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Dealing With Hair Loss Part 2

Updated on August 11, 2011

Make sure you have read Part 1!

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By the time graduation had arrived, the hair on the back of my head was even more thin and I began losing hair at the front of my head as well. When it came time to toss the hats up in the air, I did so but immediately grabbed it afterwards and wore it for the rest of the night. In fact wearing hats became a regular occurrence for me, especially when I went out with the boys. I wore a hat just about everywhere I went, job interviews, college classes, and especially when I went out on a date with someone. Rarely would I ever take off my hat somewhere or even go out without wearing a hat at all. Thankfully when I started college, I could wear a hat inside of the building and not worry about a faculty or staff member getting on to me.

Since I knew mostly everyone that were in my classes at the college campus near where I lived, there were a few days when I decided to not wear a hat and braved everyone noticing and saying something about my hair. However the far away campuses I always wore a hat since I didn’t want people to look at me as young and bald. In fact I only recall a couple days where I decided not to wear a hat just to see if someone in my class would say something about my hair. Fortunately no one had ever mentioned anything about my hair, but I couldn’t help to think sometimes that they did notice and was keeping silent about it so they didn’t hurt my feelings. I was also fortunate that cooler weather was around at the time and I could wear beanies as an excuse to hide my thinning hair.

While on the subject about worrying if someone will notice and say something about my thinning hair, this was the main reason why I was afraid of meeting new people, especially girls, at the college campuses. I always had this weird feeling that I was going to turn people away if they ever noticed my hair. Talking to girls became nonexistent to me, especially when I began developing a crush on someone. Just having the thought of really liking someone and having them turn you down just because they found out about my hair was practically a nightmare to me. So most of my time at the campuses I spent to myself, unless I was with someone I already knew or it was a group activity needed to be done in class.

Even though I had just started out in college, I still had a lot of friends who were still in high school. By the time spring came around, I started paying the high school random visits just to surprise my friends. When I would walk in the hallways one of the faculty members would warn me to take off my hat, thinking I was a student. I convinced them that I was no longer a student there, only because I didn’t want to take it off and reveal my thinning hair to the world. There were times when I would see a girl and she would tease me by taking off my hat when we messed around, only to stop and mentioned that my hair was starting to recede. It was times like these where I became even more insecured about my hair, wondering if my hair would continue to fall out and looking worse over time.


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