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Dark Chocolate Is Good Brain Power

Updated on June 25, 2013

Eat dark chocolate for better memory

Your dreams fulfilled, your prayers answered, dark chocolate is good for you and you should eat more. You try to eat the right foods to protect your heart and liver, why not eat the foods that are good for your brain? This is especially true when the list includes dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate helps reduce inflammation and prevent oxidation in the brain. Oxidation usually leads to a form of neurological diseases. Dark chocolate contains a flavonoid that boosts circulation of the blood to the brain. A study completed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture found the benefits of dark chocolate could be felt in as little as one hour. The higher the percentage of cacao found in the chocolate, the better for you.

According to "A Special Report from Victor Marchione, MD," in the Doctors Health Press, there are twelve foods that can have a positive effect on your brain, memory and cognitive skills. The list includes berries, fatty fish, green tea, dark chocolate, grape juice, apples, leafy greens, avocados, curry, coffee olive oil and barley. There are a few surprises here; lets’ see why they made the list.

Foods to fight off dementia

Berries are best eaten in their natural state, fresh and off the vines. Blueberries are full of antioxidants. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and help reverse age related degeneration. Many other berries protect the brain from the aging process.

My mother always said, ‘fish is brain food.’ Again mother is right. The omega3 fatty acids in oily fish have been proven through many studies to slow the cognitive decline in elderly patients.

Green tea is full of antioxidants that help protect the brain. Make sure it is real green tea.

Dark chocolate brings oxygen and other nutrients to the brain. Along with the other benefits already mentioned, it is a must to any diet.

Grape juice helps to keep your short term memory in working order. Most of the benefits you receive from red wine can also be obtained from grapes.

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away,’ has been proven to be true. Apples have dementia fighting abilities. Apples have vitamin C and help prevent certain cancers.

More foods good for your brain

Leafy greens are full of iron that helps the blood provide oxygen to the brain. The many green vegetables have been known to aid in stress reduction.

Avocados help lower blood pressure. They contain 14 minerals and many vitamins. The oil from the avocado helps reduce wrinkles, and helps to prevent anemia.

Curry is a spice that could help your brain’s thinking power. Turmeric is the main ingredient that helps protect your mind from disease that attacks your memory.

Coffee and we are talking about high powered caffeinated can be good for your memory. There are powerful antioxidants found in coffee beans.

Olive oil is the healthiest fat to keep your brain active. Recent studies have been posted in many areas encouraging the use of olive oil in cooking and salad dressings. The benefits are widely published.

Barley helps your brain cells talk to each other and function better as a team. Barley has a chemical that helps the brain improve your memory.


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    • profile image

      jason 4 years ago

      how come almonds isn't in the list!!?

    • youbar profile image

      Joel Lipman 5 years ago from Los Angeles, California

      excellent hub! I have a similar hub also on dark chocolate:

    • renee21 profile image

      renee21 5 years ago

      I love dark chocolate! It's my favorite kind of chocolate.