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Dealing with Depression Naturally

Updated on September 17, 2009

Natural Treatment for Depression vs Medications

Depression is considered to be one of the heaviest mental health related problems of the 21st century. There are probably numerous options of dealing with depression, but in this article I would like to elaborate on the natural treatment for depression. I am not going to consider clinical depression or the heavier conditions of depression that most likely can be classified as mental illnesses. In such cases, people under depression certainly have to take medicaments to relieve their symptoms. But in any other case, and especially to fight against the usual milder forms of depression that everyone of us encounters from time to time, I would prefer trying natural treatments. Besides, It is well known that the medicaments have side effects which can be really damaging to the human organism. There are cases where one has to bear these sideeffects, as there is no better alternative, but most of us I am sure, do not have to do that. Natural ways to fight depressive states might even come to the cause of the problem -- that is why we have such a condition at the first place -- and not just alleviate the symtpoms, as is the case when taking pills.

The connection body vs. mind and depression

Apart from the above considerations, it is clear that as mental condition, and certainly as condition related to human soul and spirit, rather then to human body, depression cannot be really cured while affecting just the human physiological processes of the body, which medications do. Surely the body and the mind are connected, that is sometimes when one affect the body, for example by doing physical exercises, our mind or our soul life is also affected. That is actually one natural way to fight depression and if you have never tried any sports, maybe it is a good time to start with some moderate activity, even it is only a prolonged walk in the garden, fields, or in the woods. Physical activities such as running, swimming, cycling, gymnastic, athletic and other similar types of physical involvement affect our state of mind and our mood. This is done by increased production of some neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine, and also it gives rise to the "happy" compounds endorphins, and they in turn affect our state of feeling.

Depressive thoughts and negative programming

Depression is often a result of our way of life. We are hunting goals that do not really mean anything in terms of our inner life. Our inner life is empty, and this this is only a step away from depressive moods. We have forgotten about our spiritual origins. We see only what can be seen with physical eyes and we are unable to see deep enough to recognize the wisdom this world is created with. On one hand, we see a world full of suffering, but on the other it is also full of wisdom. What we need in order to reach that wisdom that will enrich our soul life and clear our mind is peace. Thus, our problem becomes in a way related to the problem of negative programming.

We really need to get out of the circle of negative thoughts and emotions if we want to deal with depression. We should learn how to cultivate positive thoughts instead. This is a process, and indeed this process can be learned. We cannot, at this point of our inner development, fully control our emotions. What we can, is to control our thoughts. That is the first step. Because, we have a certain degree of control over our thought life, we are conscious there. With emotions, we are often conscious only after they have manifested in our souls and only after they have made damage there. Therefore, the proper way is to build positive mental attitude, to learn how to cultivate positive thoughts.

Meditation and depression?

Meditation as the most natural way to dealing with depression

There is no better way to educate yourself in positive thinking and to dealing with depression naturally, but to perform meditation. Meditation is one of the great natural treatments for depression. Not only will you calm your mood changes, you will also start developing your inner potential, and this will also affect your feelings, and you see, in no time you will be creating a positive circle which will reinforce itself with time. These options, such as meditation, contemplation and yoga are often considered subordinate with respect to medications. I find them to be superior in many cases. Why? Well, because people often do not understand what meditation is. They think it has something to do with oriental cultures, with exotic philosophies, etc., whereas in reality it has to do with discovering your own being, with better understanding yourself and your inner life. When I say meditation, I also mean prayer. Real prayer that comes from the bottom of your heart has the same effect, it is the other side of the same coin. Once you have started exercising some meditative techniques regularly, you will find that a sort of germ has been implanted in your soul, and that the emotions of sorrow and depression alter into more favorable attitudes, potency and energy, making you more harmonious individual. If you manage to find the right meditation method it will be the best natural treatment for depression you have ever dreamed of. If you are a beginner in this area, here are some tips how to meditate for beginners. You will also see that this treatment has no side effects whatsoever.

Additional tips for fighting depressive moods

If you are suffering from depression, and you still have not find your way out of it, another good advice would be to stop consuming alcohol in case you do that, even occasionally. This is not the right way to handle the situation. Alcohol, and I mean every drink that contains even one percent of alcohol works in such a way that it sort of disconnects the established link to your inner being (for example if it was established through meditation, or in any other way). You would not like to do that, since your inner being is your source of inspiration, love, sunny thoughts, imagination, and all sorts of positive feelings and attitudes.

In addition to working on your spirit you can find help in the world of plants and minerals. Herbs and homeopathic remedies can be of great supplemental help, such as for example passion flower, noni juice extract and ginkgo biloba extract. Crystals and minerals that can help boost your mood are rock crystal, amethyst, citrine, and all the varieties that contain lithium atoms in their structure: tourmaline, lepidolite and kunzite. They reduce the stress, balance the emotions, and activate the heart region.


I hope I have help you at least start to think about dealing with depression naturally. There are a lot of related techniques, such as breathing, yoga, purifying your world of thoughts, practicing meditations of the seven rays (especially the fourth light ray is excellent for addressing depression), and various visualizations, but the most important is to make the first step, start believing in yourself and in the powers of your own being, and engage yourself in developing your true nature so that depression can become only a relic of your past.


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