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Death of Self Image

Updated on November 11, 2019
LaughingRain profile image

I experienced a self image death, when I was driving my elderly mother home to my sisters house. I called this an NDE.

The NDE had the same emotions as stated above at the front
The NDE had the same emotions as stated above at the front

Will you miss yourself when you’re gone? I’m thinking about my NDE.

What is the self anyway? All we have here is fractional thinking. No matter the topic, at any one “time”, or increment of time, we have only a fraction of the answer at hand.

Deal with it. You can’t fight city hall, nor the matrix, nor the orderly process of what you’re not even in touch with most the time, your higher self, your most holy divine self as an offspring from whatever intelligence caused your existence. You didn’t make yourself, or rather create your own soul which turned into this wandering self image searching for itself throughout a dismal time span called a lifetime, interspersed with certain perks of the earth plane placed at strategic points along the way, like carrots in front of the donkey.
The perks invariably are replaced with disappointment. But, not to be negative about it, that’s where you learn the most about who you really are, the downside of lessons learned is not a downside in the overview. You learn about the true self, there will never be anywhere to go but up, once you’ve hit the bottom. And you can hit a succession of bottoms before life gets less rocky, and the true self more self determining.

Higher Self is Not Far Away

Here’s my now definition of what the self is, in a very generalized way. In one sense it’s a bunch of self images we fabricate of the self.

You’ll understand the pain of self image deaths, if I tell some stories of a personal nature. You’ll be ready then for that particular kind of death when it arises. One jump ahead so to speak
You might even laugh at death then, or at least smile that you survived the death of self image.

We could even attach the well worn word to this self image of myriad form, of ego. Although, to be clear, I have no negative thoughts about the word ego. Here, ego is necessary to survive, it gets us through the jungle, cut it some slack then.

Ego out of control, maiming others and running amuck of the system, whatever, that’s another story for another time.

Back to self image and the deaths of that, which can look as simple as the cessation of a certain role we took on; a role like what it means to be a daughter; father, mother, friend, soothsayer, lover, any role at all, any profession, it all fits as self image. All self images are destined to cease and desist from your true self.

Enter The Void if You Dare

There is a temporary void sensation at the end of any particular self image you’re fond of, or carting around as it were. Don’t run from the void, it’s the place where new beginnings appear. Sure, its a bit empty, but nothing stays empty. The universe rushes in to fill a void.

Stand back and observe that action. It’s rather amazing. A vessel, in truth must be emptied out before something else can come in, all things new means precisely that. New.

That's how the mind of the experiencer of nothingness works. Ah! A formula is produced:

Seeker gives birth to finder, Observer observes from its station of the Void both the seeker and finder which helps to create the Observer. That doesn’t quite look like a formula. So, A + B = C. C = zero or 0 carried to infinity. Like this 00000000000000, like the computer talk.

Making boo boos, formulas, and Thoughts

All those zeroes only have the meaning you yourself place on them.

As does every thing else in life only have the meaning you place on it.

All this means, to me of course, you and I are One with God, the creator as co-creators within infinity, and infinity is what all those zeros mean.

Perhaps then, as co-creators, nothing is impossible? Now, there’s a thought you can indeed keep. The limiting thoughts, they really have no meaning either, other than what you give to them. That’s the nature of free will, we choose our thoughts. So choose wisely! As you are in the act of creating your very circumstance, and peace of mind and satisfaction.

Not a few experiences we have in life go without a self image generated, it can be enjoyable, or not so much.

Like the time I created Laughing Rain self image; she was the dancer and singer. The audience helped create her too. Laughing rain was always celebrating. She was in her 2nd childhood, as somehow missed the 1st one!

Laughing Rain the Self Image

Leave This 'ol World With a Satisfied Mind

Although she died, she was still glad to get the chance to spring up and live out that time period and the best part was touching a few hearts along the way and making people smile. So, no waste there! Spirit is having a human journey, Self images die. Bodies die, roles die, relationships keep relating, they don’t die, but they change, careers die, seasons die, and are back again before you know it, living and dying is what our world is about.

We need to look death square in the eye, and say I have no regrets, I know a part of me I call the observer, is immortal and one with God. I have proven it to myself; my personality may change, as thought patterns can change, but I am always me and my link is to my higher self, which contains all experiences and self images I may have made.

I leave you with one of Laughing Rains fav tunes, Satisfied Mind, an old folk tune: “when my life is over, my time has run out, my friends and my loved ones, I’ll leave there’s no doubt, but there’s one thing for certain, when it comes my time, I’ll leave this old world, with a satisfied mind.”

Perhaps you are satisfied, perhaps you're like me and have to work at that, in your seeking and finding. Grace be with you and me as these are treacherous times, but I heard from my higher self some good news; We're going to make it! It's a done deal. Consider that it was a worthy goal and is attainable. Namaste. LR


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