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Dealing With The Loss of A Pet - Losing Your Dog

Updated on March 11, 2012
Whitney05 profile image

Whitney has over 10 years of experience in dog training, rescuing and dog healthcare.

Chance, pit bull. Stolen day before Christmas Eve '06.
Chance, pit bull. Stolen day before Christmas Eve '06.

Pets are a large part of the lives of many people today. I, for one, can say that my dogs, reptiles, and small animals, all play a part in my sanity at times. Having pets around will help your own health status. In many cases, it has been found that having a dog will lower your blood pressure. Having something that lives for the moment and doesn't hold grudges is a wonder to us humans who can't fathom the thought of not knowing what is to be or why someone had the nerve to do something.

People, today, spend millions of dollars on their pets in order to take care of them properly. Buying toys, food, bowls, leashes, collars, clothes, and having to pay for vet bills and other unexpected costs, is a large part of owning a pet (some of which are optional such as clothes). Most Americans, today, want nothing but the best they can provide for their pet, and become greatly saddened when something happens to them.

So, dealing with grief over the loss of a pet can be very hard to both adults and children and everyone in between.

Related Emotions

When dealing with the grief of a lost loved one, many emotions can surface. Shock, anger, and depression, are the most common emotions seen. But, many people will put blame on someone for the loss of the pet. They may begin to lash out at friends and family members. Usually, depending on the closeness between the pet parent and the pet, itself, largely determines the range of emotions that can be seen.

Many times the loss of a beloved family dog will create emense sadness and depression amongst the pet parent, whereas with the loss of a pet goldfish, the same emotions may not surface.

Stages of Grief

Grieving for the loss of a pet for any reason (run away, stolen, death) is the same for all cases. The grieving process goes something like:

  • Shock and denial
  • Anger
  • Bargaining (with God to bring back the pet)
  • Depression
  • Acceptance and recovery

Not everyone will experience all five stages of grief or experience the stages equally. In general, most people will actually flip back and forth between stages before they are able to fully recover from the loss of the pet.

Rocky and Roxy. Rocky died '06. Roxy died 08.27.07
Rocky and Roxy. Rocky died '06. Roxy died 08.27.07


There are many ways to help with grief:

  1. Speak to your church members or pastor.
  2. Counseling.
  3. Internet support groups.
  4. Friends and family.
  5. Volunteer at a rescue.
  6. Write down your emotions. Sometimes this will help you get everything you feel out. This is great for those who have a hard time expressing themselves speaking, writing down how you feel will allow you to get everything out.
  7. Have a proper funeral. This is particularly helpful with young children. Have all family participate. Get dressed up, and have a proper funeral/burial for the pet. Have everyone say something nice about the pet or something they will miss.
  8. Sometimes getting another pet will, also, aid in the recovery process. This does NOT replace the deceased pet, but it helps fill the void. This is something that is sort of a last resort. Not to be tried directly after losing a pet.


The loss of a pet can be devastating to anyone. It can be even harder to recover the loss. But, getting the feelings out always helps. It's not the best idea to hold any feelings in. Cry. Scream. Punch pillows. Do what you have to do. Just get out the pent up emotion. Otherwise, it will build and build within you. Find the best way to recover the loss of you pet no matter how big or small. Dog or cat. Hamster or gecko.

Chiko the chinchilla. Passed away 08.31.07
Chiko the chinchilla. Passed away 08.31.07

Personal experience with loss

This year I have suffered many great pet losses. Some of which hurt more than others, but I was saddened none-the-less.

The first, and most severe loss is that of my pit bull puppy named Chance. Chance did not pass away. He did not run away. He was stolen. Chance was, and I believe is, a great dog, who knew no stranger. It has been a very rocky road since his disappearance late December of '06. I experience emotions of shock, anger, depression, and blame. Many nights I blamed myself for not doing anything prior to the incident. I blamed my boyfriend for not trying harder to find him. I played the "What if" game many nights, all of which ended in sleepless tears. After six months of tears, I was improving very slowly. At that point, I realized I needed something serious... I needed another puppy. After bringing MIA home, my life has changed greatly. I still think about Chance. I still have is pictures everywhere. I still love and miss him. And, I still believe I could have done more for him. But, I no longer cry myself to sleep. The void that he left behind, where my heart wanted to give love to him but couldn't, had been filled. No, I have not replaced Chance. I could NEVER replace him, but the hole has been filled.

Pebbles, Rocky, and Roxy, three hamsters which have died this year. Their death, although sad and upsetting, did not affect me as did the loss of Chance, but by their loss, I have found ways to show that affection to my other small animals.

Chong and Chiko, two chinchillas. Now, both with different stories- Chong I found dead one morning without any signs of illness, and Chiko I found near death and tried to nurse him back to health (after seeing a vet of course), and found him dead the following morning. He died in between my hourly wake-ups. As Chong and I had our differences, his death saddened and worried me greatly, but in comparison Chiko and I had been very close. I had, had him since he was six weeks old. I could not help but shed many tears upon his death. Much less when the vet told me that he did not see anything visibly wrong with his body, that he had great fat tissues, skin color and coat. I knew I had taken care of him the best I could.


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    • profile image

      steve burtis 5 years ago

      i ha ve a 10 or so old german/retriver mix he been my baby for a long time now.bear has problems w his hips now,taking meds for this wkend he injured his front leg bad.he been cryn for the last two days and nights. plus hes eyes are not very good anymore.he is cryn as im typing this breaks my heart !! yes ive cried about it and just dont know what to do....... im taking him to the vet in highland 1st thing in the morning.they may say we can fix the prob or say to put him down.thats my BEST FRIEND CRYN IN THE BACK GROUND!!!! what to do??? steve

    • profile image

      Diane 6 years ago

      Ive been overcome with grief since my Lucy Latte went missing at a local park. It's nearly a month now and a psychic tells me she's dead. Lucy was so full of life and like many dog owners I thought of her as a.child. There have been supportive people as well as those dolts who say things like: she was killed by a wild animal. That I should have not let her off leash even in an off leash area. Some days I want to join Lucy and die. The pain is overwhelming bi hope she didn't suffer. Oh Lucy I love you more than anything.

    • profile image

      debbie 6 years ago

      It was good to read your stories. My beautiful 2 year old tabby cat was stolen from my garden, i heard it, her pick up cry, but didn't realise till the next day what i had heard. I went through ever kind of emotion, and still do, it is something that never leaves you. see her face in my mind, still wonder if she is dead or alive, whether she suffered, how scared she must have been, i will never be the same until i know what happened to her. my little baby, so young, so cute, so gentle and harmless. It is so cruel when someone steals your lovely companion. I read on the animal search just how many cats go missing in my town, something is going on. why are they being taken, i ask myself everyday.I prey for newsand i hope she is still alive my RUBYxxxxxx

      To see you again, hold you would be a wish come true.


