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Day One: Crossfit / Weight Loss Adventure

Updated on March 16, 2016

Getting up and moving

The day started early. Really early. Lil man didn't go to sleep until 10:45 last night and was up again at 2:30 this morning ready to fill his belly. Breastfeeding is a full-time job of wonder, but that is a completely different story. My husband's alarm went off at 4:30am and so did Lil man's tummy alarm. Hubby went to the 5am Crossfit class (he's not a newbie like me) and I was planning to go to the 6am on-ramp (newbie) class. Notice I said "planning". That's right, day one and I was mentally telling myself all the reasons not to go and put it off until tonight. But I was up and couldn't ignore a hungry 10 week old. I'm sure it was a divine intervention to get my butt up. Big secret reveal here, but I'm NOT a morning person. Unswaddled the lil guy after feeding him and he said good morning by peeing on me. Nice. We both didn't want to be awake.

Once I was up, it wasn't so bad. I was nervous and intimidated at what I was about to embark on, but I couldn't back out now. Hubby was already at the Box (Crossfit gym) and was expecting me to be there before his class ended at 6am. Ok. Deep breath. I looked in the bathroom mirror to see my hair sticking out in all directions. My mind said, " can't go out in public like this!" No negative mind talk today. I turned the sink on and stuck my head in there and got the crazy hair wet. I added bobby pins to the wet hair mess and got my bangs tamed to keep them out of my eyes. Today wasn't about a fashion contest. Washed my face with cold water to wake me up a bit more. Got dressed and fed the lil man again. Hey, a full tummy for him means he sleeps (and I was wanting a content baby so I could get my fitness on!). Eyed myself in the mirror again. Hopefully for the last time at this size.

While I was driving to the Box, my mind was telling me all the stuff I can't do. I'm working on being more positive and stopping the negative self-talk, but it's a work in progress. This morning 'Negative Nancy' was awake and working her anti-magic in my head. I did my best to ignore Nancy and sang with the radio, which also helped keep lil man awake until we got there.

Sleep deprived mom
Sleep deprived mom | Source

And it begins

I walked in, put my stuff down and passed off the lil guy to the Hubby (who was able to stay through my class this morning). I met the one other person in my class, who luckily was female (seems less intimidating to be working along side a girl for my first day). Immediately we were instructed to "warm up" on the bike. The bike with the moving arms as well as pedaling. Warm up was 9 minutes. At the 2 minute mark, I realized how out of shape I currently am. I was short of breath during the warm up. Great. Next up, air squats. Nancy was back, reminding me that I have NEVER done a squat in my life. Again, I was reminded how out of shape I currently am. The trainer had this same revelation and placed a box with a weight on it in behind me. He had me squatting over the box, to allow my butt to touch the weight (pause as if to sit) and then stand up again. Next, we added weight. Very minimal, five pounds. On to goblet squats (holding the weight at chest while doing squats). From there we started dips. I had no idea what a dip was, let alone how to do one. We were asked to do these with feet on floor, then progressed to feet on a box. We attempted to do jumping dips, with neither of us having success. I didn't feel too discouraged since it was our first attempt. Then the jump ropes came out. I haven't jumped a rope in over twenty years. The other girl in the class had told me previously that she has already bought a jump rope for home practice, as she struggles with the rope. (She started on-ramp last week.) Jumping rope in Crossfit is different than in the rest of the world. In Crossfit, only the wrist moves and not the whole arm. Also, in Crossfit, the rope is to go around twice for every jump (called Double Unders). Today, we were working on the wrist movement and Single Unders (one time around for every jump) to practice the skills. Surprisingly, I picked this up quicker than I thought. I'm no pro, but it wasn't as challenging to do a string of a few Single Unders as I expected. I'm sure I'll have difficulty with Double Unders, but I needed a positive today.

Double Unders


Then the workout of the day (WOD) started. Yeah, I said started. The workout for us was 10 goblet squats, 10 dips, run about 150 meters; then 8 goblet squats, 8 dips, run about 150 meters; then 6 goblet squats, 6 dips, run about 150 meters; then 4 goblet squats, 4 dips, run about 150 meters; then 2 goblet squats, 2 dips, and run about 150 meters. The first round was ok. Slow, but ok. Halfway through the round of 8 goblet squats, the trainer removed the weight from my hand and asked me to continue with air squats. It was disheartening, but he knew I wouldn't be able to finish the workout with the weight. I was slow as a herd of turtles running through peanut butter, but I finished the WOD. We finished things up with stretches. My left ankle is tight and was causing issues on the squats. So the trainer spent some time showing me stretches to help with the tightness. I can't say that I enjoyed today at the Box, but it does feel nice to know I didn't give up and completed the workout.

Today was an eye-opener for me. I realized I'm a work-in-progress. I shouldn't expect to walk into a new fitness routine as a pro. If that were the case, it would be pointless. I need to work at it. I need to appreciate the growth as it comes so that the experience sticks with me and the weight loss is a permanent thing. I've got a long road ahead, but Day One in the books!

Goblet Squats

Dips | Source


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    • profile image

      MJ 2 years ago

      "That's pretty awesome. So very proud of you!"

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 2 years ago from Northern Ireland

      First day is always tough because you don't know what to expect. Ask Negative Nancy why SHE wants to go to crossfit? Maybe she wants a nice dress or to be able to swim in the summer? That might help her encourage you.