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Dear Me

Updated on July 30, 2014

Dear Me,

Girl, you did it…you have finally come to the stage in your life where you know that you are fully in charge of your perspective of the world around you and you know it’s all based on your attitude! You also know that if you pray, visualize, and believe in your innate empowerment, your strong spirit, and your dogged determination every single second of every single day; you can and will bring positive experiences in your life. You have heard and stated this truth for many years, yet having it dwell deep within your very soul and expressing it outwardly as a constant example to others seems to have been quite difficult. My goodness, you’re only into this life experience for 52 years now – it is definitely better late than never! Fear not, child, this is not a reprimand – no guilt trip intended.

What would you do if you knew you had it all along - this wonderful empowerment and total feeling of worthiness? Well, I know you knew it – you just didn’t believe in your “worthiness” all this time. How many times have you read about and heard that every single person on this planet is, was, and always will be “worthy”? This isn’t about a guilt trip, mind you, it’s just a gentle reminder to never, ever forget again Who You Truly Are and What You Truly Bring to this World, Just by the mere existence of your Being. This is meant for all of you – every single Being on this earth.

What if I told you that the more you practice positive self-talk, the more the negative chatter will melt away like butter in a frying pan? Why, the very fact that you ever believed in the words of others who chose to speak in thoughtless chatter and relate to you in unconscious actions, the very fact that you ever thought they were more “valuable” than you or more “right” than you, should all seem rather insignificant if you saw yourself through my eyes! This again, is not to shame you nor to bring guilt upon you, because as you remember, shame is based on who you are and guilt is based on what you do. At least, that is the way society has constructed those states of negativity.

Precious child, you are perfect in every way, even with your flaws, because, as a human, there had to be dichotomies, there had to be “opposites” in order for you to understand the beauty and goodness of your Being. You wouldn’t know your beauty and your perfection if you had never had the experience of having flaws, just as you cannot experience hot without knowing cold, nor joy without knowing sadness. That is the “perfection” about being human. We get to experience both sides of all perspectives in life. It is being completely “whole” and “perfect” when we can embrace our darkness as well as our Light, knowing that all things are as they were meant to be. We can understand that our experience of those things and the people around us are all just mirrors of our innermost thoughts about ourselves. All of life is nothing but a mirror of our own thoughts and beliefs.

Like you have said lately, nothing “bad” will ever happen to you again. I am so very glad you finally realize that. The loss of loved ones, jobs, homes, possessions – none of those have any true meaning except the meaning you give them. You can now be at peace, knowing that the statement, “This, too, shall pass” was one of the wisest things your beautiful Mother ever taught you because she was correct. Everything in life passes…nothing stays in a permanent state of being. True, life has no end. When people “pass”, they don’t cease to exist, they just evolve to a higher state of being. Nothing and nobody ever stays the exact same for all eternity.

So, I guess I will be quiet for now. I know you just needed a few moments of self-reflection. I have to say, in all honesty, it touches my soul deeply now that you have come to these amazing realizations about your True Essence. Thank you for being you, thank you for sharing these words with others so that they, too, can reflect on their innate greatness and unfathomably indomitable spirit. So shall it be.

I love you eternally,



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