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Preventive measures for Deadly Swine Flu -1

Updated on March 14, 2014

Piggeries the store house of swine flu

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Use masks to keep safe Piggeries
Use masks to keep safe
Use masks to keep safe

Keep safe from swine flu

Most of the cases of swine flu has been reported from around the world are mild infections .The out break of this flu have taken a toll over millions around the world.Swine flu is a kind of an influenza virus that causes respiratory illness in pigs ,the whole herd of pigs falls pray to this flu but they are usually not reported of death due to this infection .It sometimes affect the human beings who have close contact with the pigs .The thing of concern is that the present swine flu infecting pigs and human beings is that H1N1 virus which is said to be a genetic mix of swine, human and avian flu strains ,this combination may prove fatal and elude the use of drugs treatment .

The effective measures that could be taken to keep safe are:

Avoid contact with the pigs ,wear protective mask to the piggeries and cook poke at very high temperature to kill the virus

It could turn to be global pandemic if proper checks are not placed at the airports when international travelers goes places and may become the carrier of the disease to some other geographical region . It is estimated that this flu was in making when SARS broke out in 2003 and H5N1 avian flu virus broke and caused a havoc in south east Asia . but then it was brought to control by using mask and giving early drug treatment and also by killing innumerable birds in U S A , Newzeland ,Hongkong and Spain .In U S A The administration announced public health emergency warnings and asked people to take necessary precaution to keep themselves safe from being infected .and inspecting piggeries to trace the virus and also talk to people about the precautions .

some important questions to be answered


It is a respiratory disease in pigs caused by a virus HINI.A new strain of HINI is a deadly combination of viruses from pigs birds and human .It is taking toll over lives of people .It is becoming difficult to control this disease no doubt measures are taken to stop it from spreading people are warned to keep their places clean and sprinkle bleaching powder so that it could be kept a bay .


A Person suffers from sudden fever,coughing ,throat infection .muscle ache,extreme fatigue accompanied with vomiting and diarrhea more that one has during normal flu .

The most important issue is :

Can swine flu be cured?

Till date no vaccine have been found to control this flu .But if medicine like Tamiflu and Relenzeare taken early it shows some effectiveness .In areas where fish is eaten in plenty this flu can be checked .if possible stick to omega 3 fatty acids you can get the capsules of this at medical stores .this will help you to keep safe from this virus .


You may eat them but the poke has to be cooked over 70 degree centigrade which may kill the virus .But it is advisable if we avoid such food and do not risk our lives for the sake of our taste

Use mask if possible so that swine flu infection though respiratory tract could be prevented and also wash your hands after touching anything in public places and wash your hands before any meal.

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    • lotuslove19 profile image

      Sarika Mehra 8 years ago

      thanks for the support you showed by acknowledging my hub's infos

    • profile image

      GLORY 8 years ago

      You have provided useful information about Hini Flu.Face masks are useful in preventing infection.

      N95 face masks are helpful in safeguarding.

    • profile image

      GLORY 8 years ago

      You have provided useful information about Hini Flu.Face masks are useful in preventing infection.

    • profile image

      joefriday 8 years ago

      Great article , very informative indeed, you raised some very good points there, I hope people take heed on some of your tips and hints here.


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