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Deal with headlice naturally

Updated on January 21, 2012

Children are back at school and the letters to check your child’s hair at night have started to roll in. You think oh no, not again. You check your child’s hair and low and behold you find the buggers in there. Frustrating I know.

My daughter is in the school choir and they had a function where all the kids had to dress u p Victorian style. The costumes were provided by the school and included hats. These clothes had been passed from child to child throughout the term. When my daughter kept scratching her head it didn’t occur to me at the time that it might’ve been head lice. But that evening as I washed her hair, I took a peek at her scalp where it was itchy and caught sight of a few head lice in her hair, I was livid. The first time I’d treated her with head lice shampoo from the pharmacy. Big mistake. She has very curly hair and that shampoo locked up her hair, it dried it out and really damaged her hair. I’m not sure of the harmful effects of this shampoo but it does have pesticides in it. I vowed never to put this on my daughter’s hair ever again.

This time around I decided to deal with the lice differently. So I did a bit of research then came up with my own method of how to get rid of the lice. And it worked, it was quite a long process but it was worth it. I’d do it again than put anymore chemicals on my child’s hair.

Step one

Olive Oil

I read that olive oil can help suffocate the lice. There were other topics that said olive oil has no effect on lice whatsoever. Well, I thought I’d give it a try anyway, there was nothing to loose and I wasn’t going cause any damage. So I covered her hair with extra olive oil. Then I took a disposable shower cap and placed it on her head. Next I put her under a hooded dryer (I have a portable one) for thirty minutes. I’d read that the heat will suffocate the lice. True? Maybe I can’t prove it but it was worth a try.

Step two

Tea tree shampoo

I washed out the olive oil with Tea tree shampoo. I use tea tree shampoo as a clarifier and had heard that tea tree kills off lice. It’s an antibacterial product. Does it work? Maybe, there is no scientific evidence that says it does but it beats using pesticides.

Step Three


I dosed loads of thick conditioner on her hair. I did this step for my own peace of mind. I wanted to make sure I got rid of all the buggers. I made sure her hair was covered thickly with the conditioner. Next I used a nit comb and went through it strand by strand. I must admit it was a long and tiring process but it worked. It took me two hours to complete.

The second day I washed her hair again with the tea tree shampoo, then conditioned and combed through. I was prepared to get rid of the bugs naturally and I did. Perhaps my method was over the top but it did the trick without causing her any harm.

Don’t forget to deal with the bedding, clothing, carpets and anything else you might think they could’ve spread too.

Good luck and hope this helps.


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