    • profile image

      Amy 6 years ago

      My dog is 14 she has been throwing up alot and i am 13 my mom said that i am taking her to the vet and if the doctor said that she was not doing well that we would have to put her down so the next day i had to go to school and after school i had a baseball game but when i was at school my mom went to the vet and put her down so when she picked me up from school i said is amy ok (our dog) she said she is not suffering anymore and is in a better place running around and playing so i started crying right at school and then i had to go to baseball game and play it was so hard but i did it for amy

      Amy im being strong i Love u with all my heart you could'nt have been a better dog you showed me love since i have grown up i hope u have made many friends and i will always love u and never forget you i wish I could have been there to pet you and talk to you and love you I LOVE YOU AMY

    • profile image

      Nora-mom of Gizmo 6 years ago

      I am so thankful to have found this site as it has been comforting to know there are so many of you that love your babies with so much compassion and only want to do the right thing for their best friend. My heart breaks for each of you. I think there is a special place in Heaven for the moms and dads who have given their best friend such a great and loving life.

      It has been 9 days since I made the agonizing and heartbreaking decision to put my little Chihuahua to sleep. He almost died 2 1/2 years ago from his intestines leaking fluids into his tummy. His albumin blood level was 0.02. Normal is 2.5 to 3.5. He was very close to death as 0.00 is death. He was in ICU on fluids and plasma transfusions and when he came home had been on a low fat intestinal prescription diet as well as daily prednisone and blood tests every 60 days. He was in ICU twice in a week before he died and received fluids and 5 plasma transfusions. He went into ICU for the final time on his 9th birthday. I visited him that night and he was doing fantastic. I took him a chicken jerky for his birthday present and he devoured it happily. The vet said he could come home the next day at noon. At 10:20 the next morning she called and said could I come right now as he was in respiratory distress and she had put him in an oxygen chamber. When I got there they put me in a room and brought him in. The chamber was all glass but I couldn't open it up or he wouldn't be able to breathe. He was gasping for breaths and looked so tiny and frail. He was a tiny thing anyway at 3 lbs. 4 ounces. Somehow he mustered enough energy to stand up and wag his tail for me. Then he collapsed but got up the second time and wagged his tail. I think he thought I had come to take him home. The vet came in with the paperwork and the shot and explained gently what would happen. She placed him on my lap and I stroked his dying tiny body and told him what a good boy he was and how much I loved him. She was listening to his heart with her stethoscope and about 20 seconds later told me he was gone. He didn't struggle or move at all on my lap and he died quickly and very peacefully. She had tears in her eyes and hugged me. I am very thankful I didn't have to agonize over putting him to sleep. It was the last act of love and kindness I could do for him and I am at peace that he never again has to suffer. I know in my heart I will see him again on the other side one day soon. My husband and son are on the other side and I prayed to them to take good care of him and make him feel safe and loved. When I got out to my car and turned it on to go home without him a song came on the radio that has always reminded me of my husband. To me it was his way of telling me that Gizmo was safe and happy and not to worry about him.

      Even though I knew it was the right thing to do I am filled with deep sadness and cry all the time from missing him. I received a sympathy card from the vet's office and everyone that knew him there told me how much they will miss him and that he was a favorite there, always wagging his tail for each of them no matter how sick he was. It was very comforting and I will cherish that card forever. I am very sorry for the agony each of you are going through or have gone through. Just know your best friend is depending on you to make the most difficult decision of your life. And although there will be many pain filled days and nights you will be at peace knowing you gave your baby one final gift of love. Blessings to all.

      Thank you for loving me baby boy. You were the best of the best and you now live in my heart. I will never forget you or stop loving you.


    • profile image

      Sam 6 years ago

      I had two cats as a child,first it was Jack,I had had him since I was 4 and I was 10 when my parents took him to the vet's and he didn't return,he had died in his sleep,later that afternoon my parents brought home a 6 month old kitten named Ally and I loved her very much but just before Christmas she got sick and we gave her the prescribed meds for two weeks before she was put down,I am glad I am not alone in this world

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I am full of pain right now. We lost our family rottweiler to osteosarcoma so suddenly. I feel especially guilty because I did not stay with Rocky when he was put down. I now know that I made a selfish decision and I am torn up. I should have been there with him. Rocky, I will always love you. God, forgive me.

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      i've known my dog hasn't been that well for a while, she had cancer, which she fought and won, she doesn't see much at all, neither does she hear or smell. she's old, and all those are elderly signs. she's a dachshund, 15,5 years old. but now these two latest weeks she's gotten so much worse really fast. my family thinks she had a stroke or something because she cannot walk straight, just in circles, and she leans to one side. she doesn't eat or drink, she only sleeps. she's not what she used to be and now we've taken the decision that it's cruel to keep her because it's hard to deal with the loss of a family member.

      i haven't been around home much lately, and i get guilt feelings for not being there for her these last days, but i can't stand the thought of her never being around ever again. she has always been there for me, through sickness or sadness and always trough the good times. we share so much together and now i'm on my own. i can't see a way to get past this. i've grown up with her, she's like a sister and a baby to me, and to loose that is not in my world.

      i do believe she knows how much we truly love her, and i will always remember her. she has a special place in my heart that will always belong to her. i'm going to miss her so much. when that moment comes when the vet is going to put her to sleep comes i don't know how i will be able to stand by her. there is no other option, i want to be there with her the last time in her life, but i don't want to accept her leaving. i'm sitting here crying my eyes out right now. she is really the very best friend i will ever have.

    • profile image

      Christian 6 years ago

      A letter to my dear dog, Rocco. More than a companion. More than a friend.

      Dear Rocco,

      I am writing this to tell you how much I love you. I would like the world to know that the life you lived here on earth will always be remembered. Your memories and love will live in my heart for as long as Iive. 

      Last Saturday is one of the saddest days of my whole adult life. I made a decision that I would never want to make. It's a day that I never wanted to arrive. I am so very sorry that I had to let you go but I know that it is what you would have wanted me to do. Your quality of life is of most important to me. To not let you suffer is the final act of love I can give you here on Earth. You battled cancer for ten months with all your strength, without having to complain about how difficult the treatments could be. There's not a single day that you showed any signs of giving up --- even during the toughest of days. Not even on your last day here with me. You were fighting tough my boy! To call you a trooper would be an understatement. Not bad for a twelve year old Boxer with a tail. My heart cries as I write this letter to you because I am very very proud of you my sweetheart. So very proud of you. Today, I seek comfort in the fact that you are now in peace and no longer in pain.

