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Definition of Electronic Harassment

Updated on October 29, 2010

Definition of Electronic Harassment


What E-harassment REALLY is

Electronic harassment is in fact the constant bombardment of the individual personality so as to break it down and then "build it up" into someone/something else. The technique is based upon group psychology merged with BINAURAL DEVICES that cam make you feel emotions, and have thoughts and dreams that are not your own. This is all part of our country's fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy. A group of "dog people" was created through silently harassing individuals until their minds broke down so that they now OBEY these fake emotions and thoughts instead of their own.

We know from studies of aggressive cults like Vodoun that with a little slight-of-hand and the right chemicals, you can get people to so deeply think that they are possessed that it is in effect what they are: Prisoners of their own implanted beliefs. These days, we have equipment that can tell YOU lies about what YOU are thinking/feeling/want to do. Your eyes can be stimulated to lacrimate while a little stimulation is given to give you that "sore throat/neck ache" that corresponds to the emotion of crying. But YOU AREN'T REALLY SAD AT ALL, you are experiencing bodily sensations that MIMIC that emotion. You can be made to feel "angry" through direct bodily stimulation to your hands/feet as though they want to lash out at others (especially people you TRULY love to break up your group so that you can become a "dog person").

This group has as it's one objective to "break in" every human being it can get it's hands on. They use words alluding to "gaining access", "doors", "fences that must be breached". They encourage the worst possible habits in us because we now exist in an Electronic Theocracy. If you do or even feel "aggressive"/sexual/angry lose the protection offered by the people who believe in good who have the means of blocking this harassment. Trust me, I clean up my life, meditate, pray and work on myself and these things go away. I start excessively seeking my own gratification and they are back for an excruciating while.

I've experienced an "electronic possession" on many occassions. You will get subliminal messages telling your body/mind that a slimy, horrifying creature is trying to break into your skull and WRESTLE CONTROL of the body/mind away from you. When you've reached this point.......1. Get away from the television, 2. take a sedative 3. Do NOT let whatever-this-is have control of you 3. Play EXTREMELY LOUD MUSIC so that this BINAURAL MACHINE cannot "talk to your brain" through your eardrums (just like a modem). Also call upon the name of god: Jehovah, Yahweh, Elohim. This group cannot bear to hear you THINK of God.

The machines they have can basically read our surface thoughts. Remember, if you ALLOW YOURSELF TO "ADOPT" these horrible thoughts/feelings as your own, you are convicted of "mental Law Violations" you must keep yourself from thinking these things no matter what. If you are succesful in refusing the "Bad Suggestion".... "one of them" will cough on purpose. This means you resisted this bad suggestion and are "cold". This is actually a sign that you did the RIGHT thing, but you'll be having your solar plexus stimulated to make you "mad" about being called "cold". Don't fall for it......view their coughing as a badge of honor.

If you aren't doing anything, stay out of your imagination. Either that or you CREATE PICTURES IN YOUR MIND of ever-changing energy-patterns which take up the circuitry that would be used to show you these horrible things. YOUR favorite music will block/blunt the efforts of this device to "talk to your brain". Keep earplugs with you ALWAYS......they also blunt this stuff. Most of it gets in through our EARS, so block/jam them. I actually fry my eardrums with a headphone amplifier to make myself less "responsive" to these FAKE BODY/MIND MESSAGES and the "dog language", which is supposed to make "non-members very nervous around them.

You can buy Silver-lined clothing to blunt the pain, arousal ( I actually would buy 2 layers of Silver-Tex body suit. I wear 2 silver lined shirts between two layers of tight fitting underclothing to block "the electronic love poke" and the "you are uncontrollably aroused". It is such a RELIEF.

Now, there is also a SALVATION FREQUENCY always present when the "bad sound" is played. The BAD FREQUENCY = ee!ee!ee!,ee!ee!ee!,ee!ee!ee!. It makes us feel AWFUL and it is the carrier wave upon which "subliminal torture" is carried. YOU control what you are hearing. ee!,ee!,ee!,ee!ee!ee! becomes eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Keep doing it and you'll hear what sounds like an opera or Angel's voices. This frequency will allow you to traverse traps laid by these "dog people" that would otherwise had you tittering on the edge of sanity. You've got to move real gently, slowly and don't let "them" distract you from this BENEVOLENT FREQUENCY. It also seems to make you smarter if you listen for it for long periods of tme (with earplugs to keep "them" from distracting you.

