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Life Taken Too Soon !

Updated on August 19, 2016

It is often said that a cemetery is one of the richest places on earth because it is a place where you will discover a great deal of talents and potentialities that have never been used. Just think for a moment about the number of precious individuals of all different race, age, and creed who have died so early in their lives, and were not able to tap into their full God given potentials. Some have met untimely deaths at the hands of drunk drivers, others have lost their lives at he hands of others who were not able to confront and deal with the difficulties that they were facing, and resorted to take innocent lives. Still, others died at the hands of one of the most deadly monster disease of our time – cancer. On the other hand, some others got to the point in their lives when they did not know how to handle one of the curved balls that life throw at us sometimes, and they end their own lives.Please allow me to pause right here to express my deepest condolences to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Death is one of the realities of life that come to visit us without any phone calls or warnings at some point in time in our life’s journey. It is one of those occurrences that brings us sorrow and great emotional pains because of its finality. The reality of having to deal with the fact that someone who we loved, and cared for have suddenly been taken away from us without no hope of return to this life. Of course, those who are believers in Jesus Christ knows that while it is true that our loved ones will not come back to be with us in this life, there is hope of a great reunion with our loved ones someday. It is this hope of being reunited with our loved ones that helps to heal the emotional pain and sorrow.

Whitney Houston

Not too long ago, the world lossed another fairly young, and brilliant music talents that the world has even known – Whitney Houston. Whitney died at the age of 48 years, on February 11, 2012, a day before the Grammy Awards. Still at the prime of her life with much more to achieve and contribute to the world, she was gone, never to return. Her sudden death sent a shock wave throughout Hollywood and the world. One of our brightest musician and model was taken out of this world unexpectedly. She was an African American recording artist, actress, producer, and model. In 2009 she was mentioned in the Guinness World Record as the only female to have received the most awards of all time. Here are some of Whitney’s accolades:

She sold over 170 million albums, singles, and videos worldwide

She top 7 consecutive number one Billboard Hot 100 hits

She was the only female to have 2 number one Billboard 200 Album Awards

She starred in movies such as: “Waiting to Exhale” and “Preacher’s Wife” and wrote and sang these soundtracks.

These are just a sneak peek into this outstanding and beautiful artist’s contribution to the world of music and acting. Gone too soon, Whitney!

Michael Jackson

Three years ago on June 5, 2009, we again lossed another brilliant, and successful entertainer in the person of Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson died at the age of 51, again a fairly young man almost at the peak of his life. He was mentioned in the Guinness Book of record as the most successful entertainer of our time. Michael was known to be the “King of Pop” with some of the most popular songs like: “Beat It, “Billie Jean”, and “Thriller”. His contribution to music, fashion, and entertainment still live on even after three years of his death. Yet, another bright talent that is now adding to the wealth of untapped talents in our cemeteries.

Bob Marley

Do you remember Bob Marley ? A Jamaican songwriter, singer, and musician who died 31 years ago at the age of 36. Bob was known as the greatest Reggae music singer, and musician of all time. Today, Bob Marley’s contibution to Reggae music is synonymous with the Island of Jamaica. Some people who did not know about Jamaica, learnt about this beautiful island at his death. Bob wrote songs such as: “No Woman No Cry”, and “One Love”. Again, at the age of 36years, he was taken away from us never to return to finish any work or project that was incomplete. Yet, another life that had gone too soon!

Since death is a certainty for all, what then can we do to prepare ourselves for the inevitable. Those of us who believe the Bible to be our compass to navigate through life, will find that it tells us that it is appointed unto us to die, and then comes the judgement( Hebrews 9:27). In other words, Life does not end at death. We will be called upon by God to give an account for the way we spend our lives on earth. If our lives is spent in a way that honours God, then we have nothing to fear about death. If on the other hand we have wasted our time doing and pursuing things that do not glorify God, then death will be dreaded, and will be seen as a monster. While no one knows for sure when we will die we can make some choices that will count at death. Choices like allowing Jesus Christ to have first place in our lives, and allowing Him to guide and teach us how to live our lives to bring honour and glory to the one who created us for His pleasure – God Himself.

Yes, while we may agree or disagree with the statement, that the cemeteries are one of the richest places on earth, we can choose to live our lives, regardless of how short it may be, in a way that counts for now and eternity.

Gone Too Soon

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    • jean2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you Pollyannalana for your kind remarks.

    • jean2011 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      Thank you for stopping by Sweet Chococarrie. Your comment is much appreciated.

    • Sweet Chococarrie profile image

      Sweet Chococarrie 

      6 years ago from My Heart To Yours

      Great Truth Jean, Nothing But the Truth, I Like Your Point of View.

    • Pollyannalana profile image


      6 years ago from US

      This was beautiful. What wasted talent...if we all could put our life in the right hands what wonderful lives we could have. It is not always that easy I know with everything and one around us but it is the onlt sure way.. Great write!



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