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How to Stand Out From The Crowd: Celebrate Your Creativity, Unique Nature, and Even Your Quirkiness

Updated on June 19, 2013

Theolonious Monk - Can't Get Any Better!

Mel Torme in one of my FAV'S - Dat Dere... Oh Yeah!

Al Jarreau and George Benson A Dream to Hear

Many of us are afraid to be considered different. If we were honest with ourselves, we would admit that many of our choices from hairstyles to clothing, and even what we serve for Thanksgiving dinner is related to our desire to be seen as ‘normal’. We may want enchiladas, but we'll bake that same dry turkey even though 70% of it is still laying in storage bags in our freezer from last year. We do it to show the world....

  • “I am you” and “we are the same”...

On one hand this is a good thing. A lifestyle that is understandable and inclusive allows others to walk with you. All beating the same drum, taking the same high road. It leads to familiarity and camaraderie; which also leads to trust and even love. This is what lifelong relationships are built on for most.

Like anything taken to the extreme, this can also lead to an unfulfilling, unhealthy, dissatisfying life. Out of the need to conform and keep the same drum beat, rat-a-tat-tat, the individual loses themselves in the masses. They deny their God given personality and uniqueness.

  • “I am you”, “we are the same” if I work at it all the time, ignoring my own unique personality, gifts and talents.

We are not created to be ‘each other’. The snowflake analogy is true, when held up to the light you'll find there are no two that are just alike. Though we hold the same beliefs and values, religion, morals, and even similar backgrounds; we are meant to float down through the clouds at different paces, and each has a slightly different pattern.

  • “I am me, you are you, though we are not the same, we are very similar”.

Pat Metheney - Are You Going With Me? BEAUTIFUL!

The key is to create syncopated rhythm. Syncopation is like dancing the cha-cha to an exciting Latin jazz number… one, two, cha-cha-cha. We all dance on the beat together, as well as throwing in a quick step or two of our own to keep things exciting.

Latin Jazz is just one of my favorites. It’s the syncopation that I enjoy; but there are others too. I don’t just mean the easier to understand styles of modern jazz... Pat Metheney, Spyro Gyra, Chick Corea; lovable vocal styling’s of Mel Torme and the beautiful complexity of Al Jarreau too. Yes, these are staples, like old friends I know well. However, I also enjoy the slightly off beat, hard core, crank engine, avant garde sorts like Thelonious Monk, Coltrane, Miles Davis, and even the man in the middle: new-er kid on the block Wynton Marsalis. There's a place for them all in the house that jazz built.... World beat, fusion, classic and smooth, It’s the syncopation; together on the beat, and off beat too; just like me and you.

  • You are you, I am me, we are united in our similarities and also our ability to be ourselves; and that is a Good thing!

Do you today! It makes the world a better place. But please remember it's not just about YOU! Lets appreciate the differences and similarities found in others too. Care to dance? One - two - Cha-cha-cha!


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    • steffsings profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Pacific NorthWest

      Hi Aya Katz, I appreciate your comments, and I hope you dance to the beat of your own drum on occasion too. Thank you for stopping by!

    • Aya Katz profile image

      Aya Katz 

      8 years ago from The Ozarks

      Steffsings, I've never heard of this analogy! I will think long and hard about syncopation when considering the issue of being different. Thanks for this!


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