      Thank you for showing me what unconditional love really meant. Thank you for sharing your life with me. Thank you for the pure love, joy, and happiness you brought everywhere with you. Thank you for teaching me how to be patient, loyal, and live in the present. Our daily walks will always be cherished, together with countless hours of tender moments at home. You made our house a home. You made the last nine and a half years of my  life a life of reason and not just of existence. For all of these my dear Rocco, I will never forget you. I will always cherish you. I will always love you. 

      I grieve for losing you as I know life will never be  the same without you. If I had my way, I would not change a thing. I'll continue our life the way it was. Our life at home is not perfect but it was perfectly imperfect. Your sisters and daddy all miss you too, Rocco. We all had the same wish. We all wish you were still here. We are all broken-hearted that you are gone.  We're very sad but we're all moving on -- with your memories in our hearts.

      As days go by I know that the pain will ease. I will move on with my life as I always have. I will cry less and will feel less sorrow. Please know that it is not because I  have forgotten about you nor I love you much less. It is because I'm a little happier, knowing that  in each passing day I get just a bit older, and I get just a bit closer to my own time to crossover. I look forward to seeing you again when that day comes, and so in heaven we'll be together again. We'll walk and run as much as we can, we'll play and sleep as much as we want, and we'll wake up not fearing that death will eventually keep us apart. For in heaven there is no death, only eternal life in every breath.

      I will end this letter now my dear Rocco. I hope that you enjoyed your life here on Earth with me. I hope that I have lived up to be a good Daddy to you, that you do not regret picking us as your family.  You're one hell of a great dog and I could not have asked for more. You are God's gift to us.  I heard somewhere once that all dogs are angels sent down here from heaven. I did not take it seriously then but I sure do now. You are back with God again my dear doggie, my dear Rocco, my dear angel.

      Daddy loves you. Wait for me. I'll be there soon.



    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories. Reading them helps me realize I will get through this since as so many others have. On 6/21/11 I put my Black Lab to sleep. She was almost 14 years old so I know she had a good long life but it didn't make it any easier. I still cry every time I walk in my house and she doesn't greet me. I also cry every time I walk into the backyard and see she isn't sleeping under her favorite tree. Her death was more sudden than I expected as she was fine (at least I thought she was fine) at the beginning of May. After Mother's Day she started getting picky about what she ate and I noticed she was throwing up 2-3 times a week. The Thursday before Memorial Day I took her to the vet and found out she had a tumor in her mouth and lung cancer. I had the tumor removed and had them do blood and urine work on her. The blood work showed the cancer was also in her liver which the vet said was really bad. He said she probably had less than 4 months left. By Father's Day she wasn't eating, wouldn't go for a walk, and didn't want to be petted. I knew she was unhappy and I had to get her back to the vet. When I took her in I found out she had lost 20 pounds and her stomach was filled with fluid (which is why she didn't look like she had lost weight.) The vet said there was nothing he could do to ease her discomfort and she had less than a week left. I loved her too much to let her suffer so I had her put to sleep. I cried so much that night that I had a headache and was physically ill. I miss her every minute of every day and I find myself talking to her all the time. She was the perfect dog for me and I will miss her forever.

    • profile image

      erajane 7 years ago

      We wish this was not a choice. We wish our pup of 14+ yrs would just go to sleep and not wake up. We know it is time but it is really tearing us up. We have about 5 more days with our dear friend and then we must put him down for his sake. We have enjoyed him since we got him at the pound when he was 5 wks old. We need to celebrate his life and remember all our wonderful memories and not focus on his death. It's going to be a rough road for a while. We love you Rocky! Thank you for all the joy you have brought into our lives. Love, Mom and Dad

    • profile image

      Valane 7 years ago

      As i read a number of these stories it brings tears to my eyes. We put our 16 year old bichon cocker down today. This was the hardest thing I've had to do. Both of our sons grew up with this great friend and we will miss him dearly. He was in pain and had kidney and liver problems. He was drinking water constantly and took a very long time to settle down. He looked very sad and you could tell he was depressed. We made a conscious decision last week to put him down April 29/11. Time will heal our hearts as we know it was the right decision. He was losing a pound every week and we had not seen his ribs or spine since he was a puppy. He was a fat little fart and liked to get any scrapers the kids would provide over the years. Our cat was from the SPCA and she adopted Max as her father, she would lay on him as a heat resource. She is looking around today to see where he is and knows something is different. We could have been selfish and kept him around for another month or so, but that would have been mean and would have only made us happy for the short term and postponed the inevitable. My wife and two boys are trying to be strong, but I’m being the weepy one as I was the one that would give him a bath when his feet were muddy, picked up the dog poop outside, wiped up the pee on the floor. He always wanted to come outside with me or see what I was doing. We knew this day was coming, but it makes it very hard for me to let go. I know there is only on constant in life, and that is change, but this will take me some time to get over. We have a close friend who is losing her mother to cancer this week and we told her that our pain is probably nothing compared to what you are going through. She says that it is all the same emotional pain and that you have to live through it with love and friendship. We love you Max and trust you are in a better place.

    • profile image

      Meg 7 years ago

      I just now had to have my 13 year old Beagle, Dottie, put to sleep. She suffered from Cushings Disease and over the past few months, she lost almost half of her body weight and she lost her hearing and just recently, she lost her vision in one eye and the other one was going too. My husband got her as a brand new puppy, about 5 years before we got married. He's in Iraq right now but I was able to talk to him this morning about it. Dottie was so weak this morning and wouldn't eat anything, even chicken, her favorite. I knew it was time to free her from her body, but I can't believe how much this hurts. I was with her when she passed, petting her and talking to her. I wish my husband were home as I know he's going to be distraught and I can't be there to help comfort him. He talked about having her put to sleep before he left a few weeks ago so I wouldn't have to do it by myself but she still had a little pep to her so we just couldn't. I'm glad I had these past few weeks with her......the house is so quiet now and every little noise I hear, I think it's her. I know it won't hurt as much in time but right now, I just can't stop crying. I do know she's in a much better, happier and pain free place now.

      RIP Dottie - we love you!

      Meg (

    • profile image

      Martin 7 years ago

      Two days ago, we lost our 3 year old Jack Russell Terrier, Kally. She was so full of life, and had the best disposition you could ever want.

      Sadly during a recent walk she slipped her collar and ran straight out in front of a car and was killed instantly. We don't live on a busy street and if she had slipped her collar 10 seconds earlier she would still be here today.

      Time will heal your pain. But remember, don't go out and get a new dog right away. You will only try to replace your companion and try to mould him/her into your late pet. Every dog has their own unique characteristics. It has been a tough few days, but we had so many positive memories and she had a great life. She was one interesting dog who loved to watch TV! It's a shame she was taken from us far too early.

      Our other dog Tara (Black Lab/Beagle) feels a bit lost without her friend, but, we are giving her lots of love. Remember other dogs feel the loss too!

