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Sacrum/ilium joint pain, diagnosis and issues

Updated on May 27, 2012

Sacrum/Ilium joint pain

Sacrum/Ilium joint pain, what is it, who and how do you get this debilitating condition, and what can you do for the treatment of it.

The Sacrum/Ilium joint is the joint located in the bony pelvis between the Sacrum and the Ilium joint supported by ligaments. Diagnosis is rather difficult.

The Sacrum/Ilium joint pain mimics sciatic nerve pain stemming from the back, it runs down the leg on either side with a burning sensation or a dull achy constant uneasy feel. I experienced this difficult issue and still deal with the debilitating pain on a daily basis.

It started with cronic foot pain in the heel first and then radiated into the arch causing planter fascia problems, so my journey started with a foot specialist which in retrospect seemed the right place to start. Once diagnosed with the plantar fascia and bone spur issue I said ok, now I can concentrate on getting better because at the time it was hard to walk in any aspect. With this being said, the Doctor issued a removable cast which is standard for plantar/fascia, So I wore it for a month and reported back feeling no better for the effort. Upon this revaluation he proceeded to refer me to my doctor to follow up thinking I might have a severe back issue so I did. My doctor put me through me a realm of steps and tests and ordered an MRI and concurrently set me up with a spine specialist a month down the road, but in the mean time I had to start therapy, two days on my foot and two days on my back.

After 6-8 weeks of this intense therapy it was time to see the specialist. At this time during the appointment he proceeded to ask me if the therapy was getting any better, I said no really quick, he reviewed the images provided by the MRI and noticed that I do have degenerative disc disorder with two of them slightly bulging, in my mind I'm thinking ok we have found them problem and now its time to work on a solution but in the back of my mind is all of the therapy I have been going through is not helping, then that is when he started asking questions and doing some preliminary test, going back over the MRI and finding out that my problem is not stemming from my back or foot but in all actuality it is my Sacrum/ilium joint.

Fear entered my mind because I know how I have been feeling, along with my inability to walk or stay on my feet for more than an hour, he quickly reassured me that this is semi rare in men, more common in women during pregnancy, and a new course of therapy is in order for which I am currently in two times a week. My therapist is a specialist dealing with this type of condition and has worked wonders with me, I am now able to walk and stay on my feet for longer periods of time and hopefully soon will be able to return to work.

Rehab or therapy is arduous, a lot of manipulating, stretching, and massaging are needed in the right spots, without this the time needed to recover or heal will take longer. Exercises are also needed in order to strengthen the surrounding tissues and muscles, but are relative and simple to do if you follow the instructions. Without this healing would be impossible. I'm not sure as to yet if I will ever be 100%, I will put that to the test when I return to work, but as for know all I can do is to continue to put forth effort into the process and hope that it will be enough. If you have any questions about this article and the conditions associated with it please confer with your doctor, by all means am I qualified, nor pretend to be, but would be happy to answer any questions regarding this issue in any matter.


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    • Greg Ferguson profile imageAUTHOR

      Greg Ferguson 

      5 years ago from Canton, Michigan

      Finding something hard that rolls, like a piece of floaty type thing they use in pools, do not use a ball it has to be cylindrical. With that being said lay on your side around your hip area, solely off the ground and proceed to roll down and up from hip to knee. Give this a try to see what happens.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      what was some of the exercises you did this sounds like what is my problem


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