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Dealing with a crowded gym

Updated on January 12, 2012

It can get annoying when you want to work out, and you can’t get a machine! There are a few ways to get to the machine you want, even in a crowded gym. First off, let me say that it is best to be polite! Don’t walk up to somebody giving them an attitude; that won’t get you where you want to be. So, here comes the tips!

· Be polite! Just casually walk up to the person and ask “hey, how many more sets are you going to do on this machine?” Once they tell you, say, “Oh, ok. Thanks. I’ll go do ‘blank’ until you’re done." Not only is this common courtesy, but it’s the smart way to go about things. The person on the machine will think “oh, that person wants on here, I better not sit here and pick my nose! I’ll do my exercise and get off.” If you are rude, the person will stall on purpose! (I know because I’ve done the same thing!)

· Be patient! If you see somebody just got on the machine you want, give them their time to get a good workout. “Patience is a virtue.” You’ll get your machine in due time!

· Have a ‘loose’ workout routine. Don’t think that if you don’t do barbell curls right after you do hammer curls, your arms are done for! Have a routine that can be moved around a little bit.

Sometimes, your gym will be crowded. There is nothing you can do about it. (Well, go at a less busy time of the day..) For instance, my gym is very busy from 4-6:30. Why? All of the people who are getting out of high school will be there around 4. And, some people go there straight from work at around 5:30. I find when I go work out at around 11 A.M., I’m practically alone! Also, if you are in the market for a gym, don't pick the most crowded! But, be careful. Usually, if a gym doesn't have anybody in it, maybe something is wrong with it. Be sure to check it out! Price, rules, regulations, hours, etc. Any more than $55 a month, and you are over paying. Also, read the fine print. Some gyms make you jump through hoops to cancel your contract! As far as hours go, just make sure they are open during the time that you want to go workout.

So, don’t forget to keep your cool. You don’t need a bunch of meat heads getting all fired up in the gym!


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    • oakallaboy profile image

      oakallaboy 5 years ago

      I totally agree with you! Thanks for sharing your experience.

    • nanospeck profile image

      Akhil Anil 5 years ago

      Once when I was a newbie I had to witness a fight happening in the gym I went for workouts. Dumbells were flying on air!!! Keeping your temper is very important especially places like Gym coz the consequences could be total disaster for life. Great article. Thanks for sharing!!