      We'll get through this and maybe one day we'll get a second dog again.

      RIP Kally

      -Martin (martinwalker1978 at yahoo dot ca)

    • profile image

      Aaron 7 years ago

      My wife an I just had to put our 6 year old French Bulldog Bentley to rest yesterday. He was always so healthy and vigorous until about a week and a half ago. Trouble eating and drinking, vomiting. After several visits to his vet, and trying tests, food, meds, etc...we were adised to take him to UF Shands Animal Hospital...where an ultrasound revealed terminal stomach cancer. My wife and I do not have children, and Bentley was truly our son. He brought us so much love and family unity...this is the hardest thing ever..the house is so empty. We held him together and felt him take his last breath after we spent the entire day with him in the quiet room at the hospital. He looked so tired, but just wanted to be with us. I feel so angry at God right now for taking away our baby boy...he was so young and was cheated out of half his life. I know that we have to go on, and I need to stay strong for my wife, but our world stands still as everyone else's goes on. This site is great on sharing our grief. I know that his memory will live in us, and everyone's hearts that knew him forever, therefore he will live forever. I hope that everyone that has experienced this loss heals, and that we heal. It is very difficult functioning and going back to work..until someone experiences the unconditional love that an animal brings into your life, they will never understand the loss. Please keep us in your thoughts.

    • profile image

      robyn 7 years ago

      we put our beloved dog missy to sleep on janurary 17th. we knew it was time,.when she was moaning off and on,sleeping all the time and than the clincher for us was when she stopped eating. no quality of life. it was heartrenching but the vet supported us with the decision to put her down. she was much loved

    • profile image

      DobieMom 7 years ago

      I am glad I got to read these comments. About an hour ago I had to put my 2 year old Doberman to sleep. About 2 weeks ago we broght him in to the vet because he just wasn't eating. After blood and urine test we found out he was suffering from a liver disease. We gave him all the perscribed meds but he just kept getting worse and worse. He started vomiting blood and tripping over his own feet and not being able to stand with out almost falling over. I haven't been able to stop crying since calling the vet this morning. I didn't expect him to be gone so soon. My heart just breaks thinking I couldn't do anything to save him. He was just a baby.

    • profile image

      Marilei 7 years ago

      As i write this note i am crying and asking myself if Barbie my beautiful pomeranian needs to be put to sleep? she has been suffering for a heart a lung condition for years; to make it worst she has a huge tumor in her belly (grapefruit size); she is 13 years old; she still wave her tail, walks with difficult and eats well do i really need to put her to sleep?

    • Thibeau profile image

      Thibeau 7 years ago

      This is a wonderful piece. It is informative and helpful to people who are dealing with the emotions surrounding the loss of a pet and it is also a very well thought out and structured Hub. My dog passed away two months ago after being my sole companion of 11 years. I found your words and insights relevant and uplifting. Thank you.

    • profile image

      M. Andrews 7 years ago

      I lost my little Rattie boy, Nicodemus tonite. It was not enough too late, I went to check on him and felt that he was cool to the touch. I picked him up, wrapped him up in a towel and cuddled him. He tried 2 times to get out and then was quiet. I heated up an herbal pillow to try and warm him up. His eyes were looking opaque, I tried to give him water from a syringe and it ran out.. Then, I went to the living room, sat on the couch with him on the warm pillow wrapped in the towel and my arms, and there he breathed his last. I miss him so, he never bit, was calm and gentle. I feel sorry for his brother , Pippen. who is now alone in the cage.

    • pintoandi profile image

      pintoandi 7 years ago from Panama City Beach, FL

      You hit the nail on the head with this hub! My husband & I came home from a great vacation with the kids only to find that our dog sitter lost our Chihuahua the night before our arrival. That pain is worse then losing your pet due to illness or death. You have no closure & many nights of crying your self to sleep. I am bouncing between steps 3 & 4 at this point, thats how I found this site. December 22 was Pinto's birthday & 30 days missing without a trace. Our very special Pinto, I look for you every where. She brought us so much joy, we love & miss her dearly.

    • profile image

      April 7 years ago

      Today we had to put our 13 year old dog Sarah down. She was quickly deteriorating from several problems. I got her when she was 6 weeks old. She was the sweetest dog, and the love of our lives. We miss her and are heartbroken. I feel so empty and can't stop crying. I hope she is at peace, and we will see her again. WE LOVE YOU GIRLIE!!!!

    • profile image

      Kim68 7 years ago

      10 days ago my girl buffy got sick with pneumonia, it was so sudden she had never been ill a day in her 9 yr life . Buffy was a collie/ old english cross, and was the loveliest little girl in the world. The vet hospitalized her on Monday and after 7 days of trying every antibiotic they had, she had to go on oxygen on thursday night, I was meant to bring her home yesterday but the vet said she was suffering and that it was time to put her down.

      Her Tongue was blue and she was a bag of bones as she hadn't eaten since she got sick.

      I sat in the kennel with her on my lap, and for an hour we talked and reminisced, I could feel her little heart straining so much, but I still tried to tempt her home, she wouldn't move( buffy always wanted to come home with her mummy), as the vet gave her the meds I told it was bedtime and that we were going to sleep on mummys bed. I can't stop walking around the house crying and haven't really slept since she got sick. I just want her back ...

    • profile image

      Jimmy-515 7 years ago

      My name is Jimmy and today October 30,2010 at 12:45 pm I lost my my only true friend Emma, she was a German Shepard I rescued from a shelter. When I went to the shelter I was there for a specific dog I had seen online to adopt. My wife and son went with me but the funniest thing happen when we were there, maybe fate, destiny or whatever you belive. I know what is was a "Belief in Love". You see there we were with the shelter person he was telling me about the dog I was there for but for some reason I felt the need to get up and walk around the cage and I saw this quite and most beautiful dog I have ever seen just sitting up looking out of her cage quietly. I walked over to her while my wife and son were still talking the attendant. It seemed every dog in the shelter was barking but I could not here any sound or noise nothing but just her breathing with a lil sigh. I put my hand and face on her cage and she just wlaked over and licked me with such comfort and a sense of piece. I knew I was there for her. I asked about her. The attendant said she has been there for five months and they were going to have to put her down the following day because she had been there to long already and that she was the most peacful and pleasant dog ever at the shelter and they all wanted someone to adopt her she was different . Her paperwok siad she was found walking the streets. I had no choice she was coming home with me no matter what. You see Emma was 2yrs. old and most people want a puppy or a dog just a little bit younger. To me all I saw was her and it seemed she was my salvation I needed at that time in my life. We brought her home and imediatly the entire family just fell in love with her, my grandson who is only 3yrs. old loves her so much. He lays under her hugging around her and she licks his head and face, she only spent 1 night outside after that her place was with us inside and wherever we were at. She never left my side she was very,very loyal she made me happy for the short time we were together. Today has to be the hardest day for me, I am heartbroken and can't stop the sadness. She had a genectic liver defect the doctor told me she was suffering and its a mirsacle she was alive this long. I know she was here for a reason, she saved me I did not save her. I will be bringing her body home and I will bury her where she belongs , with us because she was our family and we were hers, she found us. I will bring her home and now maybe she can find her sense of piece in heaven and some day we will be playing together again, as I held her when the doctor began and she took her last breathe I looked at her and said to her, wait for me I will be with her soon...........goodbye Emma. I love you always thank you for your love.................

