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Deal With Anger By Letting It All Out

Updated on May 31, 2016

You’re about to burst, you are raging with anger. Should you burst and let it all out? Or should you bottle it up? There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on the type of situation you are in. No one is perfect however. The most important thing is that you do not completely lose it. No one likes a messy scene. A super messy nasty scene.

It is tantrum time my friend

It wouldn’t surprise if studies show that it is better to once in every so often let it all out. We are all human, anger and negativity are natural emotions. The best thing to do is to just try and make sure that no one gets hurt. In the game of life there are bullies who are roaming around trying to make life worse for others. So keeping this in mind, maybe you should let it out, sometimes you do have to speak your mind.

There is always that person that seems to be perfect, they’re always on top of it and they do not have a problem in the world. This kind of person seems totally unstoppable. A tour de force of too perfect for school. But in reality these people can crack. Everyone has the potential to crack when the situation gets super tight.

But let’s break it down. It doesn’t necessarily have to be that someone is super on edge. It can be a lot subtler than that. Basically someone might feel hemmed in, trapped. They may feel as if they do not know where to go, what direction is right for them. Snapping could be the result of trying to break free.

Shattering the barriers others are building around you

For people who are living life on the edge, a full on outburst of anger is expected. It is the folks who are cruising in the safe zone who we never see anything from. They also don’t experience the highs because they never expose themselves to the elements. Most people are in this zone.

If you are going for what you really want, you will be a little on edge, exposing all your raw emotions. This can make some people feel uncomfortable. But it is mainly because what you are doing is totally abnormal. People cannot sympathise with you because you are in a completely different headspace.

Your reaction to your opponents here will make or break you. People will be tuned in to the way you react in a certain situation. The way you physically react will speak volumes to others about the type of person you are. Whether you’re a person of integrity or you just shy away from everything.

Go through the tough times to get to the good times

Those who are seeking fortune are also seeking blows. You’ve got to roll with the punches to get to what is real. For some people they can side swipe many obstacles no problems at all. For others they just run into them head first. This is ultimately a disaster zone. But they’ll learn. They’ll learn quickly because they do not want to inflict too much pain on themselves.

There could be a disaster period where everything is totally terrible. Where you are really bogged down in it all and you don’t feel like you care, you don’t feel any emotion. That is okay, it is the rollercoaster of life. At some point you might even start getting violent thoughts. But in this moment you really have to get a grip.

If you are heading in the right direction the positives will be outweighing the negatives. When the negatives crop up you need to target them head on. Why are you in this awkward position? What is it about this situation that is making you feel terrible? Is it the environment you’re in? There is a solution to everything but a lot of the time the solution won’t be obvious.

It will become more clear that you are only in control of your own life. Other people will pop up with their own agendas, they will likely try to force this on to you. Don’t fall for it. These people are stone cold bullies. You are an individual like everyone else. Really you are only in control of what you are doing yourself at any one moment in time. Don’t give these bullies the headspace they want.

Coming out on top

When you find yourself caught in a certain situation that feels icky. And it happens to the best of us. But you get caught in a situation that is more than uncomfortable. Take the time to focus on you. Blame yourself for the situation. It is your fault that you have allowed yourself to be in a position that is less than ideal. Now you must react, you must react in the only way that you feel is really important to react.

There are times when some people just will not care what is going on. These are usually only phases, everyone cares about their situation and what is occurring around them. Most people would not want to react with any certain kind of emotion. Some people might be really happy about it or not so happy.

The tantrum happens to the best of us. But this kind of reaction could be suitable. You do not want to be caught up in a position that is not beneficial for yourself. You want to swiftly and powerfully deal with a bad situation, and that is by releasing the rotten egg within. The rotten egg that is in all of us.


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