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Death or Physical Immortality - Which is the Illusion?

Updated on August 23, 2011

The secret to eternal youth is self-transformation on all levels of being. Yep! Each individual has to do the work them selves. I am sorry to say that there is no magic elixir, surgical procedure or artificially engineered therapy that can achieve it for you. Maybe temporarily, but that is not the ultimate goal, is it? The secret lies within each and every one of us, just waiting to be discovered. It is something our souls have always known, but we have forgotten it or relegated it to fantasy.

Scientists for centuries have been searching for the cure to aging, as if the formula lies in some external force that can be applied to manipulate the physical body. Modern developments to this end include studies of retroviruses, stem cells, gene therapy, growth hormones, cosmetic surgery, vaccinations, enzymes, cloning, tissue engineering, nano medicine, etc. Yet, the secret to immortality continues to elude them and they are likely no closer than Alchemists of old. Why? Is it because they are looking in all the wrong places?

Wikipedia would lead us to believe that eternal youth is a myth, or at the very least that its secrets are yet to be revealed to humanity. It defines rejuvenation as “the hypothetical reversal of the aging process” (my emphasis). Wikipedia’s use of the term ‘hypothetical’ is understandable when you consider the ancient tales of humanity’s unfruitful search for something magical or supernatural.

Most of us today perceive the possibility of our rejuvenation from a narrow or restrictive viewpoint, a visit to a spa, a change to our diet. We’ve hindered true rejuvenation by our expectations that place a ceiling on what we think we can attain, such as just adding a few extra years to our life or merely slowing down the aging process. We’ve confined rejuvenation to only its physical or biological aspect, thus limiting its ability to accomplish the total and eternal transformation of our entire self.

True rejuvenation is a spiritual journey and the birthright of all humans. It is the attainment of youthfulness and agelessness in perfection. It is a continuous process or practice to nurture and preserve this state of perfection, otherwise the perfection will gradually dissolve. It is our unfortune that we don’t really have a concept of what true perfection is, as most of us have never known or felt it within our selves, even from as far back as our birth. That is not to say that we can’t learn!

According to Wikipedia, there is also little evidence of the effectiveness of ancient longevity techniques, such as those developed by Siddha Vaidya, which is still practiced in South India today. Siddha Vaidya is considered the oldest natural medicine on Earth, where cure of an unfavorable physical condition is the ultimate goal and mere improvement is seen as a failure. Diet and lifestyle are the key components of this holistic health system, which defines health as the unique harmony within the mind, body and spirit of each individual using physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, spiritual and developmental stage variables.

My opinion is that Wikipedia has missed the boat on this one. Many cultures have reports of individuals that have attained immortality. India is especially noted for its immortal yogis. Leonard Orr, the founder of Rebirthing-Breathwork, has devoted the last few decades researching physical immortality and claims to have personally met several immortal yogis, some of which have lived for 2000 years. Two of them are Babaji and Bhartriji, whom he has written books about.

Leonard Orr concluded that the foremost reason we die is the result of us falling victim to the belief that death is a given. Other implications are the lifetimes of un-cleared negative emotional energy (karma) that we carry and that we fail to follow the simple principals that give us mastery over our physical and energy bodies, our emotions and our minds. This mastery can be achieved through simple and pleasurable practices that help us to develop a relationship with the elements of air, fire, water and earth, such as meditation, yoga, exercises, service, affirmations, prayer, fasting, purification rituals, nutrition, mindful eating and bathing. These are all key to help us “keep strengthening our life urge and canceling the death urge”.

In his research he has learned that our divine natures are composed of energy, thoughts and form. Energy by itself, he says, has no power of its own. It is dependent on our minds to activate it, as it is our thoughts that create the movement of the energy, which then manifests our reality. This is how we create or de-create (destroy), by materializing our thoughts into form that will remain constant even after we are no longer thinking about it. Expanding our awareness that the physical universe is here to serve us is essential to this technique, along with mastery of the body and mind.

Through the channel Aurelia Louise Jones, Adama of Telos, a 5th dimension city located beneath Mount Shasta in California, also gives us some insight about physical immortality. He tells us that the fountain of youth is found within each of us, just waiting for us to awaken and become aware of it. The following nicely sums up the steps he recommends to achieve eternal youth:

  • Desire it with all your heart, mind and soul
  • Constantly renew the intention around the clock every single day
  • Be willing to do whatever it takes to achieve it
  • Transform yourself spiritually
  • Transform your DNA – DNA evolves at the same speed in which your consciousness evolves and your love quotient is increased. Your physical body is a mirror of your consciousness.
  • Constantly monitor and purify all the thoughts and feelings you have, as well as the words you speak
  • Become one with the Fountain of Youth as a state of being
  • Increase the light in all the cells of all your bodies, including the seen and unseen
  • Change how you perceive your body to one without barriers, interferences or limitations, and learn how to use it to its fullest potential
  • Begin to live your new truth so the results you are seeking will manifest

The Seven Sisters, channeled through Lauren Gorgo in May of 2011, tell us that this new human form of the christed edition that we can work towards awakening within us is “an amalgamation of circular patterns of bliss…heightened, creative energies that flow uninterrupted and are interconnected, yet independent of each other...energies that transmit and communicate to each other in a harmonic and effortless way, free of the separation-based discordance that breaks the flow of vital life force in lower dimensional consciousness." It will also be malleable, spontaneous, self-contained and light in its movement. Wow! I’ll have some of that!