    • profile image

      Let 7 years ago

      Friday night 10/22/10, we had to put chiquita our 13 year old Chihuahua to sleep. She was unable to walk and when she tried she would fall. I had taken her to see her vet, he ran blood test, x-rays and pulled and cleaned her teeth. She was in the hospital for two days. When we went to pick her up he showed us the x-rays, and told us she had two degenerate disc on the last two disc by the end of her tail. He said he could start her on Adequan 20cc that day then every three days for two weeks. He told us sometimes it helps and she may start walking again but not to expect any miracles cause she may not walk again. Now, the blood work was a different story her liver count was 6,215 and her kidney was over 400, which he interrupted that she was in liver failure and those high numbers can mean that she has some kind of tumors somewhere but for use to take her home and see what the Adequan does. He also prescribed Tramadol 50mg-1/2 tab every 12 hours for pain for her disc and i/d Hepatic food for her liver. Within those two weeks she begin to walk again and become her normal self. But on 10/19 she started having trouble walking again and if I tried to pick her up she would cry, this was something new because she did not do this before. I called the vet and he was out of town for two weeks, but his assisant said she could give her Adequan 20cc that day but she could not give it to her for another week. I asked why she couldn't get it like before, she told us that the first round of Adequan was to be given agressively, but it was a steroid and it couldn't be done the second time. Friday 10/22, she was trying to get out of her bed and I noted she was crawling,her front paws were curling under, which was something new. During the days I picked her up to take her outside and my girl couldn't stand to use the bathroom. About 6:30 that night I notice that she was having spasms, and I tried holding her to keep her having them, but that did not work, when she would close her eyes to rest, she would spasms and wake up. I called the vet that use to be her doctor and he never return my call. I went to my room and cried cause I knew what I have to do...I took her to my room and put her bed on my bed and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. I finally found a vet and he met us there (after hours), he checked her, told us that the reason her front paws were curling under was because she was having neurological problems and her brain was not communicating with her body...Her neck was so stiff and when he tried to stand her up, she really tried but couldn't. As he check her he ask us to ask ourselves what quality of life did she have? Sometimes letting our pets its important to let her have the dignity she desired. I asked my girl to give me a kiss and she kissed her dad while he got the shot ready. When he gave her the shot, I pet her and cried as I watch and felt her no longer breathe...losing an animal is so hard but having to make that decision is worse. I have asked myself did I do the right thing, could the vet have given her some other kind of medicine and I she could still be with me today...I am sooo sad, all I do is cry, and I miss her so much. We have 2 other Chihuahua, who miss her cause she was the oldest and the boss.

    • profile image

      mallari 7 years ago

      i just lost my dog yesterday he was only 4 yrs old his name was biscuit. i cant quit crying and i cant help but constantly think about him i feel like i have lost my bestfriend its so hard to accept and i dont know how to stop the pain. im having such a hard time i cant eat sleep or barely get out of bed. i miss him so much already..

    • profile image

      orion 7 years ago

      Today I took my 13 yr old chihuahua mix dog to the vet and had her put to sleep. She was diagnosed with non-aggressive lymphoma in Jan 2010. Since it was non-aggressive, I decided to pursue the option of going to a specialist. Allie received chemo treatments starting Feb 2010 and she was doing well. One of her lymph nodes by her neck was stubborn though. So she had radiation in June 2010 for 4 weeks (one week at a time) and that was successful. It was looking good for her with all 6 lymph nodes no longer swollen. But a month ago, she started feeling sick. I took her to the regular vet and he felt her lymph nodes by her rear legs (above the knee) swollen. I took her to oncologist and they gave her a rescue drug. The doctor who saw her (regular oncologist was on emergency leave) said unfortunately she was out of remission. The regular oncologist started treating her but it didn't matter which chemo drug to use, Allie would feel good for a week and then she would get sick again. The last time she had chemo was on Sept 7th. It was a last resort to see if her body would respond. The vet said there is a 50/50 chance. Unfortunately, yesterday (Sept 10) in the afternoon, Allie did not look good. It happened so fast. At that time, I've decided that I didn't want to gamble her "quality of life". The vet has exhausted on treatment for her. I can continue paying to make her feel better but nothing else can be done. I took her to her regular vet this morning and she was put to rest. I have asked for a private cremation and will pick her up. I miss her a lot but I know that I've done everything and the oncologist has done everthing in his power to try and save my Allie. However, it's her disease fighting back and eventually winning.

    • profile image

      mau 7 years ago

      I'm glad i found this site. Yesterday I had to put down my 14 year old cat. She was doing fine and then I noticed she wouldn't eat and was lying down a lot more, but not to sleep. Just laying there. Her meows became week little mews and her balance was off.

      When we adopted her she was a fat cat that was deaf. Her meows were always loud because she couldn't guess how loud she was. It's one of the things I will miss most about her. It always made me laugh.

      Her condition got worse and I knew bringing her to the vet what was to be.

      I stayed with her until the end petting her and giving her kisses. When she went it was peaceful and humane.

      I had a another cat die 4 years ago at 16 years at home.

      I watched her die and it was horrible.

      I knew leaving the vet yesterday with my cat carrier that I had made the right decision by bringing her there and not keeping her at home to suffer.

      It's been hard. I turn around and expect to see her there, but she's not. She always knew how to make an entrance with her loud meow.

      I will miss her but I am happy to have known her and all of her craziness and playfulness.

      Those are the memories I want to keep of her.

      Thanks for the opportunity to get that out.

