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Dealing With a Disappointment: 7 Brilliant Ways to Handle a Setback

Updated on April 28, 2018

Dealing With a Disappointment

Dealing with a disappointment: think positive thoughts and you will be fine
Dealing with a disappointment: think positive thoughts and you will be fine


Do you want to know the best ways of dealing with a disappointment? Do you want to know the best ways of dealing with the disappointment of not getting a job? Do you want tips that will help you in dealing with romantic disappointment? Do you want to know some smart ways of dealing with workplace, emotional, extreme, or exam disappointment?

In this article, I want to show you how to handle those tough situations by using practical, natural steps, as well as dealing with disappointment God’s way so that you can maintain good mental health.

So, what are some of the things you can do?

Learn The Art Of Being Grateful When You Face Disappointment

Several studies have shown that gratitude has a number of benefits, including helping one to deal with negative emotions such as frustration, resentment, and regret. Therefore, when you show gratitude, you will be able to manage the negative emotions that might come into your heart as a result of the disappointment better and that will help you to save time because you will find it easier to remain focused on the future instead of concentrating on wallowing in pity, complaining about your lot in life and so on.

Additionally, gratitude can help you to remain strong mentally so that you can face the future with confidence, hope, and optimism.

Therefore, recall God’s blessings when you are disappointed. Here is a simple exercise you can do:

  • Write down 10 good things that happened to you on the day that you recall your blessings.
  • Write down 20 good things that happened to you in the last month.
  • Write 20 ways God has saved you from trouble in the past month.
  • Read them aloud and say them to God one by one to show that you are truly grateful. For example, you might say, “Heavenly Father, I thank You for the shoe that I was able to buy this month. I am blessed to have a job which enables me to buy shoes, unlike several of my school mates are still without a job. Glory be to Your Name for Your blessings.”

This exercise will make you see that though you may have experienced a disappointment, there are still good things happening in your life and that will give you hope that things can turn around for the better, which will help you to be happy despite the disappointment.

Think Positive Thoughts

A study has shown that when you are experiencing positive emotions, it helps you to see the possibilities in your life. Additionally, positive emotions help you to see that there are many possibilities that you can take advantage of, as well as the options that you can explore to move forward in life.

You can have positive emotions when you think positively. But how can you think positive thoughts?

  • Recall good things that have happened in your life in the past and ruminate on them often.
  • Watch a lot of inspirational programs on TV and listen to motivational programs on radio.
  • Play motivational speeches from motivational speakers to yourself often.
  • Say positive words to yourself often.
  • Spend a lot of time with people who are optimistic and who believe in looking at the positive side of life always. You will pick positive lessons from them which will help you to remain positive most of the time.

Boost Your Dopamine Production

Exercising can help you to boost dopamine production so that you will feel happy
Exercising can help you to boost dopamine production so that you will feel happy

Boost Your Dopamine Production

Dopamine is a hormone that the brain produces to help us focus in life so that we can do great things. When you increase the amount of dopamine in your body, you will stay motivated and that will help you to look for new opportunities to improve yourself and advance in life, instead of sitting around moaning about lost opportunities and missed chances.

How can you help your brain to boost the production of dopamine?

  • Try to look for new things to do. Take a trip to a part of your town you have never visited before, try your hands at doing a new hobby, learn about new products in the shopping mall in your city, learn about a game you have never been interested in, or learn how to do a new exercise.
  • Listen to the music you love. Research shows that when you listen to the music that you love, your brain will release dopamine into your body.
  • Exercise often. Research shows that exercising can induce your brain to release dopamine.
  • Practice a creative hobby such as basket weaving, writing fiction stories, photography, wood carving, doing crafts and so on and it will help to boost dopamine production in your body.

Watch, Listen To, Or Read Something Funny

Humor can help you to relax so that you will not feel too anxious about the future and what life holds for you. Additionally, watching funny movies, listening to funny stories, or reading funny stories will help you to battle the fear of facing the unknown, as well as help you to face the future with hope.

