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The Dates Benefits for human body

Updated on July 3, 2016

Dates and Evil spirits

** protect your self from demonic possession
Q: Why devil and evil spirits hate pressed dates and all types of the dates???
The Muslims Prophet Mohammed has preached and strongly recommended that a Man or a Woman should eat everyday specially in the morning a certain number of pressed dates THREE, FIVE or SEVEN pieces of dates or pressed dates preferably a man or a woman should eat exactly SEVEN pieces .
**What draws our attention over here and push us in to a deep wondering is
-Why exactly the Muslim's Prophet has highly recommended that a Human should eat dates and pressed dates every morning with Individual numbers???
-Why exactly these Individual numbers??????
-Why exactly the number (7) is highly recommended for the dates pieces??????
Let me ask you a Question:- Have you wondered before , What are the benefits that a human body can get from these Individual numbers??, and Why is it not other numbers type?? and why exactly dates not other types of fruits???
Many studies have shown recently the results of such recommendation of the Muslims Prophet, which put many scientists in a big puzzled that how Prophet Mohammed gave human the solution long time ago in how to protect them selves from the following :-
Where researches shows that when a man eat dates or pressed dates it works in side the human body to generate a certain kind of energy called Blue spectral energy which forms a protective shield around the whole human body just like exactly the shield that protects human body from many unvisable waves specially electromagnetic waves, specially this kind of waves is generated by witchcraft or evil eye and for those who are in this shape which harms humans directly ,and this blue spectra makes evils spirit in particular unable to penetrate it because of eating dates and pressed dates, which emit that energy from the elements that constituent the date kernels. in particular phosphorus element , which known as rich of electrons which works in counter and against the positive charge that attracts the evil spirits and devils but ... in a certain condition what is it?????
The condition is that the number of the dates and pressed dates kernels taken by the man should be an individual number as mentioned above, as we said that whenever the number increased to SEVEN the protective blue spectra is greater and stronger.
The studies have proven and shown that the fluorescence phosphorous radiations supports the blue spetrum happening around the body thus preventing any demonic body that overcome and runs through this barrier, On the other hand all types of evil spirit are able to penetrate other spectrum.
But ..!! what happens if we eat (2,4.or 8) kernels from the dates and pressed dates??
In this case the dates stored in the body in the forms of sugars and doesn't give any effect in the formation of the blue spectrum, and the number of individual leads to turns it in to carbohydrates.

Dates and pressed dates


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