Whoever these people are DON'T WANT US to LISTEN UP. They will KNOW when you are doing it and will make very loud noises. If you are with one, they'll tell you that you looked "high" (you are, in the HIGHER SPIRITUAL SENSE). Pay no mind to these distractions. I think that there are "God People" who can hear you resonating on this HIGHER FREQUENCY, TOO. If you get far enough, you see this "healing light" and you'll want to go into it. I couldn't get it all the way done because my mom called an ambulance. Whatever you do, DON'T take an ambulance unless you are PHYSICALLY DAMAGED. It was like I had been poisoned and escaped possibly the WORST ELECTRONIC POSSESSION EVER.

I do not know, but the light is probably enlightenment. If you want to think "way out there", it could be the key to escaping into the Universe you belong in......not this BACKWARDS ONE. I feel more work must be done here.....and I really don't want to die yet. We must OVERTHROW this menace to the human race by GETTING THE WORD OUT. Stay alive.....I know exactly how you are feeling.


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    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      The one sure-fire way to screw up their messages is to put in earphones and listen to self-selected music (not the subliminally-poisoned garbage they call music these days). FOCUS your mind on the music. Move to the music. I've always loved to do things while thinking of my favorite songs from my adolescence. Even THINKING of music can keep your FOCUS off of their fake signals that almost exclusively come in through your ears. To render yourself non-reactive to their "noise warfare", get a headphone amp and beat those over-sensitized ears into submission.

      Shield-It Super, a product you can purchase from LESSEMF.COM will really help shut out the signals. But it's when you GIVE YOURSELF SOMETHING ELSE TO LISTEN TO that you cease to live in misery. I SLEEP with music on full-blast in my ears, because they can give you AWFUL NIGHTMARES that are not yours. I take Trazodone (100-200mg) to allow sleep despite the music.

      They tried to pull this "you will die today" crap while playing "Hotel California" so loud that it seemed to be emanating from a speaker in my room. Using only ONE earphone and taking an herbal substance(Kratom) and three 40 MG Propranolol (adrenaline blocker readily available from overseas pharmacies) and thinking happy thoughts, I was able to avert their attack. Never talk to anyone or be near a TV when you feel attacked. No matter what, your concentration on strictly INTERNALLY-BASED THOUGHTS must not be broken and you've GOT to have music that you truly love to focus on so that your mind isn't sucked down into panic.

      They are made of lies based on EXACTLY what you fear the most. They can even mimic the muscle twitching/chest constriction of a "Heart Attack". They call themselves "The Killing Joke". The key is to remember that like a joke: even the spasming muscles are due to external stimulation. They can give you FAKE EMOTIONS AND THOUGHTS, too. It's all very realistic, but never emotionally-respond because you can't afford it. I lay there while my muscles twitched and everything, but I didn't move, didn't think anything that wasn't very happy.....and it all went away. When anyone entered the room, I closed my eyes.

      The bastards can somehow "see into our minds", so don't underestimate their craft. Just don't believe ANYTHING they tell you. Do not believe in "Aliens". This is a sham designed to literally alienate and frighten you. Do not let them fool you into asking dark forces for help. Just know that the only "reality" that truly will ever "work for us" is the one we had twenty years ago. In fact, it is best to INSIST on seeing things like they were before no matter how hard they try to show you their "new reality". Ignore it to any extent necessary. Then just feel good about everyone around you. Being able to view the world as it once was is itself a step out of this "Electronic Hell". STAY REAL AND DOUBT THEM UNTIL YOU CANNOT SEE THEM.

    • profile image

      EV3NG3LA 6 years ago

      Hey MOEFLATS

      GREAT WORK!! Could you tell me if you know of any scramblers/jammers that work in blocking the techlepathy/mind reading/remote-viewing synthetic telepathy or whatever we like to call what they are doing?

      I know that our minds run on extra low frequencies at all states down in the hertz, are you aware of any frequency jammers that work on such a low range? or if any one does let me know@

      (TI 7 years)Walk on.


    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      Thanks - you are awesome!

    • LadyFae profile image

      LadyFae 6 years ago from Under the Stars

      Excellent hub!!! Vote up!!!!

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Yes it's true, this influential (and the other thing called control)is being around a long time with the plus now of the most advance tools to refinemment on that.You know, I know, others too know, but... in the this stage others do not have the glimpse...yet.

