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Dedicated to mothers

Updated on December 31, 2010

The celebration of motherhood

From girlhood to womanhood to motherhood!

When I think about the day my son was born or when I was just a baby and I see the pictures of how tiny and delicate we were in our early first days of life I am fascinated by childbirth and I admire women who I believe are very special for they were created to give life to others. I can't help but feel the admiration and love for all women and it brings me back to the time I was just a little boy and I reflect back to my feelings of my mother. To me my mother was beautiful and so very special. I loved her so very much and I remember how she always made me feel safe and protected. I remember as a small child clutching on to her hand and being surrounded by the sweet smell of her perfume and remembering how beautiful she looked in her favorite dress she would wear. My most special times in life were as a small boy being cared for by my mother. She was very strong and so beautiful. She dedicated her life to being supportive of Dad as he worked to make a living and in caring for my two sisters and I.

We may be one individual when we are born into the world but we are born into a family with a mother and a father and the mother is the one who endures the entire process of the pregnancy leading up to the birth of her child which is a wonderful miracle that makes even the hardest of people well up with emotion. Typically a woman who decides on when she is ready to start raising a family has to be completely in touch with her body and take all the necessary precautions before she and her mate embark on the joys of raising a family.

A young girl will usually start to experience her maturity between the ages of 12-14 and will start to blossom and develop and will face many changes in her body which allows her to one day experience the joys of motherhood. It is most certain that girls develop and mature much sooner than boys because they are more aware and in tune with nature and their bodies. It is an amazing transformation from girlhood to becoming a young lady and girls have to be emotionally ready and learn to flow with the many changes they will encounter. It is a wonderful and also a very confusing time for a girl and it is also a very important time for them to ask questions and to respect their bodies and maintain their sense of awareness and maturity which will help guide them. They also need their mother in their life to help explain to them what they are experiencing.

I remember looking at a photo album of my mother when she was only 16 years old and still in school and how young and beautiful she was as a teenage girl. I remember having conversations with her when I was older asking her what it was like for her when she was a kid and what she thought about. I know that it is natural for a young girl to dream and wonder about meeting her prince and having a baby. It is part of their world and it is perfectly normal. As girls mature and develop it is also a time when they are noticed by the boys and they have to know how to handle the attention and the affection that they will experience. It is not an easy time and they really have to be very mature and very strict and must talk their feelings and express their emotions. Girls also have to stay true to their femininity and their expression with clothes. Girls typically find they have a love affair with clothes and can never have enough. It is a girl's birthright to look her best and to wear pretty clothes. Girls learn to express themselves through the style of clothes they wear and they also learn a lot from their mother or an older sister or female relative. Girl's also find as they grow that they to feel attraction and love for someone else and when they explore these feelings they have to exercise prudent judgement and know how to always be in control.

I remember as a young man always having respect for girls and women which was instilled in me by my parents. I always was very respectful of girls and I truly admired a young woman for her beauty and her intelligence. I remember when I first started having relations with girls how important it was to always be respectful and to be a good listener. I also was a late bloomer in life but was very fortunate to meet the special girl who I am married to and I feel privileged to share in the joys of having a son who means the world to the both of us.

As an expectant father we know that it is our wife who goes through the true life experience of pregnancy and it is a real emotional and blessed time. A woman has so many feelings and emotions during this time and she has a courage and strength that we can never truly experience. I know that when I was there supporting my wife through her pregnancy I was always attentive to her needs and tried to always say the right things to help encourage and support her. I know it was not easy for her and there were days where she felt sick and tired but she was wonderful throughout the 9 months and I was inspired and I learned a lot from her just as a witness and as a very concerned husband and future father. When I heard the yells and screams and then the cries of our baby boy it was the most amazing day of our life and when I saw the nurses cradling our son and cleaning him and then placing him in a blanket and in the arms of his mother, my beautiful wife I could not be any prouder of her for all she went through and for the beautiful gift we were given.

As I see a mother in tow with her baby I am truly inspired and feel an admiration and a sense of hope and joy because a woman is beautiful to begin with and when she has a baby it makes her even more beautiful and so very special. I feel all women are special and we should learn from them because they have a strength, a courage, a love, a hope and a vision that we all can benefit from. And God created his most wonderful gift to mankind for a child is born this day unto a woman.

God Bless all Women for they give us life.

Edward D. Iannielli III


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