From Mikos, also from Telos, more wisdom on this topic has been channeled by Dianne Robbins on August 22, 2011. Mikos tells us that our bodily functions have been compromised from the chemicals we breathe and eat, our polluted waters and all the other chemicals that have been used by the dark forces to destroy the natural regulation of our bodies and the Earth herself, including natural weather patterns. We have given over our freedoms to the control and manipulations of the dark, who scheme to keep our bodies from functioning to their divine blueprint and attempt to prevent us from accessing the immortality gene that he says is embedded in our DNA.

Mikos offers us some hope too. He says we are nearing the time when our solar system will return to its original orbit around Alcyone in the Sirius Star System. This is when Earth and her atmosphere will be restored to its intended pristine nature. As Earth regains her strength and beauty, so will humanity regain their ability to self-regulate their bodies.

In case you have trouble believing channeled messages, maybe Anita Moorjani’s words will speak to your heart, as they did mine. Anita had terminal cancer and was literally on her deathbed when she had a Near Death Experience (NDE). Within a matter of days after her NDE, no cancer could be found anywhere in her body. This fact could not be explained by any medical means, yet she has been completely restored to health. In 2006, she was interviewed by the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). Here are a few highlights of what she had to say:

  • “And once I saw that the body is not the real me, and that the cancer was also just an illusion, I was then able to see how loved I am, and I recognized my own magnificence, and once I made the decision to live, the physical body only reflected this ‘new found’ state.”
  • “…nothing is real, only our beliefs about them make them so.”
  • “…once you start believing that something is possible, you start to let it into your awareness, and then it starts to become true for you. The more you believe it, the more it starts to become real for you. This is why it is so very important to believe in positive things, rather than negative things.”
  • “The external world is only a reflection of my internal world !” Ask yourself what is your self-dialogue, what are you telling yourself day in and day out inside your head? It is this that either elevates of diminishes the energy you radiate outwards, not what is occurring on the outside.
  • If your life is not working for you, she suggests you practice unconditional self love, do not judge yourself and realize it is never too late to do something or change anything. “It’s important to see the power that the present moment holds in turning our life around. …very important to see perfection in the moment. The present moment is very powerful. Each moment holds promise, and each moment can be a turning point for the rest of your life.”
  • “Any crime committed, or any sickness of the body …All stemmed from a separation and disease of the mind, and is also caused by how the mind interprets the separation. If we are able to stand outside the mind, there is no problem. We are perfect. Even imperfection is the creation of the mind. Judgment too. EVERYTHING. But as soon as we get ‘into’ our minds, we feel a need to process, and see separation in order to understand. …In truth, we are not our minds. …The mind is the illusion. But I believe we always have the choice to wake from this illusion. If I become awake, then by extension, those around me are affected accordingly. We can live in this world, but choose not to live in the illusion. We can choose to see right through the illusion and yet express ourselves in the physical. …who I truly am is a perfect and powerful magnificent spiritual being. I understood that no one on this planet is more or less spiritual than another. It’s just whether we choose to acknowledge it or not.”
  • “Remember, I am not saying look for perfection in the world. I am saying, look for perfection in yourself. In your journey and in your becoming. And you will see it reflected back to you in the world.”

Final Words

Many channelings about Ascension and the Golden Age, which I believe we are on the cusp of, are telling us that the abilities and capabilities we possessed as a race prior to the fall of Atlantis will be restored to us. A rejuvenated body is just one of them. In my internet wanderings, I’ve come across quite a few sites that are offering healings, downloads or workshops to assist us in our rejuvenation process. I’ll let your soul lead you where you need to go for your highest good. :-)


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    • JBSNVNY profile image

      JBSNVNY 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      Ha Ha Judy ... I think it is for Heaven's sake that we are still waiting! You know how I hate waiting, so its not me that is holding up the show Ha Ha!

    • profile image

      Judy B 6 years ago

      Yes...for Heaven's sake, Janet... get going

      with Rejuvenation 101...what are you waiting

      for...Christmas...??? LOL...Judy

    • JBSNVNY profile image

      JBSNVNY 6 years ago from Upstate NY

      LuxmiH...high praise indeed! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and post a comment. I am currently reflecting on my next hub, but still am waiting for guidance on its topic.

    • LuxmiH profile image

      Luxmih Eve-Lyn Forbes 6 years ago from Fort Pierce, Florida

      I LOVED this Hub! I have been studying 'The Life and Teachings Of The Masters Of the Far East' and much of what is taught in those books is in harmony with what you have written.

      I am so excited that you have gathered all this information and put it out into the world under one roof, so to speak. Well done!!!! Absolutely love it and encourage you to do more like it.