      Much of the people do not have the know about, even because they don't have anyone close in that situation, to have a motivation to look, to do a research and think a way to help.

      The "don't talk about" is something that's is being the modus operandi through the use of pre-concepts, trying to not allow the talk. And if this is mixed with containned information? A cenario - the best conductor of perception, and reason in the end. This is use in much crimes - is the way they try to mantain things.

      The journey is up, everyone got is opinion and if people are really in helping mankind, working for good then it's ok, everyone got is way to help. I think we are all creators of our world, sometimes the understanding do not came in the moment, even because some agendas have been trying to put a "not pass to the update world".

      Some people around the world like you, that are from Japan, Chine, Australia,Sweeden, England, you name it, are saying with you, this is happen. It's a great service you all do to mankind. Continue please.

    • MOEFLATS profile image

      MOEFLATS 6 years ago

      "@MOEFLATS - You're way out of my league...I hit "deny" to your second comment, as I think your message is better served by letting people go to your Hubs for an explanation. If you say I am avoiding the subject,I admit it."

      See - it's out there, but everyone is told not to say anything about it. This is a good guy who basically didn't want to talk about electronic harassment. What he says indicates that he knows something, but cannot say for some reason.

    • profile image

      Alex 6 years ago

      Very important your post the highlights: "Prisoners of their own implanted beliefs"; "... bodily sensations that MIMIC that emotion..."; "...meditate..."; "...DON'T WANT US to LISTEN UP...";"...enlightenment...";"...escaping into the Universe you belong in...", etc.

      Is so helpful and true what you said, that they even deleted my message. Hope this one goes.

      I think one of this days one of us a Neosomeone will get the system down and there will be no place for them to hide.

    • profile image 7 years ago


      I know a solution.It will cost you but any chip or other implant can be eliminated.i know someone with usefull equipment 100.000 s of dollars worth of equipment,to eliminate any implant,bio chip or others types of implants.its a6 day during program.1st day u ll be scanned for hours to find any bio-chips(whole body)MOST biochips will NOT show up on a regular mri scan .but no worry.this coworker is an expert.he cured people from fake schizofrenia .its A whole program to ELIMINATE ALL BIO CHIPS!..its worth the money.only real solution to lose electronic harrasment when u are chipped;)..mail me for more explain me ur situation if u are sure u are a victim of electronic harrasment.

    • profile image

      Shawn Selby 7 years ago

      I discovered this video on YouTube , and go to 0:26 , to see extremely real looking faces. I dont think these faces are from any special effects shop or halloween costume rental, as they are too real and seem to resemble everyday people, for some reason.

    • profile image

      beenthere 7 years ago

      heres a coment for you this shit is real and its been around a long time now dirtbags,sleeze balls degenerites,low lives that don't want to work a decent job are getting into it[ pays money and thats what its all about ] yes it hit the streets it starts off with a noise campaign as your trying to sleep at night or take a nap than you hear sounds in your house or better worded a tape recorder and that should tell you that your house is BUGED after a long time of that than they start zaping you it feels like little electric shocks or needles than they advance to a stronger a and hurtfull zap than they joilt you when your going to sleep so everytime you try to sleep you can't your joilted awake and it hurts alot than there other very terible demeaning things that they do to your body than they make sounds in your head grinding these things are to make you scared of them they won't kill you either your a[ payed hit ]to torture you or they need you to practice on its lot more than head games believe me they use your body for target practice and they let you know its them there very proud of themselves cause they think that they can't get caught ,they'll smille at you with a dirtbag grin and do a campaign of lies to your neighbors about you ,lisson you don't have do anything to these ass holes for them to pick you your living alone and they figure you will be classified as crazy if you say something to anyone [no] you call your F.B.I and your senator, mayor and even your police station tell everyone even the newspapers about what your goverment should be doing is to help there own people with electronic harassment lock these dirtbags up.there young girls and young guys if you seen them you'd laugh cause there scared as hell believe me.take care of yourself spread the news about this horrifing electronic harassment with deadly weapons yes thats what i said keep cool and don't take drugs keep your mind intact.and when you call the F.B.I. THEY'LL ASK YOU RIGHT AWAY who did you tell !!and did you do anything TO SOMEONE ,get that !!!! they know it exsist!

    • profile image

      Harassment1 8 years ago

      The best thing I read in years!!!