereals (try porridge with fresh fruit instead, or a banana and yoghurt), and processed foods.

I'm not telling you to live on salads, but instead of a second helping of dinner, put it in a container, freeze it for another night and have a banana or glass of water or fruit jucie instead.

Little changes to your what you consume throughout the day will make a big difference. No need to go for the slim fast foods or what the new phase is like cabbage only meals (YUK). All I'm saying is have what you've been having, but in smaller quantities and introducing more types of foods in like fruit and veg!

An example of what's available online, why not do it a bit at a time to start off with

A longer one for when you're ready to progress to a more challenging level


Yes, ladies and gents even if we are fitter than the worlds top athletes we still need to do it! Research shows people who exercise for at least 20 minutes a day, are less likely to become obese and have health problems such as heart failure.

If you are a beginner, or you lack the motivation; it's ok start slow. 20 minutes might sound daunting, but it's not if you break it down into 4 x 5 minutes. Why not try doing the following:

  • light stretches
  • walking around the block
  • extra housework
  • dancing to a song

After a while, when these things become easier gradually build it up to 4 x 10 minutes and increase it throughout the day. You could try :

  • going for a jog
  • swimming
  • lifting weights (bottles of water work well for beginners)
  • gardening
  • cycling

By making little changes like walking and doing stretches everyday you will find your body will become more able; you should feel better about yourself and learn where your strengths and weaknesses are. You don't need to spend a fortune on going to classes, joining the gym or getting equipment. You could start with what you have! Why not ask friends and family to join you on a power walk or jog? Take the kids to the park, you'll soon burn calories running around!

When you think your fitness is at a level you wish to pursue a more challenging way of exercise then go for it. Increase the amount to suit you're needs, get your body fit an healthy! It's not about having the 'perfect' body, it's what best for you! Some people are born to be more curvaceous; just like some people will have straight hair or darker skin! Each to their own!



It's just as important as eating better and doing exercises! Our mind is wonderful, we can create illusions; emphasising our flaws, but it can also help you spot out your perfections! If you have low self-esteem and lack confidence, it's in our minds. Everyone at one point or another will go through the doubt of how we look, what we are wearing etc. What changes that is what you think of yourself when you look in front of a mirror. You could see the lack of the gap between your thighs, someone else could see how beautiful your bum is and you would still deny it! Why do we do this to ourselves?

I am not saying that through all the hard work your thoughts will change about your appearance, but perhaps it could be less harsh. Try a series of things to help make you feel better, for example:

  • giving yourself a little pampering session
  • dress up and doll up
  • do a food and exercise diary, document your progress so you can see how far you've come
  • relax! most people don't know how to, it sounds silly I know but it's true!
  • look at the mirror and old pictures of yourself remind yourself why you are doing this, who you are doing it for (you) and what do you already like about yourself

When I say mind, I don't just mean try to give yourself a confidence boost or relaxation but also give your brain some exercise too! For example:

  • Finishing a puzzle
  • Read a book
  • Learn a new language or craft
  • Talk! Yes, communication! Many people fall into an almost depressive cycle with low self-esteem and loneliness because they miss having interactions with other people!

Don't Forget

To ditch the binge drinking at the weekends; all it does it waste all the efforts you've made throughout the week. There is nothing wrong with having a drink with dinner or a few down the pub with your friends; I'm talking about the excessive, drink till you drop type of nights.

Alcohol, as we know can cause serious health problems; mental, physical and emotional. Most cases of overweight people is caused by excessive amounts of alcohol consumed on a regular basis. We all know about the beer belly; but did you know a glass of white wine has as many calories as a 10" pizza?

Why not live your life, to it's potential? We all want our pets to outlive other's, so why not have that enthusiasm towards ourselves? We've become so dependent on fast foods, cheap booze, and game consoles it comes to no surprise that each day the figures for obese people are on the increase by the day. What future does that give the next generation? What examples are we setting? If we carry on the way we do, statistics suggest our mortality rate will be at it's worse since the black plague!

Whatever you do to better yourselves; do it with care, consult with your GP before doing anything drastic; be attentive to any friends of family who are struggling with their weight issues and be wary of any diet supplements.

You don't need that, all you need is you! Stay committed, encourage others to do the same and support each other! You can do it! It could save you money, why not have the incentive of going somewhere nice, buying something you really want or doing something by putting the money you would of saved going out binge drinking and eating fast or processed food away?

All the little changes you make to your life will make a difference, not only to your health, image or self-esteem; but also to others around you!


Will you make these changes and stick to it?

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© 2015 MFPrincess


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