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Dealing with Electronically-Induced Tinnitus

Updated on April 16, 2011

Dealing with Electronically-Induced Tinnitus

     There are actually 2 different forms of tinnitus.  One is the ear-problem associated with damage to tiny hairs within the cochlea and THE OTHER actually is caused by electronic equipment.  You can tell because the high-pitched ear-ringing will be RHYTHMIC.  Ear damage doesn't cause ear-ringing which possesses predictable patterns.  THIS type of tinnitus is from an OUTSIDE SOURCE.  I'm going to explain multiple means of protecting our minds from this potential threat to our psychological health. 

     You can alter your mental state to be "above" the tinnitus entirely.  You can render yourself too slow to understand the toxic mental messages carried by this BINAURAL TECHNOLOGY and you can go THROUGH IT by stretching each high-pitched syllable out until you hear what sounds like an operatic chorus and then breaking it off by: music, anti-stress medication or even a stiff dose of caffeine.  The rhythym will change to compensate for changes you induce neurologically, so a holistic and ever-changing approach is necessary to elude being re-educated. 

     Over, under, through and "jammed" - these are the four main ways to elude this attempt to break you down on the inside.  You might be working on something and the ringing in your ears brings you to a state of "impending non-functionality".  This would be a very good time to take a big dose of caffeine.  You get that burst of energy and don't even notice the ear-ringing anymore.  They call this "cheating" which translates into: "You enjoyed your work, shame on you!"  Often I have used this technique to maintain focus and functionality despite the negative effect of this "tinnitus". You have amplified your intentions so that they override the "electronic handicapping".  Your mind becomes too busy doing what it was supposed to to be  overwhelmed psychologically by this "handicap".

     UNDER  means that you temporarily slow the mind down so that it's frequency is SLOWER than the frequency of your "tinnitus".  Basically, if you are entering a situation which induces panic-attacks (usually social interaction) you take something to slow your neurological functioning.  This means that your brainwaves are moving too slowly to decode this "signal" which is actually designed to disorient you and break you down psychologically.  It's a potentially-poisonous thing until you learn to WORK THROUGH IT by listening for a slower frequency which is always included as a lifeline for rational, calm, peaceful people.

       It really helps if you will your mind to think just so (very calm, very peaceable)........and pray to God because this helps you get onto the RIGHT frequency and not the WRONG ONE.  I've outlined HOW to do this (STRETCH OUT THOSE HIGH-PITCHED SYLLABLES).  Think the nicest thoughts that you possibly can when being "Beamed".  The more frightened/angry you get, the easier it gets to hear the WRONG frequency.  It tends to speed up when you do.  By going about your day with the calmness of a Buddhist Monk, you can generally "stay safe".  So if you are slow and steady and very nice - you can almost always maintain your sanity without my tricks.  

        You can stay on the RIGHT FREQUENCY for hours, but at some point it will make you feel weaker and weaker(at least in my experience).  This is when you abort it by playing really loud headphone music and taking something to go either over or under the entire spectrum.  I want everyone to REMAIN THEMSELVES.  We've got enough people walking around like mechanical beings that seem "too perfect and missing something".  I consider myself a "non-mechanical Christian".  I believe that when the SLOW FREQUENCY begins to feel weakening, it could lead to an overly scraped-out psyche.  It is very possible that continuous exposure to either frequency eventually results in a break with reality for us.  This looks really strange, too.  People seem also to be missing something.  This MAY be the result of over-exposure to the SLOWER FREQUENCY. 

     So you can go:  above, beneath and through this tinnitus OR jam it completely.  Know that the source of these emanations will alter the Binaural Frequency so that it can more easily sync-up with your altered brainwaves so that it can gradually shape them into the SOURCES' synthetic neuronal firing no one approach is going to work for very long.  Changing your avoidance tactics for each circumstance often will insure that you stay on YOUR OWN frequency.  Be as psychologically unpredictable as you possibly can be.  We must keep doing/thinking NEW THINGS to remain NOVEL NEURAL FIRING PATTERNS.  I consider this difference in neural electrical patterns to contain the personality and even the Soul, if you will.  In fact, I consider myself a novel series of neuronal-firing patterns.  Many, it seems have "lost themselves" and I do not want you to wind up this way.  


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