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Dark circle Their Cause and Some Home Remedies

Updated on September 7, 2015


It is said that eyes speak for a person. However, when those eyes have dark circle around them they not only speak what you want them to speak but also the things which you do not want to reveal to the person sitting next to you. The skin around our eyes is very delicate and thin in the comparison to the other areas of the face. There is no oil gland in this area and has a fine texture. This is why it reflects our external and internal health. There are many causes of it such as aging, neglect, stress, and life style. On the other hand dark circles can be the result of hereditary factors, lack of sleep, illness and nutritional deficiencies. Thus, before trying the remedy one must know the actually causes of it. Today most of the people forget to enhance the nutritional value in their diet which can also result in dark circles. So, we must try to include fresh fruits, vegetables, yogurt and sprouts in our daily diet. Moreover, unprocessed cereals, skimmed milk, cottage cheese, lentils and beans are also essential for flawless skin. Taking rest by stealing some time from your hectic schedule and proper sleep is also very important.

Home Remedies

Along with the internal health you should try some effective home remedies to get rid of the dark circles. One walk to your kitchen will give you all the required ingredients for the purpose. Here is the list of Some such ingredients:

Cold water: As cold water constricts the blood vessels under the eyes, it can be of great help in reducing the dark circles. Take a wash cloth, soak it in cold water and put it on your closed eyelids for ten to fifteen minutes. You can also use ice cubes wrapped in a soft napkin in the same way to serve the purpose.

Apple: Apple is full of tannic acid which gives it a great skin lightening and toning effect. It also contains water soluble vitamins D and C and potassium which nourish the soft skin around the eyes. The application is simple. Cut thick pieces of apple and put them under your eyes for half an hour.

Cucumber: Cucumber contains astringent and skin lightening properties. Cut thick pieces of it and refrigerate them for half an hour, place them on your closed eyelids for ten to fifteen minutes.

Lemon: The lemon juice has skin bleaching properties. It also has vitamin C which helps removing dark circles. Dip a cotton ball in fresh lime juice and place on the affected area for ten to fifteen minutes.

Tomato: Tomato is rich in vitamin C. Make some tomato paste, mixed it with lemon juice and a pinch of gram flour,apply it on the affected and leave it for ten to twenty minutes. Use this pack twice or thrice every week.


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