Therefore, spend a lot of time feeding your mind with comedy and humor. Spend a lot of time in the presence of friends and relatives who have good sense of humor and crack jokes to yourselves.

Furthermore, in your quiet moments, instead of casting your mind back to missed opportunities or instead of worrying about what you did wrong in the past which led to the disappointment, recall funny encounters with school mates, funny scenes you have chanced upon before, or recall funny things you have done and laugh about them.

Dealing With Disappointment Spiritually

Dealing With Disappointment Using The Bible

When some people get disappointed, they blame God and get angry with God because they think God hates them or He does not want the best for them. It happened to me when I experienced a series of disappointments. Initially, I thought God did not want me to prosper, but later when I understood things better, I realized that disappointments are sometimes good things.

For example, in Genesis 42 : 36 of the Bible, when Joseph, who had not revealed himself to his brothers asked them to bring their youngest brother Benjamin in exchange for food, Jacob said, “Joseph is no more, and Simeon is no more, and now you would take Benjamin; all these things are against me,” because he had experienced disappointment after disappointment, and that saddened him.

However, God was using those disappointments to get him out of famine that was coming into the land of Israel. God sees the end from the beginning and sometimes He uses what we see as disappointments to save us from trouble.

Sometimes in life, what may seem like a disappointment may actually be for your own good. For example, it is possible that you did not get that job you applied for because you may have suffered a terrible accident whilst working at that company which refused your job application. Or, it is possible the man who left you would have made you miserable in the future and that is why God made him disappoint you so that you would meet someone who would truly love you.

So, when you are disappointed, remain positive and remind yourself that God is for you and not against you. Believe that God wants the best for you. It will help you to maintain your relationship with Jehovah so that He can turn the situation around.

Praise God

Dealing with disappointment as a Christian requires that you praise God regularly. for example, in Acts 16 : 25, when Paul and Silas praised God in the darkest hour when they were in prison, God caused an earthquake to occur in the prison which caused the doors of the prison to open. In other words, when you praise God in your darkest hour, when things are not going well for you, God can make new opportunities to open up to you.

Therefore, every day, say something such as this, “Great Creator of Heaven and Earth, I praise You this day because all things belong to You. I praise You for Your magnanimity which helps to keep me alive from day to day. Heavenly Father, I praise Your Name that you have forgiven me for my sins because of Your mercies and Your grace. Omnipotent God, I praise You for the work of Your hands—the magnificent mountains, the beautiful oceans, the incredible rivers, the lakes, the forests, the valleys, the birds that sing melodious songs to cheer me, and for the flowers. Almighty Jehovah, I praise You for giving me such a wonderful body. I praise Your Holy Name for Your exceeding greatness. All Glory belongs to You, Great Provider, Great Helper, Great Deliverer, Friend to the lonely, Helper of the helpless, Hope of the hopeless, God who is able to make ways for us when we get disappointed. I praise You from the bottom of my heart.”

Worship the Heavenly Father

Dealing with disappointment the Christian way also requires that you worship the Heavenly Father frequently. This is because worship is the highest form of sacrifice you can give to The Most High. It gladdens His heart when we worship Him, it touches His heart and it makes Him more willing to grant the desires of our heart. Therefore, when you worship God from a grateful and sincere heart, He will look upon You with favor and make ways for You and let new opportunities open up for You, or He will bring new people into your life so that you will forget the pain of your disappointment.

So, every day, worship God by saying something such as, “O God, holy and righteous One, God of mercy and love, holy and just God, kind and good God, You are majestic in splendor. You are the God who sustains all the men and animals on Earth by You great power. You are Mighty indeed! You are the Awesome God who created the sun which is more than a million times larger than the Earth. You are the Marvelous Sustainer who makes the sun to keep a temperature of 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit day after day and year after year. I worship You today.”


Some of the ways of dealing with disappointment are expressing gratitude for your blessings, thinking positively instead of worrying excessively, boosting your dopamine production so that you will feel motivated to move on in life, using humor to make yourself feel good, reminding yourself often that what you lost, or the person you lost, may not have been good for you, as well as honoring God through praise and worship.

Dealing With a Disappointment

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