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Dealing with Depression in a Positive Way

Updated on August 26, 2011
nature provides the most effective source of dealing with depression in a more positive manner. Try it, it works...
nature provides the most effective source of dealing with depression in a more positive manner. Try it, it works...

Handling Depression Effectively

With the many things happening in the world today, humans find a hundred reasons to be depressed. In dealing with such issues, it must be realized though that there are different types of depression. One is that of the moody-depression, another is the stress-based depression and the third one is a more serious kind of depression that usually leads to more serious issues.

The first kind of depression is that of the moody-depression. This kind of depression is most often than not regarded as the lightest form of feeling low. Understandably, people as individuals feel down every now and then. Women are most likely to experience this kind of mood changes as they are the ones who experience massive hormonal changes in several occasions. Men on the other hand experience this kind of depression when they often deal with short sources of irritability in their daily schedules or activities. Understandably though, this kind of depression is experienced in short-time occurrences which mean “feeling down” comes and goes very shortly.

The next kind of depression is that of the stress-based depression which is most likely experienced by both men and women who are undergoing different issues with the different factors that they have to deal with everyday. Take note that this kind of depression has a more definite foundation or source compared from the latter type. Because of the issue being practically based on something, the depression could remain within a person at a longer point of time until the source of the matter is solved.

The third kind of depression is considered to be the most serious type there is. Most often than not, this depressive state brings about more serious health issues upon those who are experiencing it. There are instances that this kind of depression stays longer in a person and affects the being of one in specifically serious manners. Others even resort to suicide when they decide they simply cannot handle the pressure anymore.

No matter what kind of depression a person might be feeling, it should be noted that these matters can be serious and they should be dealt with immediately directly by those experiencing it. Do you think or do you feel that you are experiencing depression? If you do, then you should give yourself some time to deal with the matter. In handling such situation, it is very important that you prepare yourself to understanding the source of the depressive pressure and accept it. Only through the process of accepting that you have problems would you be able to actually manage your depressive state in a more positive approach. Here are some of the specific points you might want to consider especially when it comes to dealing with depression even during its first onset:

(a) Examine yourself and find out what is causing the depression: knowing the source of the depression gives you an idea on how to deal with the matter successfully later on.

(b) Take note of what you really want to happen: 45% of all depressive situations come from states of frustrations. For this reason, it is very important that you find a way in establishing a point of central interest, put your attention on it and find a way on how to deal with that specific goal you have for yourself.

(c) See things differently and focus on good matters that occur: there are instances when depressed people are focused on the “wrong things” happening to them in their lives. Shifting that attention to more positive matters that occur in your life could help you overcome the subjective attention that you might be putting on the miserable occurrences that happened in your life. Somehow, some time, there should have been a little ray of light that made your life worthwhile. No matter how little or how remarkably unimportant that occurrence may be for you, that factor of “good situation” should have an impact on how you shift your attention from the negative aspects of life towards its more positive factors.

(d) Take time to meditate, to rest, to relax and ease your mind: Every individual deserves to have a “time-off”. Different individuals distress in different manners. Finding the right factor that helps you distress from all the pressures that you experienced could specifically help you get over the feeling of depression. Nature often provides the most effective and most refined source of relaxation that the body needs to get a time-off from the many pressures that life offers.

True, there are many reasons for people to be worried and anxious about life today. Nonetheless, it should be realized that somehow, with depression being one of the most common issues among human individuals today, it should be given proper attention to. Feeling down for a longer time should be given consideration, if in case personal relaxation does not work, opening the doors for help is essential. There are instances when medications are already needed especially for more serious cases of depression. This should not be overlooked and should be given more serious concern. No matter what kind of depression one is currently feeling, the existence of good friends and a supportive family along with having the desire to become more of a positive thinker is an essential part of becoming a more optimistic person.


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    • Maralexa profile image

      Marilyn Alexander 6 years ago from Vancouver, Canada and San Jose del Cabo, Mexico

      Good Hub, rutheddavid! And, Depression is a great topic. By breaking it down into 3 categories, it makes more sense to me. Welcome to HubPages and best of success to you.