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Death by Bath Salts?

Updated on May 23, 2011

In this modern day, people don't always consider a natural high to come from life with it's twists and turns. Instead substance abuse is an alternative which as of late certain bath salts have become a new way to get high. But at what price?

These days teenagers and adults are trying bath salts in an attempt to get high. Addicts of other substance abuse have found that consuming these salts give addictive and effective effects but don't realise that their effects are as harmful as crystal meth, if not worse. A family living in Texas (Names Unknown) are also pleading that bath salts to be banned, as their Son died due to overdose.

James Baldwin’s son committed suicide back in January, when he was high on bath salts. James Baldwin’s son, 31-years-old and was addictted on bath salts. He was hallucinating and getting paranoid eventually taking his own life.

The particular bath salts which are causing addiction and problems, usually come packaged like normal bath salts and even look the same but contain a highly dangerous drug similar PCP. The dominent ingredient in these salts is close to methamphetamine and is called Methadrone or MDVP for short. This type of bath salt is known as Vanilla Sky, Ivory Wave, Blue Magic and Cloud 9.

Hospitals across the country are receiving cases in which people ingested high levels of these bath salts, causing them to have renal failure, seizures, coma, and deaths around the world. If the Law to ban these bath salts is passed then possession, manufacturing or providing them will result in 2 years + imprisonment up to life imprisonment and in the USA is expected to take effect September 2011.

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