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Deep Tissue Foot Massage

Updated on September 20, 2011

Sports orthotics is a burgeoning market simply because athletes are susceptible to so many opportunities for injuries to the foot. They are routinely required to twist and turn their ankle and foot support muscles in ways average person realty does. Oftentimes, ankle bursitis can develop in athletes (this is an inflammation of the ankle joint from overwork that can be excruciating if left untreated).

But there is another alternative. This resides more in the realm of preventative medicine, so to speak, to help the athlete (and the average person) avoid injuries to the foot in the first place. This is a growing specialty in the field of foot massage therapy.

It feels so good!
It feels so good!

Do not let the name “foot massage” lull you falsely into thinking this is some sort of New Age spa treatment, with incense and candles, and music from the hearts of space playing in the background. The foot massage described here is not for the faint of heart, and the name is a misnomer.

The therapists practicing today are more concerned about what is referred to as “deep tissue foot massage” and therapy. To that end one must be prepared for some pain. The treatment is performed generally in a clinical setting (no potpourri or incense). The feet are washed and disinfected with an antibacterial solution. Using a combination of both gentle hands and robust shiatsu techniques and tools the therapist really digs into the tissues of the foot.

For most people the intensity of this massage style is unique – the only attention generally paid to the feet is to trim or paint toenails and to wash them. In the end, these muscles need to be stretched and worked out in the same way abdominal or pectoral muscles are. The old musclehead adage of “no pain, no gain” also applies to the feet. As time goes on the treatment becomes more tolerable and certainly improvements in foot stamina will be noted.

Not only can the pain from a sport or workout be massaged away, but these deep tissue foot massages can also trigger a great mental state that will keep many people committed to an exercise or workout regimen. Many are able to say goodbye to sport orthotics and other foot ailments like ankle bursitis and arch pain.


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    • asktheexperts profile image

      asktheexperts 6 years ago from St George

      I've thought about getting a foot massage. I mean we use them all day every day, they've got to need some attention. But I have never thought about it as a preventative treatment. Maybe I should look into that more.