    • profile image

      Dave 7 years ago

      My beloved middle son (Banzai- Boxer dog) died unexpectedly in his sleep two nights ago, he would have been 8 years old in February. Banzai has been with me since he was six weeks old, I got him two years after my first boy Titan (also a boxer). Titan accepted him right off the bat and they were the best of friends, brothers, buddy's. I then rescued a beautiful 1 yr old Boxer named Roxy 2 1/2 years ago and again both the boys accepted her right off the bat and what a trio they made. Banzai and Roxy were very tight and rough housed more than she and Titan. Both Roxy and Titan are grieving with me for their brother Banzai and my boy. My only sense of confort in this whole sad and miserable week is that I did not have to make the decision that so many people have to make and what I had to do last year with our beloved cat Tinkerbell. Another sense of comfort is knowing Banzai has reuinited with Tink at the Rainbow bridge, Banzai loved Tink and was so infatuated with her from the time she was a kitten to the end (Tink loved Banzai too!) I hurt so bad right now and miss my boy so so much, I miss his licks, I miss how he would come and lay his entire body on me and go to sleep, I miss how excited he would get when it was time to eat, R.I.P. my buddy and companion Banzai! I miss you, mama misses you, Titan and Roxy miss you, and so does Grandma. I love you my goofy buddy! See you on the other side and say "hi" to Tink for me.

      Your Daddy

    • Dink96 profile image

      Dink96 7 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

      Whitney, we lost our beloved Chiquita Monday in a drowning accident. She was 15 years old and wandered into the pool area when the gate had been left open. (ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS watch your children and pets around water!!!!!!)

      She had Addison's and lived a very full life. I wondered for the past 6 months or year if she had something else going on b/c sometimes when I picked her up, she would yelp or nip at me. She was checked over every month by a vet though and seemed fine. All questions we will never know the answers to.

      Someone told me tonight to trust God. I think I'll rest with that advice.

      Whitney, thank you for all of your posts. Also, I would point out that there are a lot of great pet loss support sites on the web run by a lot of veterinary schools, etc. Just google pet loss and should be able to find what you need.

    • profile image

      mads 7 years ago

      Yesterday we put our 15 year old black lab down. Her name was Madison and she was the sweetest dog ever. I am feeling a lot of guilt about putting her down. She lost a lot of weight, was deaf and lost most of her eyesight. She started peeing on herself and she would just lye in her pee. She had a hard time getting up and slept most of the day. I feel so heartbroken. I have two kids, 1 and 5, and my 5 year old is having a hard time too. She keeps on asking me if I saw God take Madison to heaven and if we can call her. She will then start crying that she won't hear her bark anymore or be able to pet her. My heart breaks when she saids this stuff because I never like seeing her sad and I also know exactly how she feels. I just want her back. I miss her so much. How do I know I made the right decision? The doctor told me that she could give some medicine but that would only band-aid the problem and she is going to get worse. Maybe I should of tried....sometimes I feel like I am sufficating with saddness.

      I miss you Madison and love you so much!

    • profile image

      cwc 7 years ago

      It's nice to not be alone. I am going to put my 16 year old lab down. And I am here trying to gain confidence that it is the right thing to do. I still have not slept tonight and tears are running down my face. It helps to see that its all part of the process. Its not easy but at least I know it is the right thing to do.

    • profile image

      Roz 7 years ago

      Heartbrokenmom, do you still come on here? I have just read your post and you have described EXACTLY how I am feeling after having our dogs put to sleep three days ago. One was my dog and one my husbands but it is my Ben that I am missing so much. They were both old (16 and a half) and both sick (which was why we decided we couldn't leave them like that) and the Vet said we had made the right decision. But I just want to know when this pain will ease.

    • profile image

      lucyana 7 years ago

      i have 2 hamsters, justin and angel, and i love them both 2 death! angel and i have our differences and he doesnt seem 2 like me but i still love him.justin is the opposite, hes cute and cuddly and loves 2 play with me and my kid sister.but the thing is that my sister sometimes drops justin,hurts him,squeezes him,lets him escape and much more. i tell her 2 stop and sometimes i ground her but she cant help and my friend jessica, shes part owner 2 justin cuz she takes gud care of him and loves him2, r worried that justin might get wettail, or die and i dont no wat 2 do. if justin, or angel, dies i would never forgive mom says (im only 11) that if 1 of the hamsters dies she would buy another 1 but i no that NO hamster will replace justin or angel,but they might fill the hole in my heart. :'(

    • profile image

      TomD 7 years ago

      Put down my English Springer Bard this morning. He was fourteen and full of arthritis and had fractured his hip. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do, and I only owned him three years. I sure hope I get to see him again. I wouldn't even mind if he haunted my house! He was a great

      friend. God, I will miss him..............

    • profile image

      Jenn 8 years ago

      Like many of you I'm glad I found this site. I had to put my 10 year old german shepherd/siberian husky mix down today and I'm a complete mess right now. She has always had seperation anxiety and we had her under control through most of the years without medication. It wasn't until later on in her life that she started it back up again. The past two years had been her worst. She would break out of any kind of kennel we had her in even though she was crate trained and go on fits of rage destroying anything in her path. We tried different types of medication, but none seemed to work for her. She was only in her crate when we were away at work other than that she was out and about. She started recently to growl at me and my son when we went to pet her. Sometimes she went into fits and we couldn't get her under control. I hate to of done this to her and I feel the guilt, but they wanted to put her on downers which would of made her something she was not and I couldn't stand to see her sedated all the time. I knew that she wasn't going to get any better and she was not happy, so that is why I made the decision. I can't seem to quit crying. She was a wonderful friend and companion. We've been all over the world together and I will miss her so much, but know that she is always with me in my heart. The vets office was great with us. They gave us plenty of time before and after and even let us go out the back door so we wouldn't have to walk through the waiting room in tears. She will never be forgotten as she was the best friend a girl could ever have. I will always love my "fuzzy bucket" Niko.

    • profile image

      Joyce 8 years ago

      I'm so glad I found this site. I put my precious Parker to sleep yesterday and I can't quit crying. He was almost 17 but had been happy and healthy until this past week. We were walking 3 miles some days just this past fall. It was apparant that he lost weight and his spine had curved but he never seemed in pain and loved to be outside and I thought he was doing great. Parker was a cock-a-poo mix; the vet called him Parker the Perennial Puppy because he was so full of live. Then on Tues, he threw up 6 times. I called the vet and they suggested I bring him in. He hadn't been eating much so I gave him canned food, which I never did, and thought this upset his stomach. They did some blood work and said he was in kidney failure and they were only working about 20-25%. The vet suggested euthanasia. I was stunned. I took him in for a belly ache and the vet says to put him to sleep - which I couldn't do. I took him for fluids that day and a different vet said we put dogs on a renal diet and give them fluids every couple of days. I was so excited until I tried every food he said and Parker wouldn't eat any of it. He wouldn't even eat his favorites or treats. After not eating for several days, he was weak and shaking but still walking ok for the most part but he looked sad. I really think he was holding on for me to come to terms with it. At this point I knew I had to put his quality of life first over my heartbreak. But I, too, am feeling so guilty. I held him and talked to him while the doc gave him the shot and for quite a while after he was gone. I at least got the chance to lay down with him for a few hours the morning he died and reminisced with him about our life together and how much I loved him. I have lost my best friend and don't know if I will ever get over this. I love you Parker.

