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Grief and Pain

Updated on July 19, 2013

Grief and Pain

Grief’s grip of the heart

With Mother’s Day and Father’s Day approaching, many of us will be experiencing that grasp of grief in our heart. For some these advertisements, which are displayed all over media, ignites the pit in our heart that reminds us of the heartbreak of loss. This is a seasonal event that occurs during all holidays. The loss is one that remains intact, as we try our best to move on with our life. Our loss can be of one person or several. It is a condition of life, we all have in common. The ability to move on with life is another mutual thread we all share. Grief does grip the heart.

Life, will continue, as time moves on, yet our memories of those we had loved still remains. They have become a part of us, forever keeping residence within our heart. We have not been left behind, for they constantly embrace us with their special brand of love. Today, I have chosen to write this hub, to help bridge the concept that there will come a time, when you will meet-up with them again. The following information was accumulated from the result of being a psychic medium for over twenty years, plus the account of what my husband relayed to me on his death bed. Grief does grip our hearts, even mine, and it is not something we can hurry through. With all my knowledge, I still could not tear my heart away from that firm grip of grief. I though did carry the awareness with me, and it acted as a bridge until that grip released me.

Grief and You

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Death is Transcending

Does Grieving end

Does Grieving End?

In my life, I have loved passionately and deeply and have lost many who have touched my life. There are times that it still sends pangs of pain to my heart, even decades later, yet I have come to an observation there are different degrees of grief. Time does help the grief of loss heal, but we do continue to miss them. At times this missing can be comparable to missing a friend who we haven’t seen in years. Other times this is felt more in a yearning of what we had with the person in the past. Examples of this is I can miss a friend from my college days, and also miss a love on who has died. It to me is the feeling of a soft wind blowing through and saying, it would be nice to speak and to catch up. The other example is Father’s day, I do miss my dad, and would love to share with him what I have been up too this past decade, but the heart is pulled deeper that day for my husband, who died on the 18th of June. There will always be different degrees in how we miss one person to another. It is normal to miss those who have crossed-over. I though do know one day, I will meet them again and get to share my adventures.

In our life we have been touched by many, and this is one reason we are here. We are here to learn to love and let go of that love. I believe also this is why so many of us are scared to love again, yet we cannot resist. We might have the best laid plans to never be so vulnerable to anyone, but love is what directs us. It is what causes us to breath. In my life, love and breathing is the same thing. We have felt pain with both, yet we need both. Death is felt in many ways, besides the act of physical dying. It is the part of letting go and understanding what love is. Love is not a possession. Love is the art of pure emotion, which brings us a lesson. This lesson is learning to let go in love or to hold tight with bitterness and sadness. It is my belief that we came to earth to learn to embrace love through all the principles of loving. We are vulnerable and that is the graciousness of love. We can fight it, but to do so we close our spirit to the act of loving.

To those who have experienced the loss of a love one, do know you and them are never disconnected. Your souls have touched, and you will see each other again, for you have loved each other deeply. Those who have died, you will one day be together again, and you will be more whole. You might wonder why this brings a greater amount of wholeness, it is because you have dared to love each other so deeply through are faults and our blessings. This is not just for those who are deceased, but also those who have separated from me are still living, or vice versa, I will still hold love in my heart. I too will hold love for you, even though we have separated. We did what we came here to do, which is to love. Love is not just a romantic notion; it also included our parents, siblings, relatives, friends, children and mate. We will see them again, and bless the evolution we had acquired through them. We will bless their love for it was what nourished our breath through our life time.

Grief does end!!

Stairway to my love ones


How Do I know?

You might be saying those are nice words, but how do you know. For one, my brother, father, husband, girlfriends and my pets who have died, each have come back to me after their death. Secondly, my being a medium have given me plenty of opportunity to see this, as I brought love ones back from the spirit for clients, plus gave them communication that only those two would know. Last, but not least, my husband’s final day, and his ability to describe everything he was seeing on the other side, in such detail. We do continue after death, it isn’t just a fantasy or a fairy tale. It is real. Hold those you have loved in your heart, for them, as you are both spirit. We will meet again, as always.

I hope this hub has helped you in your grief. I would love to hear your comments.

Do not be afraid of loving, for you need it as you need your breath. It is the whole of your spirit. It craves to love and be love. All the experiences of love is needed by our spirit, for its’ goal is to feel, express and understand every emotion that derives from loving. To love is to be vulnerable. There is no way to avoid this. We can try with all our might, yet we never succeed. To close down that venue is the sure way of depleting our energies. Do not fight loving, for it is who you are. We can always work toward loving others in a better way. We can work towards acceptance of their faults and their blessings to us, as we can also towards ourselves. We are not perfect, and we are here to learn the art of loving. So in the end, we are spirit and spirit is love. Love never ends, and you will see those who have died again with the grace of love.


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    • Renee Abbott profile image

      Renee Abbott 4 years ago from Arizona

      CrisSp, thank you. I wrote this especially to help those who are grieving or have gone through the process. I am glad it touched your heart. Losing a love one is such a hard event to wade through, and it is one I too walked several times in my life.

    • CrisSp profile image

      CrisSp 4 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

      Very enlightening read. You've touched my heart through this hub.

      I like this line from you: "To close down that venue is the sure way of depleting our energies."

      Great visuals as well. I enjoyed it.

      Up and sharing.