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Deciding To Be Happy Right Now

Updated on October 12, 2016

Playing musical chairs with your dreams

First of all, anyone that has said " I can't find happiness " or " I can't win once" is lying to themselves. No matter how grim a person's day to day might be, there is always moments of silence and even peace. Seriously. Most of the time we only notice the stressful moments during the day or that big fight we had with our significant other. We tend to forget the little things, that stranger's smile in the street, that awesome sunrise this morning. They are there , in spite of our nearsighted perspective. I know, when you are upset at the cable company for increasing your bill those things fall kinda short.

Then again, there is another form of self-sabotage that fascinates me, putting off what makes us happy. As simple as this may sound, it is indeed the root of most broken dreams and unfulfilled promises to ourselves. Everyone does it. At one point or another, we put off our passion in the back burner for some banal reason. Responsibilities or social constructs get in the way of pursuing what we want. Or worse, the fear of failure. The very thought of trying and failing in the attempt, cripple the very possibility of taking that dream out of our heart and into the realm of the doable. Which is a shame because those are the regrets that tug the hardest at our heart strings. When people are inn those last moments, regret over the things we never had the courage to do are the ones that hurt most. Dare to be Happy!

Becoming Aware Of Your Happiness

First of all, it's a fallacy that happiness is achieved at the end of a specific enterprise. Like any state of mind, you have to take control of your emotions. I know, most of us as emotional human beings would contest that it's rather difficult to master one's emotional state let alone create one out of thin air in most cases. Instead of trying to chase happiness like an elusive dream, stop and access your life with a new lens.

In spite of every heartbreak and setback that you may have encounter over the years , there have been moments of laughter and joy. As small or short lived as they may have been. Joy has been part of your life more than once. Right? So happiness is always subjective to the circumstances that surrounds us at any given moment. Now the question is; Are you happy with your choices? And if not, What can be done about it? Most people will answer to themselves with a big "No" and a sound " Nothing". There lies the obstacle to recognize how happy you have been in the past and inhibits your ability to think of new ways to improve your life as a whole. The lack of awareness in one's ability to be happy.

Clearing our mental space from clutter

We all have a thousand things running in the back of our mind. Things to do, responsibilities, goals, social and personal expectations; all of this can sometimes become the main problem when trying to get focused. Mental clutter is anything that in spite of it's pressing importance prevents us from seeing the bigger picture. That is to find viable solutions. When we concentrate in the problem instead of organizing ideas to find a solution, we get frustrated and desperation seeps in.

For Millennia , in many cultures quieting the mind is key to both cultural and religious practices. With the birth of modern medicine, both psychology and spiritual practices have been trying to tap into the subconscious mind to either unravel, or substitute patterns in people. Whichever approach you prefer is perfectly fine, as long as it serves the main goal of centering your thought process and teaches you how to manage time, prioritize difficulties and problem solving techniques. Hey if it works, it works!

If Money, health, love and knowledge where not obstacles...

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Self Love is always the heart of the matter

We are sick and tired of hearing this. But do we know what self love means? In a nut shell is very simple, loving yourself is a deliberate act of commitment. To put your physical, emotional and mental health first. This is not being selfish, is being proactive. The only way to actually be there for those that we love is to be healthy is every aspect of our lives.

Is easy to fall behind regarding self care. In order to avoid this trap is imperative to actually make time for ourselves. This can take many forms, such as;

  • making time to rest more
  • finding a hobbie
  • cutting working hours
  • removing toxic people from your life
  • starting a diet and exercise regimen
  • expanding your knowledge on something that peeks your interest
  • socialize more effectively

Free your mind from negativity

Free your mind from negativity

In the end, the secret to a happier disposition and a more productive life is being positive. Yes. Negativity is a mechanism that the mind uses to protect itself from hurting further. It's a bad habit that many of us have as a default to rationalize day to day problems.

The minute we decide to break these self sabotaging patterns, the easier it will be to deal with our emotions and create new neuro patterns to a healthier living. It may seem difficult to put in practice, but in reality like any other change is just a matter of practice. I assure you if you concentrate in making simple but conscious changes in your routine, to be more assertive your whole outlook will change and with it your life. Choose your peace of mind over chaos, is that easy.

Being content, being happy is a matter of making the choice to be. Choose to see the endless possibilities in your future, the awe of being alive in the now precisely because you were strong enough to overcome your past. That my friend is cause enough to bring a smile to your face. Enjoy it.


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    • ananceleste profile image

      Anan Celeste 18 months ago from California

      Absolutely Teaches12345! So happy to see you here sweetie!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 18 months ago

      Good thoughts on being happy. I agree that one must love themselves first before they can love others.