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Days Two and Three: Crossfit / Weight Loss Journey

Updated on March 16, 2016


Day two of the journey was rough. Very rough. Every muscle in my legs hurt. My shoulders ached. I knew it was bad when I had to hold on to something for support to stand up yesterday morning getting out of bed. I'm realistic though. I knew it would not be a cake-walk after the workout that I had Monday. Negative Nancy has been too exhausted to complain in my head, which was a plus. It hurt to walk down the one step to go out the front door. It hurt to squat down to pick up lil man out of his rocking seat. Thankfully, we have several foam rollers, a Lacrosse ball and a yoga mat that I could use to help a little. Two separate times yesterday, I sat on the floor (on the yoga mat) with my legs extended using the foam rollers to help "massage" out my legs and used the Lacrosse ball to rub out my left ankle, which was also bothering me. When the hubby got home from work last night, he also showed me a couple of stretches that helped slightly as well. Don't get me wrong, the relief from stretching and rolling out the muscles was minimal, but I had to do something. In fact, the last time I rolled out my legs last night, I let my hubby do it for me and it literally brought tears to my eyes. I just had a baby 10 weeks ago and the pain I experienced in my legs yesterday was worse than any of my postpartum pain/soreness I had after 17 hours of labor (not delivery).

Today (day three of the journey) was better. I woke up at 4:30am to double feed lil man. This is after he woke up at 10:15pm and 3:15am to breastfeed. I'm still having to support myself to stand (from sitting position) and when stepping down stairs. My legs are still THAT sore! I did stretches at 5am and rolled out the muscles in my legs again. Got little man dressed and headed back to the Box for day 2 of torture, I mean, on-ramp training. The trainer asked how my husband how I feeling prior to me getting there; he worked out at 5am. When my husband told him my legs were VERY sore, he said, he "figured they would be."

Warm up and learning new skills

The trainer had me and the one other on-ramper ( a guy this time), ride the stationary bike again, but luckily only for about five minutes. Then onto new skills. Lying on the floor, he had us on our backs with legs and arms straight up in the air (like a dead bug) and then lowering our legs slowly until about two feet from the floor. We were to hold this position, with our upper back/head off the ground, as long as we could. He had us pause between rounds and do this for several minutes. Then on to "Superman". We again were instructed to lie on the floor, on our stomachs this time, with arms extended and lifting our legs off the ground. Only our torso and thighs could touch the ground. We held this position as long as we could, repeating this over and over with short pauses between rounds. After this, we moved onto weight lifting. We were giving a PVC pipe approximately six feet in length to use to learn the movements of lifting a weight bar. We learned the dead lift (lifting from the floor to hip level) and the push press (lifting from the shoulders to over head while bending at the hip and quickly standing upright). We practiced correct technique several times before using a real weight bar (weighing approximately fifteen pounds). There was slight squatting involved in the lifting, so my legs were screaming! Other than that, I felt that I did alright. I was having to really work on bending at my hips instead of just bending my knees, but I stopped myself several times noticing that my form was not correct. The trainer mentioned that t was a good thing that I'm already picking up when I have poor form and trying to reset myself to correct it. (Of course the hubby pointed out that I was squatting down further than I needed to, but I'm alright with the critiques for now). Training weights (no weight wood weight-shaped pieces) were placed on our weight bars to simulate the correct bar height from the floor.

Superman | Source
Dead bug ab exercise
Dead bug ab exercise | Source


Then we did the WOD (workout of the day). The prescribed WOD was seven dead lifts, followed by seven push presses, followed by seven burpees (push up, dropping to floor from standing position and then stand up afterwards) repeating the three exercises as many reps as possible in seven minutes. The trainer scaled the workout down for me due to my legs being so sore, and advised me to do sit ups instead of burpees. The sit ups were slowing me down, as I am long out of practice and the trainer asked me to skip them after the first round to focus on the lifting. I completed the workout. My arms were a little shaky toward the end when lifting the bar over my head for the push presses, but I did not drop the bar nor did I quit early. After the WOD was complete, we did several minutes of shoulder stretches using a resistance band.

I'm sore. Very sore. My legs are still screaming at me. But in all honestly, once I was moving on the bicycle, they did stop yelling quite as loud at me for the workout. We ran some errands (after coming home, showering, eating and feeding lil man), which had me walking and my legs did fine while I was in motion. Now, as I'm sitting to write this, they are very sore again. I'll be rolling them out and stretching in a bit trying to help loosen things up again. My shoulders are a little sore, so I anticipate worsening as the day progresses. Unlike yesterday, being an off-day from working out between two workouts, I have no off day and go in tomorrow at 6am to learn something new again. I'm already dreading the one part of tomorrow's lesson that I know about....pull ups!

Push Press
Push Press | Source



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    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 22 months ago from Northern Ireland

      You are doing very well. I sympathise with that soreness. Definitely, walking is very helpful. Glad to hear how you are doing.