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Deepak Chopra - Some Observations

Updated on May 12, 2014

Just look!

In that moment you saw, before you identified in your mind; before you labelled; before you judged, you were your real self: the Observer.
In that moment you saw, before you identified in your mind; before you labelled; before you judged, you were your real self: the Observer.

Deepak Chopra – Some Observations

Some years ago, whilst in deep Vipassana meditation, I experienced the phenomenon of “arising and passing away,” as never before – or since. Sitting cross legged on the floor, eyes closed, I felt an almost indescribable flow of energy arising from nothingness and going into nothingness. However, I will attempt to draw an analogy here. It was akin to bubbles arising in lemonade – or beer for that matter - within my physicality (or seemed to me to be my physicality, though I suspect it was something deeper) The flow ran from feet to head and, then back from head to feet. Over and over this occurred and I can only say that it was a rapturous feeling. The cycle from head to feet and its reversal took around a second or two. I just sat there and experienced it. It must have lasted for a least fifteen to twenty minutes before an assistant Vipassana teacher touched me on the shoulder and brought me back to the so-called ‘real world.’

So what was happening here?

So what was happening here? What was I actually sensing? It was clear to me that my body was of me, but not the essential me. I was the Observer. My effervescent bubbly-body was an object belonging to me; or maybe more accurately, a process, with which I was intimately related. It was a part of me, even though it had virtually no solidity. So what was it?

A Special Keynote by a master in his field

Earlier today I started to watch a video on YouTube which provided at least some sort of explanation. The video is a ‘Special Keynote with Deepak Chopra’ and runs for well over an hour. I’ve watched only the first thirty minutes so far. But yesterday I also viewed a few more of his talks – fascinating. In his Special Keynote address, Deepak describes how “Every breath we take we breath out contains one to the power of twenty-two atoms.” Likewise, every breath we take in we take in around the same. So we share our atoms with everything and everybody on this planet. You are literally breathing out bits and pieces of your heart, lungs, kidneys…and of your tissues. You are doing so all of your life.

Beautiful - right?

A flower makes no claims upon our attention. We are simply drawn to it.
A flower makes no claims upon our attention. We are simply drawn to it.

Our DNA is amenable to our thoughts. Genes do not determine our destiny

He goes on to describe further.

“Your stomach lining is recycled every five days. Your skin is completely changed every month. Your skeleton – which seems so solid – is replaced completely every three months. Even our DNA, the genes, are replaced every six weeks. I had heard in my Vipassana classes that the “body that gets into the shower” is not the same body that gets out from under it ten minutes later.” I’ve long known and believed that, but I have never had such a vivid description of our bodily changes taking place and how rapidly they do so, as Deepak’s.

EVERY thought has its emotional content

So these changes are taking place in us even when we are sitting unmoving, stock still, eyes closed in a meditation hall. How quickly do these molecules change when we are engaged in some activity - and we are always engaged in some activity, be it physical, or cerebral, or, more commonly, both. We know that every thought we have has its emotional component. Sometimes, as it was told to me, the emotional content is so slight it is like words written on water. The emotional content applicable to that particular verbal message is so slight that it simply doesn’t register for more than a fraction of a second. Other thoughts leave their emotional counterpart like word-messages written in wet sand before an incoming tide. They stay a while and then they are gone. But then there are others of such a deep emotional content that they are like words chiseled into granite. They stay there, affecting our wellbeing. These last can actually undermine our health to the point where we can fall ill, even die, from the emotional deposits held within us.

Beware the aggapanthas! Lovely, eh?

An emotion affects everything in our body

Deepak Chopra states that an emotional experience affects everything in the body. He says that the body is not a structure but an activity. It is not a noun, it is a verb. Everything in Nature is an activity. Nothing is static.

Even that mass produced statue of the Buddha creates a feeling of peace

Immersing ourselves in mind talk, we think it IS us

We know that we think consciously most of our waking moments. Those words in the mind keep on coming up and we keep immersing ourselves in our ‘mind talk,’ in our imaginings. And, we keep reacting to that mind talk – albeit subconsciously. But Deepak goes on to say, “There is no mental event that does not have a neural correlate.” Further: “There is no neural correlate that does not have a biological correlate.” So it is obvious that whatever we think affects our physical body. This is why it is so important that we remain aware of the sorts of thought we habitually think. Thinking happy thoughts, being optimistic, being grateful, laughing, being joyful are all good for our health. Being angry, resentful, jealous, or depressed in any way is the opposite. These negative types of thoughts along with their inevitable attendant emotions undermine our health.

There is no such thing as a separate mind

Another thing which comes out of Deepak Chopra’s talk is – and this is very important – “There is no such thing as a separate mind.” He is saying that we all have access to the same Universal Mind. “Pure consciousness is ‘unified.’ There is no separate ‘pure’ consciousness.’ It is a singular that has no plural.” We, in our essence, are pure consciousness.

So beautiful, but for so short a time

Our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts

This viewing of Deepak Chopra’s video motivated me to pick up his bestselling book, Ageless Body, Timeless Mind, which had been given to me as a present way back in 2010. I’d had a fairly cursory read of it at that time but hadn’t gone into its contents very thoroughly. Just take a look at a few things the author states in this classic:

“Our cells are constantly eavesdropping on our thoughts and being changed by them. A bout of depression can wreak havoc on the immune system; falling in love can boost it. Despair and hopelessness raise the risk of heart attacks and cancer, thereby shortening life. Joy and fulfillment keep us healthy and extend life.” Then he goes on to say: “A remembered stress, which is only a wisp of thought, releases the same destructive hormones as the stress itself.”

Can you see the importance of the thoughts you dwell on?

Can you not see why it is so important not to dwell on unhappy instances? Can you see why it is a very unwise thing to do to talk about any sickness or problem you have about anything, just for the sake of it? Talk to your doctor – yes! Don’t go chattering about your bout of lumbago, or arthritis or whatever to your friend over coffee or down at the pub. You aren’t helping yourself, or him or her for that matter. You are simply spreading negativity. But most of all you are interfering with the natural healing processes of your own body.

Roses in my back yard - a gift from Nature

Everything is linked; everything is joined' everything is One

A few months back I completed another book I’d written called, Mind Matters Most. It is an apt title. It meaning, of course, is that what we put into our minds, what we dwell on with our attention, is what matters most. We influence our own health, happiness and general wellbeing by what is in our minds. We also affect those around us, both those close to us and even others far away. It has to be this way, for as quantum physics is now beginning to show us – everything is linked. Indeed, everything is One. Look after your part of the Whole and have a much more joyous life.


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