    • profile image

      Rita 8 years ago

      I had to put my Pekingnese down on Thursday. I had little Penelope for 14 years and she went into heart failure. It is good to read all this as I am so very sad. I just had my first child about 9 weeks ago and I am glad I have this baby cause I don't know how I would feel right now without somewhat of a distraction. Penelope meant the world to me. She has been through my most happiest moments and my tragic moments in my life. I knew this day was coming but I truly didn't know it would feel like this. I keep doubting myself but I know that her quality of life was about to end as she could hardly breath the night I took her to the hospital. Her little heart just couldn't do it anymore. Penelope had an excellent life with me. People would say if they believe in reincarnation they would like to come back as my dog. But in turn, she took care of me just as good. I feel so lost and empty without her even though I have a wonderful husband and new baby. I hope soon that I can not feel so sad and just feel happy she was with me and the joy she gave me. I love you Pen Pen so much and I miss you so much and it has only been about 48 hours since your left me.

    • profile image

      Zahi 8 years ago

      Hey everyone, im 18 and my family is deciding to put down our dog Thunder this friday. Thunder is 15 years old. His hips are not at all what they used to be and his eyesight is skewed and so is his hearing. The vet says he isnt in much pain, but he is growing extremley tired. My brother today told me that the family is deciding to put him down, to which i laughed in his face and bluntly said "No", they said it was 3 to 1 then, theyre going to put him down. Theres nothing wrong with him, hes fine, perfectly healthy, i wont allow it. Im writing this as i cry, i care more for him than anyone or anything. Thunder in our family is like this immovable rock, stabilizing our lives. I dont want to lose him, i cant. I dont know how to deal with this, i travel a lot, so i dont have many friends really, but thunder,... hes always been there for me, through everything. Our house burnt down this summer and the only thing that survived was him, nothing else. i dont know what to do, and as i silently cry, im petting him softly, facing the inevitability. Like you know what, millions of people have lost their pets and dealt with this, why wont i be any different?!? Im so sad... goodbye thunder, i promise to make this week my best with you as i shed tears on my computer

    • profile image

      Scott 8 years ago

      Day before yesterday i had to put to sleep one of my 4 year dashund. He had hurt his spine and could barley walk , we tried for a while with meds and pain killers, with no effect he finally quit moving his back legs. He was in a lot of pain and I couldnt afford the surgery and the percentage of him being his active little self was just killing me, I have cried and cried for him and asking for forgiveness because I felt is was the best for him, but feel guilty because my finiances couldnt help him. I feel so lost even though I have his brother still and he is feeling the lost too. He looks for his brother all over the yard and house and barks but doent get his brothers reply which hurts too. I loved my little Bailey soooo much and the pain has been unbareable so much Ive lost weight. This was and is the hardest thing in my life. Miss you son! Love dad

    • profile image

      Lulu 8 years ago

      We put my dog of ten years to sleep last night. I was hoping the day would never come when we had to and I never realized how hard the decision would be. My dog had arthritis and it got so bad she couldnt stand anymore, her elbows were bloody from the pressure she was putting on them to try to lift herself up. My dog was a sharpei and she always had this sad look because of her wrinkles but this time you could really see the sadness in her eyes. I was hoping she would someday just go in her sleep so we wouldnt have to make the decision, I feel guilt and sadness, you get so attached to your pet like you would a family member. I never thought it would be this hard.

    • profile image

      Mark  8 years ago

      We just put down our 15.5 year old Jack Russell, Darby. She had a great, long life and had arthritis over the past 2-3 years. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving she was vomiting and had diarhea and just seemed a bit mailaised. Her hearing had also been going and now she didn't seem to want to eat and became a bit pale. We took her to the vet on Wed for some blood work and they gave her some fluids and medication for her vomiting. Once home, Darby was wimpering and couldn't walk. On THanksgiving, we knew it was time. I have some guilt feelings because if it were something like pancreatitis, should I have spent the $1,000 but then at 15.5, how much time would we be buying. I cried alot as I held Darby when the vet put her to sleep but I know that she was suffering and that we were doing the right thing to end her pain. Either way, a dog owner never wants to let go. We have a 2 year old Aussie Shepherd mix who is a wonderful dog and has filled the void but we'll always miss Darby.

    • profile image

      tomest 8 years ago

      Your honest words helped me so much. I had to put down

      my 13 year old dog/companion today, it broke my heart. Yet

      I knew it was the right time, the right thing to do. But

      I still needed to hear some solace and I received comfort

      from your writings. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Lori Elgner 8 years ago

      I am now having to face the decision of putting down my "baby boy". I have had max for 13 1/2yrs. (llasha apso) up until about 3 weeks ago he was pretty healthy, than we were dealing with a problem with his eyes and than he started this snorting thing. I took him back in to the vet thinking allergies and thats when she found the cancer in his mouth. His has spread to his gums and up to his nasal cavity. He is starting to have problems getting air through the one side and a couple days ago he was bleeding from the nose (not a huge amt.) he is hardly eating, I've been giving him pain meds...As much as it breaks my heart I think it is time but my husband doesn't. He seems to only see when Max seems to be alert and still able to walk. I have been in contact with an animal communicator and she tells me that Max seems to be at peace and that he knows he's going thru a process and is ok with that. I hope she really knows what she's talking about. We still need to decide though I don't want him to suffer...

      I don't know what I'm going to do without him!!

      WE do have another llasha, female..I don't know how she's going to handle it either.

    • PegCole17 profile image

      Peg Cole 8 years ago from Dallas, Texas

      Whitney05, A beautiful tribute to your animal friends. Thanks for this hub.

