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Death At A Closer Look

Updated on July 16, 2012

Death and dying are subjects people like to avoid. Our own funeral plans tend to be placed at the bottom of our agenda. Yes, death is a unpleasant experience. we all have to face.

I have been through many deaths and have been in the room with people taking their last breath. Nothing has ever touched my life as did the passing of a dear friend this spring 2012.

My friend was diagnosed with cancer only a few months prior to his death. After a round of chemo he decided to throw in the towel. No more chemo, IVs or pain meds.

After being released from the hospital he was sent to a hospice house where he lived his last few days.

Unlike other people I had watched pass away who were lethargic not fully aware what was happening.

My friend knew he was going to die at any minute. As I looked at him I was saturated with emotions I had never felt before. He was aware and alert of everything and everyone in the room. I was amazed of how much alive he was, but yet so close to death.

He was joking around, laughing, talking. He even wanted to watch a movie, So strange. Alive and talking one minute, the next stroke of the clock he enters eternity..


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