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Leg Hair Loss in Men? It's Not Uncommon.

Updated on February 10, 2020

25% of men in the United States deal with hair loss, or alopecia, before the age of 30. As we approach 60, that number becomes 2/3, or 66%.

Hair loss is not limited to the head, however. Many men notice it, and are troubled by it, on their lower legs.

Generally, leg hair loss will begin in a person's mid-twenties, much like head hair loss, but can just as easily be noticed at any stage of life.

We can't all have what we want, ideally.  Genetic male leg hair loss can be upsetting, but doesn't have to look funny or uneven.
We can't all have what we want, ideally. Genetic male leg hair loss can be upsetting, but doesn't have to look funny or uneven. | Source

Why me?

There are some medical conditions that cause leg hair loss, like diabetes and thyroid conditions, and some hair loss may be caused by tight fitting clothing or friction from pants, socks or athletic equipment.

One variant of male leg hair loss, on the sides of the legs, is called anterolateral leg alopecia. Studies are few as to why this otherwise harmless condition happens.

If you haven't been to the doctor in years, or if you're sure that your clothing is doing it, begin seeking solutions there.

Most of the time, though, the cause is simply genetic, and no pills, herbs, tonics, or creams will make it grow back. Making it less noticeable, especially if the hair grows in patches, may be a better goal.

Anterolateral Leg Alopecia
Anterolateral Leg Alopecia

It's not as awful as you may feel.

Look around the gym, and you'll quickly see that you're not the only one missing leg hair. Many men never had much to begin with. Unlike head hair, nobody knows whether you always had hair or never had it.

You also benefit from a trend: there are men in pro athletics, from swimming and cycling to football, basketball, bodybuilding and soccer who routinely clipper or shave their legs. Clippering better shows off and defines quads and calves.

Many choose to clipper or shave for cosmetic reasons, and it's no longer socially unacceptable. Even if you don't have much leg hair, clippering or shaving holds the benefit of evening out hair length, making bald patches far less noticeable or obvious to the eye. It's not a bad alternative. A #1 clipper guard will clip the hair close without removing it all. You'll find muscle definition you never knew you had!

Still, if clippering isn't an option that you chose to explore, change your style in other ways.

In the past few years, shorts have been cut longer and crew socks have come back into favor. Between the two, not much leg is exposed even when wearing shorts. Changing your style to cover leg hair loss has never been easier, and you won't look out-of-date.

Finally, remember that whether by choice or by nature, and at all ages, there's no one way leg hair should be. The only person noticing is probably you. Everybody else may just think you play a lot of soccer.


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    • Hacicu Bogdan profile image

      Hacicu Bogdan 

      15 months ago from Cluj-Napoca, Romania

      Been thinking about this for some time! Thank you for clarifying that!

    • profile image

      Nasir Khan 

      6 years ago

      You have allayed some of my fears! Thanks.


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