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Dealing With Toothache

Updated on August 2, 2015

Toothache refers to the pain felt in and around the jaws and teeth of a person and is caused by several factors, the main one being tooth decay. Toothache can be felt in several different ways. A broken tooth or lost filling may sometimes start the pain. There are several ways to deal with a toothache. It could be dealt with by a medical treatment or by soothing the pain quickly using easy methods. This paper seeks to explain these methods in detail.

Soothing the Pain Quickly

This can be done by taking a painkiller. Aspirin and Ibuprofen (Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs), provide a quick and effective relief especially for minor toothaches. A throbbing tooth can impede someone’s ability to sleep, speak or eat. It is similarly harder to treat a toothache while in pain, so getting relief from painkillers will come in handy. However, one should only use the recommended dosage that is printed on the package or prescribed by a doctor. Another way to sooth the pain quickly is by applying a cold compress. A person can feel a food storage bag preferably with ice, then cover it using a thin paper towel, and apply it on the check area immediately outside the tooth. The cold temperature helps to ease the pain. The ice should not be applied to the tooth directly. Additionally, the area around the teeth can be numbed.

One can buy an over-the-counter gum and tooth numb gel. This will help reduce the throbbing at least for a few hours. The gels can be directly applied to the tooth and normally work for a many hours. At times, toothaches can be triggered by small pieces of food lodged in the tooth. These will exacerbate the pain of gingivitis or cavities. For this case, the mouth can be thoroughly cleaned. The use of hydrogen peroxide can also be an alternative way to sooth the pain. This will not only clean the area but also ease the pain. One must be sure to rinse their mouth with a lot of water, and refrain from swallowing the hydrogen peroxide totally. The peroxide can be applied by dipping a Q-tip in, ensuring saturation, then applying the peroxide to the affected area liberally. This procedure can be repeated a number of times.

Medical Treatments

Knowing when to visit a doctor is extremely important. This is due to the fact that if the toothache resulted from a major infection or decay, it would be impossible to go away on its own. One should see a dentist or doctor if they experience along with the toothache the following symptoms: fever and chills (This is a sign of a serious infection), pain which becomes worse and refuses to go away (one may have a cavity which becomes worse after each meal), pain in a wisdom tooth, and trouble breathing or swallowing.

In case one has a cavity which exposes the nerves of their teeth thereby causing pain, a dentist may put a filling which will protect the nerves from overstimulation. Lastly, if one has dental abscess, which usually happens when the tooth pulp gets infected, the best way is to perform a tooth canal. A dentist will have to clean the inside of the patient’s tooth to rid it of the infection. Because this procedure can be very painful, the dentist will first numb the mouth with local anesthesia


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