    • profile image

      heartbrokenmom 8 years ago

      Oh where do I begin? I had to put my 16year old best friend to sleep yesterday,to say I am sad is an understatement,I am destroyed.He had a good life,he has been my only,constant companion for the past 4years. 4years ago my husband and i got a divorce after 26year of marriage,I kept Barkley.he was a joy,he was my reason to get out of bed in the am.I do not work anylonger so it was him and me 24/7.due to his age he had trouble walking but other then that he was fine,that was up until 2weeks ago,then his back legs became more unsteady,but no problem,if I had to carry him i would,he was a toy poodle who at his best weighed 10lbs.His weight had dropped over the past couple of months,he was 7lbs but loved to eat,then a couple of days ago when he was laying in his bed i noticed i would plainly see his hip bones and when he sat up his spine was very visable so I knew he had lost more weight.Then last week his stomach became upset,i could hear it making noises.So 2days ago I called the vet,she started him on an antibiotic for his stomach,a pain pill for his legs ,meds for his diarrhea. I thought I could get him past this,I had to force feed him,it was at that time I remembered his demeaner had changed,all he seemed to want to do was sleep,he had no desire to eat and when i took him for a ride he would lay down on the seat,something he had never done. So yesterday the vet had wanted me to call and let her know how he was doing,long story short i suggested bringing him in so she could check him out. I DID NOT go here with any intention of putting him to sleep,that thought was not in my mind at all.SO she looked at him and he was only skin and bones,he had no body fat,and for a dog who hated going to the vet ,when i sat him on the table he just laid down,he never tried getting off the table,something else he would of never done in the past.So as she started talking she said we had 3 choices,she could keep him and try and give him fluids,or I could take him home so he could pass at home,when she said that I could not believe what i was hearing,after all I only took him to her so she could check him out.I asked her if she thought if I took him home his passing was going to be soon,she said yes.I NEVER thought he was that bad,sure he looked bad but not that bad,and the 3rd choice was to put him to sleep. Now I am having thoughts that maybe I should of brought him home,maybe I could of somehow made him better,but I opted to let him be free of his pain.So as she was getting the meds,I kissed his head,thanked him for being my best friend and told him to look for my brother(he passed away 2years ago) My fear is the reason why he did not try and get off that table is because he trusted me that I would not let anyone hurt him,now I think he was thinking ok ready to go home now.I held him and petted him while she gave the meds and then he was gone. I am sitting here looking at his empty bed beside me and I feel so lost and alone,a part of me wants to go back to the vet and bring his body home but I know I cant do that. I never thought yesterday am that i would be loosing my best friend later that day.I have lost pets before but I never felt like this,I dont want to be in this house but I have no wehre else to go.I keep smelling his blanket and crying.My heart is broken and i keep saying "I am not going to get thru this"how can I get thru this,he was my life,he was my daily routine,even if he just slept all day he was HERE and he was my only company. I cant sleep my eyes burn from crying and I just want to wake up from this nightmare. I keep saying I cant believe he is gone.I just cant believe he is gone.

    • Tracy711 profile image

      Tracy711 8 years ago

      Although I am a newbie I think for some reason I was meant to read your page. I just wrote a page on my dog and how much i loved her and how I miss her now. It took me 11 years to get another pet I didn't want to suffer the loss. I enjoyed your page. It's nice to know others also feel as much love for their pets as I do. thank you

    • profile image

      Michelle 8 years ago

      I put down my dog, Bailey, yesterday morning. She was ten. I can't stop crying. One addtional stage in the grieving process for pets is the guilt. Should I have paid for more expensive testing, exploratory surgery, chemo, etc. We did do testing, and tried lots of meds, but each only helped for a week or two than she got worse. The last night her breathing was so labored and she couldnt walk much. I just couldn't watch her in pain. She always loved to go for walks and couldn't do that the last 6 months or so. But still I wonder if I could have done more. She had moments in the last 6 months of happiness but overall seemed depressed, uncomfortable, and than in pain. It's so hard to know if it is time to let them go or keep trying other drugs, treatments. I didn't realize that it would be over so fast when they gave her the shot....It is so hard.

    • girly_girl09 profile image

      girly_girl09 9 years ago from United States

      Thanks very much for this article, Whitney. My 18 year old kitty, Pokey, almost died this evening and we are definitely having her put down tomorrow morning (if she makes it through the night) She has become incredibly lame and lethargic over the last few days and we're worried she is in pain. She hasn't eaten or drank anything today, no matter how hard we've tried. She can't walk anymore and it's so hard to look at her lay on her bed, breathing laboriously. It's a hard decision to put her down, but it certainly seems to be the most humane for her. For a moment this evening, she stopped moving and breathing and we really thought she was dead. I started hyperventilating. Since she is so elderly, I have been preparing for this for some time, or so I thought. I am still in shock that I was actually hyperventilating! That has never happened before. I've thankfully never lost a close family member, except for my grandfather but that happened when I was four. I've never lost a pet, other than a fish (obviously, no comparison here!). Losing my 18 yr old cat that I've had since I was a toddler is absolutely a terrible experience, one that only a fellow pet lover could understand.

      This article is really helpful to me right now, so thank you!

      I would also like to add that as hard as it is, if you own other pets, definitely spend time with them, even though it almost hurts. My other cat, Bentley, who I am VERY thankful for, can sense something sad is going on and with the exception of a few instances, hasn't left my side today.

    • profile image

      Barney 9 years ago

      My Dog is 14 years old and over the past 6 months he has really gone down hill, I dont think he is in pain as I would know but his hips, eye sight, and how his hearning is gone, it is breaking my heart to think that is time to put him to sleep and I dont know how to decide or make this heart breaking choice.

    • Eternal Evolution profile image

      Eternal Evolution 9 years ago from kentucky

      yet again another great hub, it's so sad that Chance was stolen.

    • profile image

      asheley 9 years ago

      i just lost my pet chinchilla montog sunday he was the best pet i could have ever asked for i have no idea how i am going to get through this i cant stop crying and noone seems to care anymore i think the article is really good and i hope it cant help me get through this

    • Whitney05 profile image

      Whitney 9 years ago from Georgia

      I'm sorry to hear about your loss. At about 14.5 years, you dog lived a long life. It sounds like you did all that you could do, and there probably wasn't much less that you could do. She was trying to walk because in a way it's what you wanted, if she was in pain she is better off now that she is at rest.

    • profile image

      Laura 9 years ago

      I understand all what you said, I had to put down my jorkie female dog " Pita" this week 11/20, I got her when she was 11 years old. The previous owner didn't want to keep her because she had a disease in her throat and she can not drink water with out coughing, when I got her she was so light then she got better. for this 3 1/2 years I take care of her as a baby, wasn't easy but I love her so much, at nights I have to got up and cover her because she was coughing, now I feel so guilty because some times I didn't have enough patient. with the time she lost her vision, I couldn't take her out in the winter( she could get cold) or in summer if was so hot ( she could be stomach sick), 2 months ago she started to got more sick, and her column got curve, the doctor said she had arthritis some times I heard her moan like she was in pain. To cure the Arthritis he had to give a medicine could affected her eyes more. The doctor said that was time to put her down, but that day she was trying so hard to walk like showing to the vet that she still can be OK, PITA JUST LOVED BE ALIVE. I believe in Angels; I bury Pita in my back yard, and I went to buy a big Angel now I don't feel like she is cold outside because the Angel is covering her with his wins. But feeling guilty is my most feeling all the time, because I made the decision of put her down, some time I think I could do more for her but now its too late.

    • profile image

      Tiffany 10 years ago

      I have 2 doves now Bud (the dad) and Peckit (the baby ). The mother died on March 18,2007 . And it's very hard to deal with it. I cried for weeks ! lol :-( But that's the way of life and you'll keep going to get pets! Now I have 2 hamsters . I've had them for a year . Do you know when they die?


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